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SolGreen Introduces New Solar Charging Table Announces Investment Funding Round

SolGreen Introduces New Solar Charging Table Announces Investment Funding Round

SolGreen Introduces a New Solar Charging Table to their existing solar table product line and announces Series B Funding Round

Online PR News – 24-September-2016 – SolGreen Solutions, innovators of the safest outdoor off-grid solar power systems (a product commercially coined as the solar table) today announced the launch of their most economical solar table yet, the SolGreen Volt. The newest addition to the SolGreen product line is a lightweight, ADA compliant, and fully customizable solar-powered charging station designed to comfortably seat two users on a sleek stainless steel and aluminum frame. The Volt provides solar power charging for six USB supported devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, portable media players, e-readers and cameras. Built to last, the Volt incorporates durable stainless steel and aluminum tabletops, frame and multi-battery storage capacity for continuous power with virtually no downtime. Additional features of the new SolGreen Volt include automatic day/night sensing LED lighting, Wi-Fi hotspots, iPad-based kiosks, and scrolling LED displays. The SolGreen Volt arrives pre-wired for quick installation in less than two hours. SolGreen Volt prices start at $8,000 including shipping (U.S).

The Volt joins the companys core product line, the larger capacity SolGreen Evodia Solar Table that was released in 2014. Built around requirements that ensure quality, user safety, and optimal performance, the Evodia remains the safest and most durable outdoor solar table on the market today. Its key features include a dynamic one-of a-kind canopy design and a patented Intelligent Rain Sensing Device (IRSD) that automatically shuts down power during wet or heavy rainfall (to safeguard users against electric shock during bad weather conditions) and automatically restores power to outlets once dry (safe) conditions are met. SolGreen has been recognized for its patented technology that increases user safety and reduces liability for customers while offering energy savings and enhancing outdoor social gathering spaces across the nation. Concurrently, the company partnered with Ameresco Solar earlier this year to manufacture the Evodia Solar Table. Pairing SolGreen with one of the largest solar manufacturers in the United States. This partnership successfully streamlined SolGreens manufacturing process to ensure their products are always a step above the rest and meet demands of the customer.

Currently Evodia Solar Tables continue to be installed on campuses nationwide including: Michigan State University, Bowie State University, Georgia Southern University, Pima Community College, Howard Community College, Dallas Community College, and upcoming installations at Florida International University in Miami. Additionally, the SolGreen Evodia has been internationally accepted with products installed at universities in Vancouver and Alberta, Canada. The SolGreen Evodia seats four (or three plus ADA wheelchair accessibility) and provides 110V of power charging for four standard power outlets and four USB plug-in charging outlets. Offering virtually no downtime with 24 hours of 100 percent solar energy to power portable devices (mobile phones, laptops, tablets, portable media players, e-readers, etc.). The Evodia arrives pre-wired for quick installation in less than two hours. SolGreen Evodia Solar Table prices start at $13,884 including shipping (U.S.) and onsite professional installation assistance.

SolGreen Announcement of 2016 Funding Round

SolGreen is announcing a Series B round of funding (complying with general solicitation and Title II of the JOBS Act), to reach maximum product growth over the next five years. Funding round began Fall 2016, and is set to end by the first quarter of 2017. From 2014-2016 SolGreen successfully introduced their dynamic solar products to the mainstream and have doubled revenue with each passing year. The companys Series B will be offering up to 5M shares of C-Stock to expand on this growth. With ongoing research in the development of Solar Car Charging Stations and a new commercial line of solar tables, SolGreen is positioned to remain leaders in the worldwide energy revolution.

SolGreen Solutions Corporation was founded in 2009, a privately held DE registered corporation and is the maker of the first US Patented commercially and internationally accepted outdoor solar charging table. Their products include the Evodia Solar Table as a standalone table or customized with three or four ADA attached chairs starting at $13,884 and the lightweight Volt Solar Table with seating for two, starting at $8,000. Both pair grid-free solar power charging into welcoming designs that cultivates social gathering spaces to re-invent how customers may modernize existing outdoor spaces to meet the energy needs of everyday users to power portable devices while sitting outdoors.

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“Were thrilled to add the new cost-efficient and lightweight Volt to our expanding product line, states Matthew Portis, Solgreen Founder and CEO All of our products are fully customizable and comes with our trusted guarantee to provide aesthetically pleasing, safe and durable solar tables that meet the demands of over one hundred thousand facilities of private and public education institutions nationwide who want to invest in their outdoor real-estate by offering students and faculty a safe durable solar table to power portable devices with 100% grid free solar power, anytime and anyplace.”

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