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Work From Anywhere Companies Now Hiring

Want to work wherever you're happiest? These 8 work from anywhere companies let you do just that.

What are work from anywhere companies? It’s a question I often get asked as a Certified Professional Career Coach specializing in remote work. 

Simply put, a work from anywhere company is one which hires employees without regard to location. The fancy term for this type of company is a distributed workforce. 

Now, if you’re new to the world of work from home, you might be wondering “Wait. Aren’t all remote jobs work from anywhere?” 

The short answer? No. In fact, it may come as a surprise to learn that 95% of all work from home jobs have a location requirement. Essentially, you can work from home as long as you reside in a specific location — continent, country, state, or even timezone. 

For example, Humana hires virtual workers. However, you must live in the United States to be considered. Other companies, like Amazon, hire remote workers only in select states. 

That means only about 5% of work from home jobs come from true work from anywhere companies. That is, they accept candidates from anywhere in the world, regardless of physical location. 

Needless to say, it’s difficult to find a true work from anywhere opportunity with a legitimate company. But, they do exist! Here are 8 work from anywhere companies worth checking out. 

1. 10up 

10up is an agency that specializes in strategy, design, and engineering. Their creative services are meant to improve business and marketing for their clients. 

To do this, 10up hires the best and brightest from around the world. In fact, it’s part of how they best serve their clients:

Independence from traditional “brick and mortar” offices, freedom from commutes, and flexible schedules across nearly a dozen time zones means our team works when and where they’re most inspired, available when our clients need them.


On top of a work from anywhere culture, 10up employees receive amazing benefits like 401(k) with company matching, parental leave, and health insurance. 

Careers at 10up

2. Arkency 

Arkency is another business consulting firm to join the list of work from anywhere companies. At Arkency, their main objective is to help their clients reach the next level in their business. 

Most of their work is centered on code. So, if you know how to code, you’re in luck. Arkency is “always hiring” talented developers. 

Joining the Arkency team means flexible hours and the ability to work wherever you want. 

Learn How To Join The Arkency Team 

3. Articulate 

Articulate builds e-learning solutions. They’ve been around since 2002, and show no signs of slowing any time soon. 

At Articulate, they hope to empower all people. This principle translates to their employees too. 

Founded on autonomy, productivity, and respect, our culture of empowerment sets you free to be more and do more.


Articulate has worldwide positions available in departments like marketing, customer service, and IT. Benefits include health insurance, flexible PTO, and 401(k) matching. 

Join Articulate In Building The Best E-Learning Solutions

4. Automattic 

One of my favorite work from anywhere companies is Automattic. I use their products on a daily basis and have had nothing but pleasant experiences with them. 

You’re probably familiar with some of their apps and tools too. WordPress, Gravatar, and Simplenote are just a few of them. 

To continually create new content and serve their current customers, Automattic routinely hires remote workers, called “Automatticians.” All employees at Automattic get to choose where they work: 

Everyone works from the location they choose. We’re spread out all over the world in more than 60 countries.


So, whether you’re here in the States or on the other side of the world, you can apply to work at Automattic.

On top of giving employees the freedom to work wherever, Automattic sets the bar pretty high when it comes to benefits. Unlimited vacation, paid sabbaticals, and free branded merchandise are just some of the more noteworthy perks. 

Work With Automattic 

5. Buffer 

Another of the work from anywhere companies I sing high praises about is Buffer. Buffer developed a social media automation tool that I use and absolutely love. 

Plus, their customer service is super responsive and immensely helpful. It’s no surprise, then, that Buffer treats its employees equally well. 

Buffer is a fully remote team, spread across the whole planet. We have Bufferoos in 15 countries, 11 timezones and 42 cities (and counting!). As a member of our team, you will be invited to work wherever you’re happiest and most productive.


A paid sabbatical, health insurance, and a home office stipend are just some of the notable benefits at Buffer. 

Join The Buffer Team 

6. MeetEdgar 

The team at MeetEdgar is made up of some of the nicest people around. I’ve used Edgar’s social media automation tool for a couple years now and often refer people their way.

As a nice thank you, the MeetEdgar Team sent me some stickers, a tote bag, t-shirts, and cute socks adorned with their mascot (an octopus named Edgar). Needless to say, I was blown away by the gesture and am still happy to recommend Edgar as one of the best work from anywhere companies

But don’t just take my word for it. Laura, the founder of MeetEdgar, shares what makes MeetEdgar’s culture unique and what it means to join their team. 

View Careers at MeedEdgar

7. FlexJobs 

If you hang out here on Work From Home Happiness enough, you know that I frequently recommend FlexJobs as a way to help you find real remote jobs. That’s because FlexJobs guarantees all job leads posted are 100% legit — no scams to worry about here. 

Since FlexJobs promotes all things remote work, it comes as no surprise that FlexJobs too hires workers from anywhere. 

FlexJobs exclusively shares their own job openings on their site. To view job leads, you need to join FlexJobs (costs less than $15/month), but it’s well worth it. 

In addition to job leads at FlexJobs, you’ll gain access to thousands of remote, freelance, and flexible jobs from around the world. 

Join FlexJobs Today 

Psst: Use promo code AFFPROMO when signing up to save 30% on your subscription. 

8. Doist 

Another of the work from anywhere companies you’ve probably heard of is Doist. Doist is the company behind the popular productivity app Todoist. If you don’t use it, I highly recommend it! It helps me stay organized, productive, and on task. Plus, it’s free! 

Doist is fully remote out of necessity. Early on, the company realized the way to success was hiring the best talent and that meant opening up the candidate pool worldwide. It also helps that having a distributed team offers insight to a product that reaches people from all over.

Doist employees work on their own schedule, from anywhere in the world, enjoy 40 days of vacation annually, and get stipends for education. 

Remote Job Opportunities at Doist 

Work From Anywhere Companies 

There you have it — 8 work from anywhere companies with plenty of remote jobs. Remember, not all work from home jobs let you work from anywhere. In fact, most home-based positions have location requirements. 

But, there are a growing number of distributed workforces that let you work wherever you choose. While this list is just a short one of some of my favorite work from anywhere companies, you can find more companies that support remote work here.

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