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These Virtual Companies Let You Work Wherever You’re Happiest (P.S. They’re Hiring!)

Is home your happy place? How about Starbucks? Wherever your happy place, these virtual companies encourage you to work there! P.S. They're hiring! Even just a few years ago, there was just a select group of remote-friendly companies that opened their virtual doors to job seekers, regardless of their location.

Today, the number of distributed workforces is growing by leaps and bounds. I’ve talked about these so-called work-from-anywhere companies before here and here. And today we’ll look at six more awesome virtual companies.

If you’re looking for a remote career that actually pays the bills, these workforces are worth checking out. Not only do they offer a wide variety of work-from-home (or Starbucks) positions, they have some pretty notable employee benefits too — win, win.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your resume a remote facelift and start applying to the dozens of open positions at these amazing virtual companies with distributed workforces.


First up, is 10up, creators of “finely crafted websites and tools.” Check out their portfolio to see those sites and tools in action — 10up has some seriously impressive work. And did I mention they count Google, reddit, Microsoft, and Time as just some of their clients?

When you join the 10up team, you’ll help companies, large and small, rethink their online marketing strategy. But that doesn’t mean it’s all tech support and web development.

A quick look at the 10up Career Page shows a variety of open positions from operations and administrative to audience and revenue.

The bottomline is, if you want to join a company with a global perspective that has built remote work, empathy and teamwork into their company culture, 10up is the place for you!

On top of helping to make the web a better place, you’ll also enjoy unique benefits like a professional development stipend, equipment allowances, and onsite summits.  

Help Scout

With a name like Help Scout, it’s no surprise to learn they’re on a mission to “make every customer support interaction more human & more helpful.” To do that, Help Scout offers scalable email support that is trusted by more than 7,000 businesses in over 140 countries.

Buffer, Trello, Pocket, and AngelList are just some of the happy support teams using Help Scout to better assist their customers, every day.

If you have that same inherent motivation to always help customers succeed, you’ll fit right in as a Help Scout team member! And, as a “remote first company,” you can do your job wherever you’re happiest, regardless of geographic boundaries.

Stop by the Help Scout Career Page to learn about open positions and some of the awesome benefits Help Scout employees are eligible for (100% healthcare coverage, anyone?).

And if you don’t see an opening at the moment, that’s okay too. Help Scout is always interested in hearing from over-achievers who want to join their team! Simply visit their future openings page to learn how you can get in touch.


Virtual teams, like the ones on this list, rely on a number of different tools to help their businesses run smoothly while allowing their teams to stay connected, even when they’re spread out all over the world.

Hubstaff is one such tool that makes it easy for remote companies to track workers’ time and manage payroll. In fact, more than 8,000 remote teams use Hubstaff daily!

And it’s no surprise that a company that makes it easier to manage remote teams is also remote-friendly! In fact, Hubstaff employees have the freedom to roam when it comes to work location — your home office, on the road, at a park — wherever you do your best work is where Hubstaff wants you to be.

And, if that wasn’t cool enough, you also get to work a flexible schedule. So whether you’re a get-up-and-go morning person or a stay-up-late night owl, Hubstaff encourages you to work when you’re at your personal best.

Sound good? Great! Stop by Hubstaff’s Hiring Page to see what positions are currently available.


Another remote-friendly company that’s making it easy for distributed teams to work together is Sococo.

Sococo is a virtual workplace. Think of them as an online office space creatwhere location-independent team members can get all the benefits of coworking together without geographic boundaries (or cubicles!).

Want to  introduce yourself? Sococo is always interested in hearing from the best and brightest! Spruce up your LinkedIn profile, update the ol’ resume, and go ahead and say hello via the Sococo Careers Page.


Ecommerce is big business. In 2015, online sales totaled more than $340 billion in the U.S. alone. Conversio helps retailers capture even more sales through their all-in-one Marketing Dashboard for ecommerce.

To help them with their Ecommerce domination, they hire worldwide talent with no geographic limits. Some of my favorite job titles at Conversio include Success Fairy Godmother, Admin Genie, and Pixel Wizard.

Think you have what it takes to become the next Mistress of Merriment or Email Wrangler? Head on over to the Conversio Career Page to say hello — they’re always eager to hear from their next teammate!


You know those chat bars on websites that are there just in case you have a question or need help ASAP? That’s exactly what Olark is in the business of — live chat, live help, live support, and live sales!

When websites use Olark, they can see, at a glance, who’s visiting the site and what they’re looking at. Ecommerce sites can even take a peek into the visitor’s shopping cart!

As Olark continues their pursuit of creating customer happiness, they are welcoming new talent to their team. Visit the Olark Jobs Page to find current openings. While there, take note of the impressive benefits like self-scheduling, extra vacation bonuses (yes, money to go on vacation!), and, of course, the ability to work from anywhere!

Need Career Inspiration?

If these companies all sound great and you like the idea of remote work but have absolutely no idea what you may want to do, don’t sweat it!

What makes you happy work-wise isn’t always as obvious as you’d like it to be. To get your wheels turning in pursuit of your own work happiness, check out a self-help career book like the What Color is Your Parachute Workbook. By the end of the workbook, you’ll have a crystal clear vision of your ideal job and can start applying like crazy to the remote jobs that make sense for you.

Find Even More Remote-Friendly Jobs

Excited about some (or all) of the companies listed and the many real remote jobs available at them? You should be! Now is a great time to ditch your cubicle to pursue a more flexible working arrangement. After all, if you don’t apply for them, somebody else will!

But these six awesome companies are just a small sampling of the hundreds of remote jobs available right now — yes, at this very moment.

To learn where you can find dozens and dozens of work-from-home jobs, grab your copy of my free guide: Where to Find Real Remote Jobs. There’s no signing up. No email address to hand over. Just simply click the image to get straight to the good stuff.Is home your happy place? How about Starbucks? Wherever your happy place, these virtual companies encourage you to work there! P.S. They're hiring!

P.S. This post contains affiliate links. What are they? Learn more by reading my disclosure statement.

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