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Take Surveys for Cash Review 2019 — Total Godsend or Complete Scam?

take surveys for cash reviewHang out on the Internet long enough, and you’ll undoubtedly encounter a lot “gurus.” These experts usually promise that you’ll earn a lot of money, lose tons of weight, or some other fantastic claim.

In the paid survey scene, it’s no different. Enter Jason White, the so-called expert who’s earned tons of money through answering surveys alone—and through his program Take Surveys for Cash, he promises to show you how to do it, too.

We’ve simply got to tell you outright that it’s scam to rob you of your hard-earned money? We’ll unveil this and more with our Take Surveys for Cash review!

You have the choice to keep reading, or just go on straight to our recommendations for good, legit, scam-free survey platforms that you can feel safe signing up for.

About Take Surveys for Cash

Take Surveys for Cash is not a paid survey site per se, but more of a program. It claims to teach you the “secret trick” to do paid surveys online so you can earn as much as $3,500 per month. All by spending just a few minutes every day. Intriguing, but is it true?

The website is owned by a certain Jason White, who proclaims himself as the “King of Paid Surveys.” He says that, since 2009, he has earned over $274,000 just by taking paid surveys. He also states that he gets $500 every day doing this, and a video on the website shows him opening one of these supposedly $500 checks (this particular one was from Survey Savvy).

This is great if it were true. However, we never get to see who Jason White is. He doesn’t show his face, nor is there any information about him online. A lot of people online are naturally skeptical of this, since exaggerated claims + no transparency = red flag.

Now, Jason White claims that the reason he gets all of these supposedly high paying surveys is that companies trust him and that he can essentially refer anyone to them and get access to these same top paying surveys. He says survey companies don’t advertise this because they don’t want to get flooded with unqualified participants.

Which, if you do a little digging, isn’t really how paid survey sites work. So, Jason White’s “secret” and business model isn’t really realistic and feasible.

How Does the Site Work?

To join the program, you’ll need to sign up with your name and email address. And, believe me, this is their way of still sending you emails even if you decide not to join, to convince you to come back.

You’ll then be taken to the main sales page, where you find out it costs $39 to join the program. Don’t worry though, Jason says you’ll receive a $50 bonus once you complete your first paid survey and even a paid vacation.

This is actually one of their more ridiculous “offers.” It says you get a free three days and two nights stay in a hotel of your choice. The value of this free vacation is at $669. So, you’ll get that just for signing up with $39. Sounds fishy.

If you try to opt-out or exit the page, there’s a chance that you’ll be offered a discount. This varies, but I’ve seen reports of it going down to as low as $1.99.

So, if you do join, what happens? Well, you then get access to Jason White’s “weird trick” – a list of paid surveys that you pre-qualify for that he says, “you won’t find anywhere else.” Which, if you look closely, are simply different paid survey sites that you could have joined for free.

The program just essentially compiles all the paid survey sites in one place.


This Website is a Scam

Based on the Take Surveys for Cash reviews we found online, and through our own investigation, it seems like this website is a scam—or one step from becoming one.

For one, it fails to deliver what it promises. The claim that you can earn $3,500 for doing this is utterly absurd; it can’t be done. A lot of Take Surveys for Cash reviews from people who opted in claimed they got nowhere near the earnings Jason White claims.

What’s more, his “weird trick” is information that’s available publicly. There are also a lot of red flags, like the ridiculous promise of a free vacation. Overall, we and tons of other Take Surveys for Cash reviews agree that this website is out to deceive people and is, therefore, a scam.

No Pros Whatsoever

Since this is a scam website, there really is no point in listing its pros (for there are none).

The Cons — Literally

We’ll instead list the many cons and red flags supporting that this is not a legitimate money-making opportunity:

  • You need to pay $39. Anytime you need to pay something in order to earn, that right there is a red flag (there are exceptions, of course). And especially if what you’ll be getting is simply a compilation of paid survey sites you can join. Lots of resources online already do that for free!
  • $3,500 per month is impossible. This is the most obvious red flag. Even the top participants in the best survey sites don’t make anywhere even near that amount. Market research is a numbers game — companies want as many participants as possible, so it stands that pay per person is typically low.
  • The site makes false promises — like a free $699 vacation. If you do the math, this isn’t possible at all. If it is, Jason White is essentially giving money away. Which is not sustainable, and even if it is, why would he do that? The logical conclusion then is that it’s not true.

Final Thoughts

thumbs downAfter going through this Take Surveys for Cash review, it doesn’t take long for you to realize that this is indeed a scam. The promise of $3,500 sounds too good to be true, and that’s because it actually is. No one can earn that much just answering surveys – legit paid survey sites always make this clear.

Also, this TakeSurveysForCash review has uncovered a lot of other bogus claims that add more red flags, like the promise of a free vacation. A $699 vacation for a $39 joining fee doesn’t add up.

We, therefore, recommend you STAY AWAY from this website and others of its kind like PaidClub. There are other free resources on how you can earn from paid surveys the right way.

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