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YouGov Review — Could You Really Earn Money From this Site?

yougovDo you love earning money to dish out your opinions on a variety of topics? How about reading about those opinions as well? If you love all three, then YouGov is for you.

This paid survey site is one of the oldest and most reputable survey sites and market research firms on the web. It’s also an excellent resource for getting insight into what the rest of the world actually thinks.

But the question is, is it right for you? Will it earn you a lot of extra cash?

Sit back as we delve into one of the most in-depth YouGov reviews on the web.

About YouGov

YouGov is a paid survey site and international market research firm based in the UK. It allows users to take various engaging surveys on a variety of topics in exchange for points. These points can then be redeemed for cash or gift cards from leading retailers.

YouGov was founded in 2000 by Stephan Shakespeare and Nadhim Zahawi. The latter is currently serving as Member of Parliament and served as YouGov’s CEO from 2005 to 2010. They have since expanded to certain parts of Europe, North America, and Asia. In April 2005, YouGov became a public company and was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

It is one of the top market research firms in the world that specializes in online surveys. To date, YouGov has a user base of around 4 million members worldwide. Their surveys cover a wide range of topics but are mostly focused on the political and social sphere.

YouGov surveys are often very enjoyable and even exciting. They’re also very short – taking an average of 5-15 minutes to complete, and have a 20-minute maximum. A nice thing about YouGov is they will only send you surveys that you qualified for, and even if you’re screened out, they will quickly match you with another survey.

They then take the raw data from the surveys and package it into reports and insights that power their data products. Because their surveys mostly cover political questions, they are used mainly by governments and non-profit institutions. However, they still do engage in traditional market research surveys

What’s different about YouGov is that they regularly publish the results of their surveys on their website. These are usually in the form of articles that discuss and analyze their findings. At the time of this writing, for example, their latest report reveals the study about climate change they made with 30,000 respondents. Another talks about how KFC’s new ad campaign successfully raised awareness in the UAE.

You can also get these articles via a newsletter you can subscribe to. This will actually make you feel that your opinions really matter, making you much more motivated to answer future surveys.

YouGov uses a point-based system to keep track of survey compensation. It takes about 1,400 points to earn $1. Most surveys are worth 50 points, depending on the length and number of questions.

You can then redeem your points for cash (via Paypal) or gift cards. This, however, varies from country to country. Different regions also have different thresholds for redemption. In the USA, for example, minimum payout is $15 with gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.

YouGov also has its own referral program, which is overall pretty good. You’ll receive 200 points if anyone you refer to the site completes at least six surveys. YouGov also has an affiliate program which pays $3 per lead you bring into their platform.

Some countries also offer a YouGov lottery. You can use your points for the chance to win big rewards and prizes.

How Does the Site Work?

To be a YouGov survey taker, you first need to register for a free account. To be eligible, you must be at least 14 years of age in the US and 16 years old in the UK. YouGov has no country restrictions, so anyone in the world can join – a refreshing change from most paid survey sites.

YouGov is, in fact, country-specific, since they are sometimes interested in opinions and data on a particular region (like the KFC ad in the UAE we mentioned above). Because of this, you need to visit the YouGov site that’s specific to your country.

After you’ve registered, you’ll be required to verify your email. Do this, and you’ll be taken to the main dashboard. Here is where you access all of YouGov’s features. To start earning points, you can take part in their welcome survey.

The welcome survey is designed to collect your demographic data and explain a bit about how YouGov works and what it does. If you happen to be in the wrong country at this point, it will inform you and redirect you accordingly. Otherwise, you’ll be awarded 100 points.

From the dashboard, you will see the list of surveys that you can take part in. Simply click on one to begin. Alternatively, you can also have YouGov send you email alerts whenever a new survey is ready to be answered. Each is worth around 50 points. Expect to be sent around 5-7 surveys per week, but this number varies depending on your demographic information and other factors.

To redeem any of your points, check the rewards section in the main dashboard. This lists all of the rewards that are currently available to you. What the exact rewards are will vary from country to country, but almost all will have PayPal. To use this redemption method, you will need to ensure that your YouGov and PayPal emails match.

One of the more remarkable features of YouGov is their insights. Here, you can see the results of some of the surveys in your country. Some of the articles are standard marketing stuff, like what the best brand is in your country based on actual user sentiment. If you’re in business or marketing, this can be invaluable.

But some results are genuinely intriguing. In my region, for example, it turns out that 75% of people think it’s okay for women to propose to men. Some of the studies and results will really surprise you. In a way, browsing through these articles is a great way to pass the time waiting for your next survey.

If you’re always on the go, you might prefer to go with the YouGov mobile app, which is one of our recommended survey apps. It’s available in both iOS and Android platforms. The app has the same functionalities as the website, allowing you to take surveys and read results.

On top of that, you’ll get push notifications, so you’ll always be alerted whenever you have a new survey to answer. It’s also the best way to maximize your free time answering surveys throughout the day.

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Is the Site Legit?

Based on our research and usage, YouGov is definitely a legitimate survey site where you can get paid.

First, the company behind YouGov is reputable, having been around since 2000. Both founders are actually well-known and respected figures in British politics, so it’s unlikely they would ruin their names with a scam site. YouGov is also successfully operating in many countries, further cementing their legality.

But despite this, YouGov still scores relatively low in most review sites. The Better Business Bureau, for example, rates YouGov US a C+, which is bordering poor. The YouGov reviews left by customers on the BBB website also rate an overall poor experience. Although to be fair, it’s only judging the US website of YouGov and not the company as a whole.

This is actually what makes rating the site difficult. Since it operates on subdomains in many different countries, it’s hard to keep track of YouGov’s overall user sentiment.

Trustpilot, another popular review site, also scores YouGov a lowly 2.5 out of 5. Most of the YouGov reviews left by users all point to how slow it is to earn anything substantial on the site. Some mistake this as a scam, but really, it’s just the nature of this paid survey site. People also complain that they’re not getting enough surveys, which hurts their progress.

So it’s slow, yes, but not a scam by any means.

On the bright side, the positive YouGov reviews mostly point to how easy it is to take surveys on the site. They also like how they get paid on time.

YouGov Survey Review: The Good and the Bad


  • Anyone in the world can register: Unlike other paid survey sites, like Survey Club, YouGov works anywhere in the world. It’s actually the complete opposite of how most survey sites operate – it has a specific website for most countries. This means you get localized survey questions and content – which helps keep things close to home.
  • The published results are actually impressive: One of the unique features of YouGov is that you actually see the results of the survey. Some of these are great reads. Most of all, it gives you a sense that your opinion is really shaping something that matters.
  • You are almost always qualified for a survey: Getting screened out is rare with YouGov – something that’s often complained about at other paid survey sites. This means your time isn’t wasted answering something and not getting anything.
  • The referral program is quite good: YouGov’s referral program is decent. It’s easy to understand and do and can give you a lot of extra points if done right. This can help you reach the minimum payout faster, especially if you know a lot of people. The 200-point bonus is also generous.


  • It’s slow to earn anything substantial: In the end, the 50 points per payout is just too small a reward for answering a survey. Now, this is country-specific, but that 50 points is roughly equal to $0.003 – a pittance, really, and getting to redeem your points out finally is tough, because of the high minimum cash out. Speaking of…
  • High minimum cash out: Let’s face it, the 5,000-minimum point cash out can seem very difficult. Factoring in that most surveys are worth 50 points, it’ll take around 100 surveys to get to that point. It isn’t exactly quick, and you’ll find that other survey sites offer a much lower minimum payout than this.

Final Thoughts

In this YouGov review, we took a more in-depth look at this unique paid survey site and can definitely say that it is a legitimate platform to earn money, backed by a reputable company. The platform not only offers useful surveys, but it also reveals these results to users with interesting articles. This alone is worth participating in YouGov.

As a money-making platform, however, this YouGov review wouldn’t recommend it that much. It just takes too long for you to earn even the minimum payout balance. Other paid survey sites are much, much faster than this, but if you want fascinating insights, then give YouGov a try.

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