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Survey Voices Review: A Paid Survey Site to Trust or Avoid?

survey voices reviewI’ve always been a fan of having extra money to spend, but extra money doesn’t just magically appear, and no one is just going to hand it to you.

So, what about the next best thing? Paid survey sites.

By signing up with a paid survey site, you make extra money for answering simple questions about yourself and your opinions. It’s technically free money. Sadly, a lot of paid survey sites are scams. In this Survey Voices review, we are going to look into if Survey Voices is a legit paid survey site, how to join, how much you can earn from it, and more.

About Survey Voices

Survey Voices is a real paid survey site that’s been around for a while—since 2016. But unlike other survey sites, Survey Voices isn’t a marketing research company or the originator of the surveys available on it.

It’s more of a third-party, middleman, or broker that gathers surveys from other sources into one place. The benefit of this is you don’t have to monitor and search multiple survey sites to find work. Instead, Survey Voices gathers and displays paid surveys from other sites on its platform.

Survey Voices is a subsidiary of Reward Zone USA, LLC. It has built quite a reputation for itself as a survey broker.

Because Survey Voices isn’t the original owner of the surveys you can access via the site, it doesn’t pay you for the surveys. It’s the source website that pays, but is the convenience of a third-party platform like Survey Voices worth it? Our Survey Voices review has the answer.

How Does the Site Work?

Typically, paid survey sites perform marketing research on behalf of clients by gathering consumer data through questionnaires and polls.

Survey Voices doesn’t do marketing research. It’s simply a middleman that allows you access paid surveys from various sources via its platform. It saves you the trouble of monitoring various survey sites for work by putting all the available work in one place.

In theory, it’s super convenient and saves you a lot of hassle, especially if you are looking to earn as much as possible by taking paid surveys from various sites. However, my hands-on experience with Survey Voices indicates that the arrangement is less than perfect.

First of all, Survey Voices does not have an app, which means you can only sign up and access it via a web browser. Becoming a member is simple. Just provide your name, gender, and answer some pre-survey questions.

Some of the pre-survey questions, especially the personal ones like my email address, physical address, and phone number, made me nervous, but let’s just assume its purpose is to determine what demographic you fall under.

Once that’s done, you are a member and can begin picking surveys. This is where things get annoying.

You will be provided with a variety of survey links. Clicking on any of these links will take you to the website that actually owns the survey. The problem is, on the source website, you have to register all over again.

Without registering on the source website, you can’t take the survey and won’t get paid. Even more annoying, you may be disqualified on the source survey site for reasons such as location, and so on.

Some of the survey sites that have survey links on Survey Voices include:

  • Survey Junkie
  • E-poll
  • OMG Voices
  • Inbox Dollars

Note that not all the survey links provided on Survey Voices are legitimate. Some of them will lead you to scam sites. This is because the platform doesn’t vet its links before putting them up.

How much you can earn per survey found on Survey Voices is determined by the source site. It’s the company that owns the survey that also pays, not Survey Voices. Some people say they make between $5 and $75 per day using Survey Voices. I didn’t.

Aside from answering surveys, other ways to make money on Survey Voices are playing games, reading emails, and shopping online.

survey voices rev

Is the Site Legit?

Based on our Survey Voices review, the answer to this question is yes and no. “Yes” because Survey Voices itself is not a scam. Its parent company, Reward Zone LLC, has an A+ BBB rating, and the site actually works.

“No” because some of the links on the website can lead you to scam survey websites.

Would I recommend you use Survey Voices? Not confidently.

If convenience is important to you, then Survey Voices might be for you, but if security is your priority, then maybe it isn’t for you. You are going to give up quite a bit of personal information, such as your home address and phone number just to sign up, which is unusual and quite frankly made me skeptical.

Top paid survey sites don’t ask for that much info.

Also, Survey Voices is going to make you some amazing offers, such as a “$300 survey check.” Don’t get too excited when you see it. It’s not real. You might also get some spammy emails from the company.

If these are things you’d rather avoid, just sign up with the actual paid survey sites, instead of trying to get their surveys through Survey Voices.

Pros and Cons

Our Survey Voices review wouldn’t be complete without a list of the platform’s pros.


  • You get to sign up for free, which is awesome considering that most survey middleman sites charge for their services
  • Some of the linked survey sites actually pay


The cons are just as important in this Survey Voices review

  • A number of the survey links are to scam websites
  • Spammy pop-ups that disturb your internet surfing
  • Too much of your personal information is required to sign up
  • Spam emails and calls are common
  • You may be directed to survey websites that aren’t looking for people from your location
  • No bonuses or free offers
  • Many of the surveys you’ll end up doing will turn out to be unpaid
  • No way of contacting Survey Voices in the event of an issue

Final Thoughts

Based on our review and many of the other Survey Voices reviews we’ve seen, Survey Voices offers convenience in finding paid surveys but compromises security and reliability. This makes me unenthusiastic about using the platform.

For your safety and if you want to get the highest payouts, I suggest you sign up directly with reputable paid survey sites. By cutting out the middleman, you know you’re dealing directly with a survey company that can be trusted.

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