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Tellwut Review 2019 — Can You Really Earn Money From This Unique Survey Site?

tellwut reviewIf you are looking to earn some extra money, many excellent websites make the process more accessible from the comfort of your home—and in our experience, taking paid surveys online is one of those ways to earn without expending too much effort. It also gives you the flexibility to pursue other money-making ventures.

One model that stands out for us online is Tellwut or “Tell Us What You Think.” On this site, you can take paid online surveys, as well as create online surveys at no charge. It allows users to carry out free market research on the platform by polling their member database.

But is it worth your time, and can you make any money from it? In this our latest Tellwut review, we aim to look into the site a little closer, to give you the goods.

About Tellwut

Tellwut is a market research company headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and is a subsidiary of the Tellwut Corporation.

The company launched in 2010. It utilizes the concept of crowdsourcing to gather opinions and data from panel members. Members who respond to survey questions on the site earn points which are redeemable for rewards. Participants may also earn points by posting their polls on the site, referring friends, contributing to debates, and much more.

Tellwut has special onsite software that allows members to create their polls. This feature makes it easy for members to get answers within minutes. Surveys must be approved before they appear online.

The site has posted over 20,000 surveys on its website so far, and as of the time of this Telwut review, we counted 700,000 members.

It’s important to note that this market research company does not reward participants in cash. In that respect, it is not a good website to consider if you are taking paid surveys as an income-generating opportunity.

It does, however, give gift cards to some of the best brands in the US and Canada, including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Starbucks, and Home Depot. Once you are eligible to cash out, your request will be processed within 10-15 business days. Shipping times will vary by location of course, but you can also opt to receive your e-rewards via email.

You must be residing in the United States or Canada and be at least eighteen years old to participate and earn rewards on the platform.

How Does Tellwut Work?

The company has a unique operating model, and this has attracted many positive Tellwut reviews online. It is both a site where you can answer surveys and post approved studies, as well as interacts with members to earn points.

How to Sign Up

Sign up by visiting the website and entering your details and email address. You will be asked to verify your email address and will also get bonus points during the sign-up.


  • 100 points for signing up
  • 200 points for providing additional information during sign-up
  • 25 points for referring friends and contacts
  • 5-15 points for answering questions
  • 10-20 points for posting approved survey questions on the platform

You may also opt to register as a business member, by taking up their free trial or paying for the business package. This option has earned them many positive Tellwut reviews from businesses looking to refine their market research and data collection.

How to Earn Rewards

With Tellwut, you may earn points through a variety of actions. These include:

Taking In-house and External Surveys

You may answer member posted or external surveys to earn points. Typically these last 15-20 minutes and can net you 15-20 points. Polls are also available on the website, and last 30 seconds, netting 5-10 points each.

Creating Surveys

If you create a survey and it is approved by the panel you can earn points redeemable for rewards. You’ll need to be creative and original in your questioning to ensure that your survey is approved. Offensive or inappropriate questions will not pass the moderator’s desk.

Members are limited to posting two surveys per week.

Interacting with Panel Members

Another way you can earn points is by interacting with others on the platform. Below all the approved member surveys, there is a comments section where you can leave a comment and reply to questions posed.

This option may not be a good idea for the time-starved but is an excellent option if you like interacting with like-minded people online.

Referring Friends

You may also earn points through referring your contacts to the site. The platform will award you 25 points ($0.06) should someone join the site using your affiliate link.

Claiming your Rewards

Tellwut rewards are redeemable starting at 4,200 points or $10.00.

A variety of gift cards are up for grabs including Amazon, Starbucks, Cineplex, and Best Buy vouchers, or you can opt for actual merchandise such as tablets or T-shirts. Be aware that this site will not pay you in cash.

You should receive your e-reward instantly via email or within 10-15 business days in the mail.

Is Tellwut Legit?

The company has been in business for nine years now, and according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), website Tellwut is a dependable company sporting a positive A+ rating. They also feature positively on TrustPilot with a 78% approval rating and are ranked highly on Survey Police.

The company has also taken pains to master their interaction with users on social media, maintaining active Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts.

Users are happy with the rewards received and customer service attitude towards them. The only gripe is how long it takes to rack up those points to be eligible for cash out.

Check out some recent comments on the site on various trusted online review platforms below.

Wow, this [site] really gets you to thinking; I have asked my husband and son their thoughts on a few of these topics. We have had some excellent discussions over dinner, and we have learned a little more about each other, pretty surprising. I like issues that really force me to think and be truthful…” – Angie V. on Telwut.

“I enjoy tellwut surveys, and their customer service is quick and responsive. The little surveys at midnight that are created by users are fun.” – Julie M. on TrustPilot. August 21, 2019.

“The surveys are easy and fun, and you accumulate points very quickly to redeem for gift cards, PayPal, Amazon, etc. Love this survey site! It is my favorite!” – Angela (Canada) on Survey Police. September 24, 2019.

Tellwut – The Good and the Bad


  • They have a unique paid survey model that presents a “social media” and community element to members. Panel members can create and post surveys, take online polls, and direct message each other on the platform.
  • There’s a high availability of surveys on the platform. This feature gives panel members more opportunities to earn.
  • There’s an immediate sign-up bonus of 100 points. You will receive additional points for filling in your survey profile, referring friends, and posting a survey.
  • Members can post their surveys for free. This feature is great for business owners and other institutions that rely on data.
  • Polls are short and concise. Surveys run for 15-20 minutes and yield 15-20 points.
  • Their customer service staff is supportive and responsive and can be contacted on the online contact form or via support@tellwut.com. They usually respond within 48 hours.
  • They have a resourceful blog section which posts information with regards to consumer opinions and surveys. Panel members can also contribute pieces to the blog.


  • You do not receive rewards in cash on this platform. PayPal deposits or deposits into your bank account or prepaid debit and credit cards are not options on this platform.
  • You need to log in and participate in surveys and fill in polls daily to realize any real value from this site. Some users have stated that they spent lots of hours on the site to reach the $10 redemption milestone, which may not be a prudent use of time.
  • They have high cash out threshold of 4,200 points ($10). It could take quite some time to achieve these points by just taking surveys, considering that each study gives only 5-10 points.
  • If you live outside of the US or Canada, you are not eligible to participate on this site. Check the FAQs and Terms and Conditions and read them carefully if before joining the platform.

Final Thoughts

We think that Tellwut is the perfect fit for you if you enjoy the community “social media” feel of the site. Consider the rewards potential as a secondary factor.

The user-generated surveys, combined with the direct messaging feature and blog section, makes this a great site to learn from and interact with people all over the world. Users have raved about these features, giving positive Tellwut reviews in their droves.

Our final verdict for this Tellwut review is that it is a unique and fun, learning-centered paid survey website. You can get some decent rewards, but you’ll have to put in a ton of effort.

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