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Savvy Connect Review — Is It a Safe Way to Earn?

savvyconnect reviewThere’s no such thing as something for nothing. Nothing is free in this world anymore, right? Anyone that thinks otherwise is either naïve or about to scam you. That’s why if someone were to offer us what is virtually free money, we’d be highly skeptical of it.

It’s also why our scam detectors were on high alert when we stumbled upon this app called Savvy Connect. It basically promises to give you money just for installing it on your phone or computer.

Sounds too good to be true. We’ll see if that’s the case as we delve deep into one of the more revealing SavvyConnect reviews on the web!

About SavvyConnect

Savvy Connect is a behavioral and market research app that pays you for basically doing nothing. Well, by nothing, we mean there is no added effort on your part. It works in the background and tracks your web browsing for the purposes of market research. You get paid depending on how long you have the app installed on your phone or computer.

Launched in 2009, Savvy Connect is an extension of the survey site Survey Savvy. The latter is actually an early pioneer in the paid survey site scene, having existed since 1999. Both apps are made by Luth Research LLC, a leading market research company that has been operating for the past 35 years.

This is a silent but invasive app that sits quietly on your computer. We say invasive not in the “virus that wipes out your hard drive” sense, but because it is actively watching what you’re doing. It tracks the websites you visit and derives market data from your browsing behavior.

The good news is that there is no added action on your part to earn money after you have the app installed. This makes it a somewhat truly passive income generation app. The longer you keep it installed on your phone or computer, the more you will earn. However, you also need to be using this device regularly, or else it won’t pay as much.

Aside from this, the Savvy Connect app also acts as a hub for all your survey invitations from Survey Savvy. This is an added value to get you to use Savvy Connect but isn’t really required to answer their surveys.

It pays an average of $5 per month as long as you have it installed, or $60 if you allow the app to be there for a full year. You can install it on multiple devices to earn even more. However, note that there is a three-device limit per user. This means the maximum you can receive from Savvy Connect is $180 a year.

Now, with invasive software such as this, there is, of course, the problem of privacy. The company assures users that their data will only be used for market research purposes. To this end, they have a strict privacy policy in place.

In addition, Savvy Connect also respects your browser’s Incognito Mode. This means that if you wish to browse privately, the app will respect your wishes. It will stop collecting data while you’re in private browsing mode.

It would be comforting for you know that Savvy Connect doesn’t necessarily track your every move. What it does is collect general trends by combining all the individual data into one big file. So no, they don’t keep a detailed account of your browsing history (at least, that’s what they claim).

Unlike other similar paid apps, Savvy Connect does not use PayPal or any online payment portal. It instead mails the check directly to you, which is why only those living in the US are eligible. You need to reach a small minimum of $1 to be able to cash out, which is pretty reasonable.

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How Does the Site Work?

To use Savvy Connect, you first need to register for a Survey Savvy account. Doing so will also give you access to surveys you can answer, so this is good if you’re interested in that as well. The account is free to create, and is available for anyone, anywhere in the world.

You’ll need to provide your email address and other necessary details. Afterward, you’ll be taken to a Consent Form. This tells you upfront how Savvy Connect collects your data, and where it will be used. By agreeing to this, you’re giving them permission to do all of this.

If you’re iffy with any of the details, we suggest you don’t proceed. Else, accept the terms and click on the signup button to complete your registration.

After you’re registered, you’ll then need to download and install Savvy Connect to your device. You can choose from either an iOS or Android app for mobile phones, or a web browser extension on your desktop and laptop. Almost all popular web browsers are supported, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Pick the one appropriate for you and follow the instructions on how to properly install it—and that’s it.

Now all you need to do is use your device regularly to browse the web. The app or extension works quietly in the background, recording your behavioral data. To earn the maximum amount possible, you need to use that device regularly and always keep it up to date when prompted for a software update.

If you browse some sites that are sensitive in nature, you can turn on your browser’s private or incognito mode. Fortunately, the Savvy Connect app respects this and will stop collecting data once you do. It works well and recognizes private browsing on all major browsers.

Take note, however, that the Savvy Connect app sees private mode as “inactive time.” If you use it often, you’ll be seen as not using your device often enough, which may hurt your earnings.

The Savvy Connect app uses a currency called incentives to keep track of your rewards. For keeping the app on your devices alone, you’ll get a maximum of $5 per month per device, up to a limit of three devices. This caps your monthly earnings at $15. It’s not much, but hey, you’re getting it for free and for doing basically nothing.

Once you’ve gained enough incentives, you can exchange this for real cash. The minimum payout amount is $1. Unlike other sites that use PayPal, Savvy Connect will send you an actual check via registered mail. As a user of the app, though, it will take just a week for you to receive your payment, compared to the more than 4-week turnaround time for normal Survey Savvy users.

You’ll also receive survey invitations from Survey Savvy within the Savvy Connect app. In fact, just by having the app installed, you’ll get more surveys than a Survey Savvy member who doesn’t. This allows you to earn more incentives and is the only way to break through your $15 limit.

Is the Site Legit?

Probably the most critical question this SavvyConnect review needs to answer is whether the site is legit.

To check if this site is legit or not, we first verified the Savvy Connect reviews and rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is a reputable website that checks if companies are following sound business practices or not. Their ratings are based on several factors, including the number of complaints and how they conduct their business.

Upon checking, Savvy Connect’s parent company, Luth Research, has an A+ rating with the BBB, which is the highest attainable. This is a good indication that they are indeed a legitimate website and not a scam.

The BBB also collects Savvy Connect reviews from actual customers. Most of the complaints indicate that some people had trouble getting paid the proper amount. Others didn’t get paid at all. Another common complaint is that it makes their devices slower than usual.

The most overwhelming issue with users, though, is the uneasy feeling that their online activities are being monitored.

However, to their credit, the company has responded to most of these complaints on the BBB website. Some errors in payment were due to the user being in an unsupported country. Most were due to some technical glitches. Savvy Connect, in good faith, still credited the amount due to these users.

This, we think, is yet another strong indication of their legit business practices.

There were also positive Savvy Connect reviews that praised how you really can earn passively with the app. These same users also reported a generally pleasant experience, with no phone or computer slowdowns being reported.


  • It’s truly passive income: One of Savvy Connect’s main pros is that it’s a real passive income opportunity. You don’t need to do anything extra apart from installing the app. This edges out similar apps such as QuickThoughts in our book.
  • They have a strict privacy policy: For one thing, Savvy Connect is pretty transparent on how it collects your data, and what they will do with it after.
  • Respects private browsing: It was a good move on Savvy Connect’s part to allow incognito mode on your browser. This allows you those small pockets of private browsing time without having to install/uninstall the app.


  • There’s a limit to what you can earn (and it’s slow): Unfortunately, the amount of money you can earn on the platform is capped at $180 per year.
  • It can slow your devices down: A lot of users have reported that Savvy Connect has a significant potential to slow down your phone or desktop.
  • The feeling of being watched: Probably the biggest drawback with Savvy Connect is that feeling that someone is watching you closely. It’s the main reason why a lot of people are skeptical of using this app.

Final Thoughts

This Savvy Connect review has taken a look at this seemingly controversial app, and if it is safe for you and your privacy. First, we can say that the app is totally legit. It’s backed by a reputable company with years in business, and it does pay out its users as expected.

However, what’s not 100% verified is how they actually use your browsing data. At this point, we’re taking Savvy Connect’s word that they only use it for market research purposes and not selling it to a third party.

Nevertheless, this Savvy Connect review recommends this app as an effortless way to earn — but only if you don’t mind being monitored.

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