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Virtual Receptionist Jobs

Have a great phone presence? Want to work from home? You can! Learn how you can get a job as a virtual receptionist so you can work from home and not a cramped cubicle!Many customers expect businesses, large and small, be accessible 24/7. But for solopreneurs and small business owners it’s impractical (if not impossible) for them to field calls for their business or brand around the clock.

So, in order to maintain an ever-reachable presence, many entrepreneurs are turning to Virtual Receptionist Services to answer their calls for them, even when they’re unavailable or too busy to get to the phone themselves.

If you’ve got one of those voices that projects a smile and have a natural ability to establish rapport with customers and clients, this is a work from home job opportunity that offers steady work and is expected to grow in years to come.

Virtual Receptionist Services

You’ve probably heard of Virtual Assistant jobs and how they are very popular work from home options for administrative professionals.

Virtual Receptionist jobs are quite similar but require much more time on the phone answering inbound calls. In fact, these jobs are so phone-heavy that they are often referred to as virtual answering service jobs due to the volume of inbound calls you’ll answer in any given day.

Finding Virtual Receptionist Jobs From Home

A quick Google search will find a lot of cloud-based, virtual, and distributed answering and reception service companies. Although these companies offer virtual receptionist services, many of them operate physical call centers and do not hire remote workers.

However, there are a few legitimate companies that frequently hire at-home receptionists. Each operate a bit differently but, for the most part, hire reps to answer inbound calls for a variety of clients.


Gabbyville is a well-known company that provides live receptionist and answering services. They also are known to hire virtual receptionist from around the U.S.

However, Gabbyville does not openly post their positions on their website. Instead, you’ll have to send over your resume and cover letter to express interest.

Be sure to highlight any industry-specific experience you may have. Gabbyville works with businesses in fields like accounting, finance, construction, real estate, and IT. A work history in any of these industries can make you a great fit for a virtual receptionist here!


As far as flexibility goes, working for Smith is second to none. Virtual Receptionists here can schedule themselves in blocks of time. The average shift is anywhere between 2 to 7 hours.

Receptionists are tasked with answering incoming calls from a variety of businesses. You may take a message, help book an appointment, or transfer calls to the appropriate contact.

To be considered, a great work ethic is a must along with previous receptionist experience. All candidates are hired and paid through Upwork. So, be sure to set up an Upwork profile that stands out for all the right reasons.

Vicky Virtual

Vicky Virtual hires receptionists to work from home across the United States. Their services are marketed to busy business owners who need an extra hand fielding the many inbound calls they receive on any given day.

As a Vicky Virtual Receptionist, 90% of your workday will be answering inbound calls using your computer and a headset. On occasion, you may communicate with clients and customers via live chat and email, too.

When answering phone calls for clients, you’ll need to follow guidelines for interacting with their customers and take a detailed message which will be forwarded to the client. You need a super-friendly demeanor, a phone voice that always projects a smile and be comfortable looking at a computer screen for the majority of your workday. A stable internet connection and an ability to type 50+ words per minute are also a must!

If this sounds like you, head on over to the Vicky Virtual Careers Page to start the application process. As a Vicky Virtual Receptionist you’ll be paid $10.00 per hour and also get a free Hulu Plus, Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music or Xbox Live subscription (bonus!).


Like Vicky Virtual, Exec-u-sist hires Virtual Receptionists to work from home. However, Exec-u-sist works with companies large and small on a global scale and expect their Virtual Receptionists to provide services outside of just answering inbound calls.

As an Exec-u-sist Virtual Receptionist you will answer inbound calls, place outbound calls, and perform general administrative tasks. The nature of calls you’ll take and make will vary, but may include:

  • Appointment setting
  • Order processing
  • Pre-sales
  • Surveys
  • Confirmation calls
  • Callbacks

To work as a Virtual Receptionist for Exec-u-sist, you’ll need a distraction-free, quiet home office, high speed internet, and a personal computer running Windows 7 or higher. You’ll need to have a pleasant phone demeanor, stay calm under pressure, and be able to handle multiple calls at once. As part of their administrative offerings, Exec-u-sist requires their Virtual Receptionists to be familiar with Excel and be able to conduct basic research using search engines and social media.

Exec-u-sist operates 24/7 so there is a ton of room for shift flexibility! All Virtual Receptionists are W2 employees and not 1099 contractors. The pay rate starts at $10.00 per hour and there is room for advancement, pay increases, and referral incentives. Employees are also eligible for benefits and paid time off.

The Exec-u-sist application process is unique and is meant to gauge your suitability as a Virtual Receptionist. If you think you’ve got what it takes, you can get started with the hiring process here.

Freelance Virtual Receptionist Jobs

If you like the idea of working as a Virtual Receptionist, but prefer to do things on your own terms, you may want to consider offering freelance Virtual Receptionist services. Upwork is a freelancers’ marketplace that lists a variety of Virtual Receptionist positions that range from full time commitments to temporary gigs.

You need to bid on jobs at Upwork and also pay fees, but the number of jobs available at any given time make it much easier to find clients than if you tried to find them on your own (as I type this, there are currently 40 advertisements seeking Virtual Receptionists on Upwork alone). Similar sites like Guru and Freelancer also have Virtual Receptionist gigs listed, but at a much lower rate than what I’ve seen on Upwork.

Start Your Own Answering Service Business

If you like the idea of working on your own, but aren’t fond of the bidding and fees associated with freelance marketplaces, you could always start your own answering service business. You’ll need to market your services in order to land your first client (this very well may take some time!). But the benefits of sourcing your own clients means you get to charge your own rates and won’t have to pay out a percentage of your earnings.

Starting a home-based business is a huge commitment and requires a lot of time and effort, but if you have the drive to succeed, an Answering Service Business is a viable way (with a low startup cost) to earn a living from home each and every month.

I recommend checking out the 30 Days Or Less To Virtual Assistant Success to learn how to build a profitable VA business that includes a Virtual Reception service.



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