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Survey on the Go Review: A Paid Survey App to Trust or Avoid?

With so many paid survey sites and apps out there, finding one that’s legit and pays well can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Surveys on the Go (SOTG) claims to be the paid survey app that will reward you handsomely for taking fun surveys. If this claim is true, you might never again have to worry about finding surveys to make extra cash!

In our Surveys on the Go review, we’ll be looking into how true SOTG’s claims are by revealing if the app is legit, how it works, how to join, and more.

About Surveys on the Go

Surveys on the Go is a market research company located in the US. By joining the platform, you can take surveys about sports, technology, entertainment, news, politics, and other interesting topics. In exchange for completing its surveys, SOTG will reward you with cash and other prizes.

To ensure you enjoy the experience, each SOTG survey is designed to be interesting. Also, unlike other paid survey platforms, SOTG’s surveys are accessible only via its mobile app, which is available on both Android and iOS devices.

This makes SOTG an excellent opportunity for your smartphone to start making money for you, instead of the other way around.

Aside from taking surveys, SOTG may invite you to earn money by participating in product testing or watch movies and TV shows. At the end of such activities, you’ll provide your honest feedback, and SOTG will use your opinions for market research.

All of this sounds wonderful, but how exactly does it work, and can you be a part of it?

Our Surveys on the Go review provides the answers.

How Does the Site Work?

To join SOTG, you have to download the mobile app. You can get it for free on Android’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

If your mobile device is compatible, SOTG will use your location data to determine if you are qualified to take surveys. This is because SOTG currently only accepts members who live in the US.

The location feature is also useful because it lets the app provide you with survey opportunities that are relevant to your geographical location. It only works if you enable location services for the app, though.

Other than from being a US resident, you have to be at least 16 years old to be a member.

After installing the app, you’ll have to fill some demographic surveys. Of these surveys, the two most important are the “about me” and “household” surveys.

These surveys are short and straightforward, and their purpose is to determine what demographics you fall under. Without taking them, you may not receive surveys that match your interests and demographics, which will lead to disqualification from completing the surveys that you are sent.

Members in certain demographics receive survey invites more often than others. Nonetheless, it’s important that you provide honest answers while filling the demographic surveys. Otherwise, you could lose your SOTG membership for providing false information.

For each of the demographic survey you take, you’ll receive $0.50. That’s a pretty good incentive to take the surveys seriously.

To earn more money on Surveys on the Go, you can access more surveys via your dashboard or receive survey invites in your inbox. Sadly, SOTG doesn’t have as many surveys as other paid survey sites and apps.

If you are lucky and are in a demographic that businesses frequently need consumer insights from, you may get one or two surveys a week. For others, getting one SOTG survey a month might be the norm.

When answering surveys, be sure to follow the survey’s instructions. If not, your responses may not be accepted, and your efforts will not be rewarded. Aside from surveys, you can also make money on SOTG by participating in product testing, taking pictures, recording videos, or watching TV shows.

If you receive an invite to participate in such tasks, after completing them, you’ll have to answer questions relating to them or upload proof of completing the task. If satisfied with your proof and/or responses, SOTG will pay you.

Each SOTG survey takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete and can earn you about $1 to $2. Occasionally, you will receive invites to participate in more valuable surveys, but these are rare.

Your reward for watching and rating TV shows or participating in product testing will depend on the task. I particularly enjoy that you get to keep the products from product testing tasks.

Once you have up to $10 in your SOTG account, you can withdraw it via PayPal, as a gift card or Visa prepaid card. On the downside, it can take three to five business days after completing a survey for your reward to reflect in your account.

Clearly, there are good reasons to join SOTG, but the real deciding factor is what our Surveys on the Go review has to say about the site’s legitimacy.

Is the Site Legit?

Based on comments from members of the platform and SOTG’s track record, it’s safe to assume that Surveys on the Go is legit. Another indication of the platform’s legitimacy is the number of Fortune 500 companies it does market research for, including those in the entertainment industry.

The platform’s mode of operation is transparent, with no spammy emails or gimmicky point-based system. You earn in actual dollars and know exactly what you are getting into.

Complaints of SOTG not paying members their earnings are rare, which shows that you can become a member and take surveys without worrying about getting scammed. There’s also its B- rating on the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

A B- might not be a stellar rating but it’s far better than the BBB F ratings that many other paid survey sites have.

Plus, receiving $1 to $2 for a short survey isn’t such a bad deal when you realize that most of the other paid survey sites that claim to be legit pay pennies for far longer surveys. If you need to earn extra money on the side, SOTG makes for a good option.

Pros and Cons

Based on Surveys on the Go reviews, here are some noteworthy pros and cons of the platform.


  • You get rewarded in cash and can redeem your earnings quickly via PayPal.
  • The app is user-friendly and offers an enjoyable user experience.
  • Joining SOTG is free.
  • There are multiple ways to earn extra cash on the platform.


  • You get few surveys in a week, usually one or two.
  • People in less popular demographics may get only a couple of surveys a month or none.
  • It can take up to a month to earn enough dollars to cash out.
  • High-paying surveys are rare and difficult to qualify for.

Final Thoughts

Surveys on the Go is a legit get-paid-to app that lets you share your opinion on a variety of subjects and pays you for your efforts.

The app is reliable, but you don’t get that many surveys, which limits how much you can earn as a member. In short, SOTG will put money in your pocket, but not enough to make you feel rich. There are better GPT apps out there, and we’ve made a list of our favorites.

If you’d like to earn more money taking paid surveys, we recommend joining not just SOTG, but also other reliable paid survey sites. This will ensure that you have extra cash coming in from multiple sources and puts a much more substantial sum in your pocket.

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