Are you a coffee lover like me? Do often read articles about coffee? Then this list is for you! Here are my favorite coffee bloggers of all time. This list gives me the information on how to brew, where to buy or just plain coffee education.

FRSHGRND shares coffee reviews and experiences of Aaron Frey.  His life’s mission is to find the best coffee and it led him to three continents.  What like about Aarons’ writings is that it is very informative and detailed.  He gives me the idea of what to use and how to use it when it comes to coffee.  Plus, some tips on the best places to get quality coffee. http://frshgrnd.com.

THE COFFEE COMPASS really points us the right direction of our coffee experience. It suggests coffee shops to visit, books that will enrich our knowledge about coffee, how to’s and basically anything that has a connection to coffee.  The team of Michael, Darren and Stephen really pours interesting information to coffee lovers like me and you.  So, if you need some directions on anything about coffee check them out. https://www.thecoffeecompass.com.

I NEED COFFEE is my source of information when it comes to brewing and roasting coffee at home.  They provide tutorials on how to roast and brew coffee right at the comfort of my home.  Just like the article on how to use AeroPres, Ryan (the writer) even showed pictures on how to use the coffee press.  So, if like to try creating your brewing and roasting experience at home go check them out. https://ineedcoffee.com.

DEAR COFFEE I LOVE YOU creatively explores the coffee world.  From designs to reviews, they are the go to blog.  They feature articles that will inspire us to love not just coffee, but the people behind every granule that we enjoy. http://www.dearcoffeeiloveyou.com.

COFFEE BREW GUIDES is definitely one of my favorite coffee blogs.  Since I am a home boy, I love the coffee experience at the comfort of my home.  Just like one of the most recent article, it tells us the right mix of coffee and water ratio. http://www.coffeebrewguides.com

JIMSEVEN is a straight forward coffee blog.  James Hoffmann (the man behind JIMSEVEN) even wrote a book titled “The World Atlas of Coffee” which tells us all about coffee.  JIMSEVEN really made a mark in the coffee blog industry and now venturing in to other segments to improve equipment and technology. http://www.jimseven.com

COFFEEGEEK is where people from all corners of the world meet for one reason, COFFEE!  You can read coffee articles, coffee shop reviews, coffee equipment’s, podcasts and more. Now that’s more than one reason to visit their website. http://www.coffeegeek.com

COFFEETOGRAPHER combines coffee, photography and culture.  The photos displayed by Chermelle Danicae Edwards will speak for itself on how she loves coffee – The picture says it all. http://thecoffeetographer.com

PURE COFFEE BLOG is a one-stop website for coffee and tea enthusiasts.  It features coffee and tea shops reviews after they visit it.  So what you read is not somebody else’s experience but theirs. http://www.purecoffeeblog.com

THE DIRECTORY is the blog where farmers and coffee lovers meet.  Blogger Charlie Murray travels around the world to feature coffee shops and coffee products that will complement our coffee enjoyment. http://thedirectory.coffee

COFFEE LANDS is an organization that helps in development of small coffee growers.  Lead by Hugh Aprile, the team has assisted small coffee growers in attaining optimal harvest, the marketing approach and empowering them.http://www.coffeelands.crs.org.

I BREW MY COFFEE is a podcast of interviews done by Brian Beyke and Bryan Schiele to people from the coffee industry. http://www.ibrewmyowncoffee.com.

THE WAY TO COFFEE is like a travel blog that features coffee and coffee shops around the world.  They not only feature well known coffee shops but also the unknown coffee shops that serves excellent but affordable coffee. http://www.thewaytocoffee.com.

THE COFFEE CONCIERGE is basically a story of guy who knew nothing about except how to consume it.  Benji learned how to make great coffee on his own, an actually that is my plan of action. https://www.thecoffeeconcierge.net.

COFFEE ME ZURICH shares the personal experience of Maria in pursuit of the best espresso.  From her Sydney her hometown, she brought her passion for coffee to Zurich. https://coffeemezurich.com.

COFFEESTYLISH gives us ideas how to make coffee in the simplest way at home.  If you want to know coffee recipes home-style, check he blog out. http://coffeestylish.com.

PETER J THOMPSON is a digital marketing strategist who runs a coffee blog.  His Coffee blog reviews coffee shops and coffee products.  You also should check out his book Tickle: Digital Marketing Companies for Tech Companies. https://www.peterjthomson.com/coffee

COFFEE REVIEW is the only coffee review website that gives out a score.  They based their review on a standard 100-point rating paradox which you can read more on their website. http://www.coffeereview.com

ESPRESSO! MY ESPRESSO! shares information on coffee making machines such as grinders, drippers, coffee maker, espresso machines etc.  But also personal experiences on brewing coffee and other coffee experiences.  http://www.espressomyespresso.com

COFFEE SPHERE features coffee shops across the world. Talks about coffee from the growers to us the consumers. And there’s more, Claudia also teaches us how to me great coffee.  http://www.coffeesphere.com

FIND ME COFFEE is not just a directory of coffee shops and coffee products, but any coffee lover can post a review on their coffee experience.  https://www.findmecoffee.com

CORNER OF THE CAFE is an outcome of Drew Moody’s passion.  Drew review coffee and coffee shops plus other beverages such as tea, beer, soda and spirits. http://www.cornerofthecafe.com

COFFEE SCHOLARS is a blog maintained by a coffee expert Daniel Humpries.  Daniel is a certified Star Cupper by the Coffee Quality Institute and has worked with the coffee growers and has mingled with a lot coffee lovers. http://coffeescholars.com.

EUROPEAN COFFEE TRIP is a coffee and travel magazine.  It features city guides where we can experience coffee across Europe. https://europeancoffeetrip.com.

COFFEE NATE will take us coffee newbies to the next level.  He features tutorials on how to brew and what’s best is there are coffee giveaways. http://coffeenate.com.

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