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Top 25 Family Budget Blogs 2016

If you are a family that is tired of stretching the bank account every month, this list is for you. Top 25 Best Family Budget BlogsThis group of budget bloggers will provide insight into working on a single income, family vacations on a budget, and smart grocery shopping. Each one has a unique take on life, and living happy while stretching your dollar. If your goal is to become debt free and not be miserable while doing it, these sites are sure to help.


Our Freaking Budget

Joanna and Johnny started their marriage out with zero financial guidance,Our Freaking Budget and some school debt. Now this growing family shares the journey with a joint checking account, zero student debt, not paying for travel for over 7 years, and an entertaining story.

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The Budget Mama

Jessi share her family stories, both good and bad, for everyone to read.The Budget Mama JessiShe and her husband have paid off over $55,000 in debt in just 17 months. She writes about saving money, budgeting, recipes, how to earn money, and living a debt free life. Being honest and telling both sides of her life experience takes makes this a great follow.

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Budgets Are Sexy

J. Money is the rockstar of budget blogs! This guy gives an in-depth look at his personal finances,Budgets are sexy J money as well as lifetime goals. He has a fresh and different approach to money, and life, where a good budget=confidence=sexy! He has some interesting money challenges, side hustles, and early retirement plans for you to implement and learn from.

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Shalom Mama

Nina knew at a young age that she wanted to help people, and she comes from a long lineNina Shalom Mama of natural healers. She and her family live in Oregon, and enjoys the resources it brings her family. Nina shares how to declutter, simple meal prep, mothering, saving money, sustainability, and her desire to be the village wise woman. By the way, her family lives on a BUS!

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Parenting Squad

This blog is a community of parents, experts, and authors from all walks of lifeParenting Squad who are dedicated to the health and happiness of children everywhere. This interesting crew shares tips on family planning, home life, education, and social skills. The topics that this group covers stay fresh and up to date, while giving a different perspective on family life.

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Budget Loving Military Wife

Nichole is a budget loving financial nut who loves to travel and give to others. Budget Loving Military Mom NicholeShe is married to a military man, and is on a quest to be financially free. She challenges readers to save make smart decisions with their finances by offering the $1 million dollar challenge. Follow along as she budgets for the future.

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Smallish Blog

Evelyn and her big family of six live small, spend small, and leave a small footprint.Evelyn Smallish Blog She focuses on the minimalist lifestyle, which is essential to living on a budget, and in a tight space. This family shares the journey of moving, downsizing, cloth diapering, and downright frugal living.

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Family Travels on a Budget

Karen knows how to save serious money when it comes to traveling with family.Family Travels Karen Here she describes what its like to see the big sights, and eat the good food while vacationing and living. She shares the destinations shes been, cruising experience, travel tips, and girlfriend getaways. This family of 5 really shows how to get the most out of life!

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Double the Batch

This amazing group of bloggers are sisters, and writers with a knack for raisingDouble the Batch a family the right way. The 4 sisters write about keeping a clutter free home, preparing for a new baby on a budget, and DIY home cleaning products. The best part about the sisters is that they can offer different points of view about budgeting and saving money while growing a family.

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Laura Fuentes

This down-to-earth mother specializes in meal plans with a huge emphasis on time managementlaura-fuentes for the busy mom. She also runs the site MOMables.com where she offers her personal plans. Laura is an entrepreneur and author of 3 books, which outline homemade snacks and lunches.

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Family Budgeting

Becky Goddard-Hill is a parenting and personal finance writer that covers a wide array of subjectsBecky Family Budgeting.co.uk on her family site. Money, interior design, travel, parenting, and even moving. This is a great follow because she covers everyday life, and all the speedbumps it throws at you. Becky also runs two other sites on baby budgeting, and  having a thrifty home.

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Clint Edwards

This fun daddy blog is about a father who is just trying to figure it out. His site is honest and amusing,Clint Edwards while covering family life from a open father’s point of view. He covers all topics of fatherhood including, trying not to be a mom, enjoying every moment, and handling college while being a parent.

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Keeper of the Home

This site is a group of dedicated moms with a not so common approach to life. With anKeeper of the Home Ann emphasis on being a Steward in life they cover, alternative health, nutrition, honest encouragement, practical solutions, and of course a frugal lifestyle. They know as a homemaker, moms wear many hats at the same time.

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Frugal Family Home

Shelly started her site after driving her family and friends crazy with money saving talkShelly Frugal Family Home and never shutting up! This mother of two writes about money saving, gardening, time management, home schooling, budget recipes, and DIY home projects. She’s put together a list of items to stock up on in each month just to keep you ahead.

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Money Smart Family

Steve and Annette have excelled as parents and homemakers while doing so on a budget.Steve and Annette Along with their 5 children they enjoy the title of “America’s Cheapest Family” and have been featured on numerous media outlets. They offer coaching, budgeting systems, dealing with kids and money, and of course cheap grocery tips.

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Two Kids and a Budget

This mother of two shows how her family lives on a single income in a two income world. Two kids and a budgetTennille and her husband are committed to becoming debt free, and staying that way. She covers budgeting, family activities, couponing, and how to get extra income. Her posts on raising kids to understand money are a must read.

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100 Days of Real Food

Lisa Leake takes her food seriously. This mother offers a challenge to all of us to eliminate Lisa Leake processed foods from our family diet, while staying on a budget. She covers the dangers of processed food, and struggle to try to stay away from it in this day and age. Challenge yourself to her “10 days of Real Food” pledge to find out where you stand.

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Big Family Little Income

Bruce is a loveable dad who loves his seven, yes seven children and all the joy that comes with them. Big family little incomeHe shares about his big family, his big ideas, and his fun loving ways. He is great a sharing his kids point of views, which is a hilarious break from the normal.

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Your Modern Family

Becky Mansfield is a former 2nd grade teacher turned stay at home mom, and couldn’t be happier. Becky Mansfield She is the author of the book, “Potty Train in a Weekend” and “You Can be a Stay at Home Mom on One Income”. She shares how easy it is to coupon, making money from home, and healthy meals on a budget.

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The Latina Homemaker

Jesenia is a mother of four who is a book nerd, coffee addict, and thrift shopper. Latina HomemakerThis hard working mom balances her time while writing about saving on family vacations, lowering your expenses, organizing your finances, having yard sales, and earning extra income. She has a great outlook on life and is fun and refreshing to follow.

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Life In The Circus

Jen is the mother of 5 kids and shows off her sense of humor on her site. She lets you intoLife in the circus her family’s life and loves to share everything from raising lopsided kids, how to talk to children about money, and frugal holiday gift ideas.

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Graceful Little Honey Bee

Living the good country life, Missy knows how to stretch the budget and living the farm frugal life. Graceful Little Honey BeeHer happy site includes DIY home pest control and products that she refuses to buy, going green to save money, and ways to earn money at home using your smart phone!

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Lauren Greutman

This energetic coupon clipping, frugal living, sanity saving mother of four is that lady. Lauren GreutmanShe prides herself on teaching to become financially free for their families. She is author of the book “The Recovering Spender”, where she shares how she went from having it all, to starting over.

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Freebie Finding Mom

This mom knows how to find stuff for free, and a lot of it. Kelli takes pride in combing Freebie Finding Momthe internet and finding great deals, coupons, free offers, and free food! She believes that it takes wit and creativity to get some things for free, and she shares how she does it.

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Raising A Family On A Budget

Stephanie knows what it takes to raise a family on a budget, and it’s not just being good Families on a Budgetwith money. Her family functions as one cohesive unit, and with an understanding about what it takes to make that budget work, this family wins. She shares how to shop on a budget, family life lessons, buying meat in bulk, frugal recipes, and homesteading.

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This list has a blog from a wide array of diverse people, enough to suit everyone’s taste.


Here’s another Top List of Budget Bloggers to check out.


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