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The Worst Jobs in the U.S.

Having a bad job particularly in the US can be a horrible experience. We created this infographic to give you some examples of the jobs to avoid.

The Worst Jobs In The U.S.

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1. Taxi driver

A typical Taxi driver faces a barrage of challenges. From low wages to drunk clients to long, nerve wrecking working hours.

2. Garbage collector

Messy work and unpredictable employment are what these employees have to endure. Plus, the average income is only $22,970 a year.

3. Retail Salesperson

Due to the growth of online stores, retail has dwindled. A typical salesperson earns only $22,040 a year. Ouch!

4. Pest control workers

Inhaling poisonous chemicals during work, can be detrimental to one’s health. Also confined work environments can be stressing.

5. Exploited farmhand worker

This job is considered among the worst jobs, since the worker is routinely in contact with dangerous farm chemicals and works long hours for little pay. 

6. Fire fighters

Although touted as an important job position, fire fighters have to toil under dangerous work environments and are on duty 24 hours a day.

7. Corrections officer

Having to be and work around criminals all day makes for a stressful and dangerous work environment.

8. Flight attendant

Deceptively appearing attractive, this job encompasses long stressful flights, demanding passengers and low pay. 

9. Agricultural pilot

They face the danger of running into obstacles such as trees. In addition, they are also vulnerable to the toxic chemicals they are unleashing.

10. Hazardous materials cleaner

This kind of job puts one’s health and life on the line. Danger exists even when wearing a protective suit because they are not always foolproof. 





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