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How To Use Video To Boost Your SEO

I’m a big believer in SEO. SEO accounts for a good portion of my traffic so this site is proof that it still works.

SEO will get your site tons of highly-targeted search traffic through Google, Yahoo, and Bing at ZERO cost to you. Well, actually kind of at zero cost. There is real work involved so consider it sweat equity in your online business.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy because it’s not something that you can do right out of the gate with a new website. It takes time and effort; and time and effort comes at a cost of course.

In my opinion SEO is well worth the effort if you put in the time to both learn the proper steps and spend some time each day doing the work. It’s not overly tedious but requires a consistent effort on your part to get good at it. Nothing feels better as an internet marketer as watching your work pay off as your site rises up the search engines and onto the first page.

Video Is A Powerful SEO Tool

Many businesses have benefited from today’s most popular online force which is, that’s right, video. Whether it be a short and sweet 30 second clip or a 20 minute pro-investment, it’s important to be aware that there are several ways in which your videos can be picked up by the likes of Google. But how?

For those who have had experience with YouTube, we all know the importance of the titles, descriptions, links and general interaction within your comments feed, but how else can we make our videos search engine friendly?

Find out in our infographic below which contains a super amount of information including how marketers are currently using video, ways to amplify the popularity of your video content and the increasing power of sharing (plus, loads of intriguing stats).*

how to make your videos seo friendly

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