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Survey Compare Review: Is it Safe & Worth Your Time?

survey compare reviewLooking for a convenient way to access paid surveys from multiple survey sites? Survey Compare may be the solution you are looking for.

With Survey Compare, you get online surveys from various companies in one easy to access location. In theory, this eliminates the hassle of looking for paid surveys and lets you maximize your earning potential—but does it work this way in the real world? Or is it a Survey Compare scam?

In this Survey Compare review, we’ll answer those questions and explore what the platform is, how it works, and if you can make money on it.

About Survey Compare

Survey Compare is a website that gives you access to paid surveys from various market research companies in one location. The types of surveys you can access via the website vary in length, complexity, and value.

People who take paid surveys to make extra cash like Survey Compare because it makes it possible to connect with several other survey sites from one convenient location.

The site doesn’t provide any of the surveys on its platform. It instead compiles them from various sources, which is why the platform isn’t responsible for paying survey takers. It’s the actual owners of the surveys that pay survey takers and Survey Compare gets a commission.

Survey Compare is a subsidiary of Marketing VF Ltd, a UK company that started in 2009. It’s an award-winning company with a place on the INC 5000 Europe list and is also recognized as a fast-rising star in the tech industry.

While all this is great, it doesn’t answer the question of how and if you can make money on Survey Compare.

How Does the Site Work?

Most Survey Compare reviews agree that joining the platform is easy, albeit different from what you’d typically expect from a paid survey site.

Survey Compare has websites for various countries. To begin, you need to find the one that works in your country. For instance, those in the UK can sign up on SurveyCompareUK, while those in the US use the US version.

The next step in the signup process is to provide your age and gender. This information is used to determine what demographics you fall under and which surveys you’re qualified to take.

Be aware that signing up with Survey Compare doesn’t make you a member. It simply means that you’ve signed up to receive links to available surveys on other sites in your email.

Once signing up is complete, Survey Compare will show you a list of paid survey sites.

After selecting the paid survey sites you’d like to join, you’ll be shown how to sign up on them and set up your profile. Depending on the website, this will require your name, email address, and perhaps some other personal details.

Your profile on each website will then be screened to determine your eligibility to participate in their surveys. The process may take up to 15 minutes or longer but is an important part of the process. Without it, the website will be unable to assign you surveys that you are qualified to take.

What determines how much you can earn taking paid surveys are the websites you select—not Survey Compare. This is because the platform only connects you to paid survey sites and doesn’t actually give you surveys or pay you for them.

Some of the best-paying websites on Survey Compare are Survey Junkie and SwagBucks.

The paid survey sites you select will also determine the sort of activities, aside from online surveys you can participate in, to make money. For example, some of the websites let you earn cash by participating in product testing, focus groups, or by watching videos, using search engines, and more.

Note that not all the survey sites recommended by Survey Compare pay cash to survey-takers. Others reward survey-takers with gift cards or other rewards.

If your goal is to make money taking surveys, be sure to verify how a site offered by Survey Compare rewards survey takers before joining. Look into if the site pays with cash and/or gift cards, if there’s a referral program, and if you can receive payment via PayPal or check.

The entire sign up process is free, but some of the websites on Survey Compare’s list may require you to pay a fee to join them. This isn’t a problem since you can avoid such sites and opt to join others.

Now that we know how the platform works, the next question is if Survey Compare legit.

Is the Site Legit?

Most Survey Compare reviews agree that the website is legit, but don’t make the mistake of thinking SurveyCompare is like every other paid survey site simply because it looks like one.

Unlike paid survey sites that recruit members to take surveys and participate in market research, Survey Compare recruits members for survey sites and gets paid a commission for its efforts. In short, it’s a middleman.

Since using it is free, there’s no reason to consider it a scam, but is using it worth it?

You can make extra money with the help of Survey Compare, but not so much that it feels like you’ve gained something special. You definitely won’t earn enough to quit your day job or live large, but it might be enough to help you afford some little pleasures.

As I’ve said, Survey Compare doesn’t determine how much you can earn. It’s the sites providing the surveys that determine this.

You might run into issues, such as some of the paid survey sites disqualifying you from completing a survey after you’ve already started. When this happens, you won’t get paid, and you can’t go crying to Survey Compare since it didn’t provide you with the survey.

Looking through other Survey Compare reviews, I came across some complaints, such as:

  • Using the website triggers alerts on systems that have an antivirus installed. The most common alerts are reports of adware and tracker threats. These alerts might be caused by malicious programs on Survey Compare or one of the paid survey sites it leads to.
  • Even though Survey Compare provides you access to several paid survey sites, receiving invites to partake in surveys is still rare. If this happens to you, it may be because of the demographic you fall under. You will only receive survey invites if you fall within the demographic the survey is designed to gain insights from.

So, yes, you can make money taking surveys via Survey Compare, but what you can earn using the platform isn’t any better than what you can make applying to survey sites directly.

The Good and the Bad

Our Survey Compare review won’t be complete without providing you with the pros and cons of the platform.


  • The website’s design is clutter-free and user-friendly. This makes navigating the site easy and convenient.
  • Survey Compare is upfront about how much you can earn using its platform. This is great and unlike other middlemen survey sites that exaggerate and try to upsell.
  • Most of the websites listed on Survey Compare are vetted and legitimate.
  • Using Survey Compare is free, which means you have nothing to lose by trying out the website.


  • The amount you can earn using Survey Compare doesn’t make using the platform worth the effort. All in all, using the platform offers no real value.
  • You have to undergo a different signup and screening process with each paid survey site you join from Survey Compare.

Final Thoughts

Survey Compare can be useful in having an easier time with finding paid surveys since it gathers various options from various sources on its website, but it’s all pointless if the convenience of using the website doesn’t contribute to improving your earnings from survey sites.

If you are willing to search for paid survey sites that pay well and offer a steady stream of surveys, you can join them directly and don’t need to go through the trouble of joining Survey Compare.

This is even more so when you consider that after joining Survey Compare, you still have to sign up on the survey sites it links you to.

You might as well cut out the middleman and go straight to the source.

Sure, Survey Compare is legit and doesn’t upsell itself or the services it offers, but using it to get paid surveys, in my opinion, doesn’t seem to be worth it. In fact, it feels like just adding extra and unnecessary steps to the process of getting paid surveys. So we don’t recommend it, just like we didn’t recommend BigSpot.

So, should you join Survey Compare?

You can. But it’s not necessary and may not be worth it in the long run if your goal is to earn as much as possible by taking online surveys.

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