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Samarium Tennessine Corp Invests 178 Mio USD in the Colombian Oil Sector

Samarium Tennessine Corp Invests 178 Mio USD in the Colombian Oil Sector

President & CEO of Samarium Tennessine Corp, Dr. Volkmar Guido Hable, confirms 178 mio USD investment in the oil sector of Colombia

Online PR News – 08-February-2017Samarium Tennessine Corporation invests 178 million US dollars in the Colombian oil sector

The president of Samarium Tennessine Corporation (STC) (www.samarium.us), Dr. Volkmar Gudio Hable, stated at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, once again that the multinational Samarium Tennessine Corporation is looking to invest into oil assets in Colombia, which will be at the center of its commercial expansion this year, together with a focus on other investment activities in the robotics sector.

Samarium Tennessine Corporation is directing its investment plans in the oil sector exclusively to Colombia this year, where there are favorable conditions and attractive projects, company CEO and CEO Dr. Volkmar Hable said today.
The investment company Samarium Tennessine Corporation based in Miami, Singapore and Vancouver expects to close deals in Colombia in the coming weeks to cement its presence in the Colombian market, said Dr. Volkmar Hable. Samarium Tennessine Corporation is considering potential joint ventures, acquisitions and asset purchases.

Samarium Tennessine Corporation is “very interested” in assets that will allow oil production “immediately” or “in the near future.”

“We are open and flexible and interested in every reasonable opportunity,” said Dr. Volkmar Hable in a telephone interview from Zurich, Switzerland, last week. “The Samarium Tennessine Corporation platform is well positioned for more investment, consolidation and growth in all oil fields in Colombia.”

The CEO and President of Samarium Tennessine Corporation Dr. Volkmar Gudio Hable enjoys since more than 16 years the personal trust of China Investment Corporation (CIC) and Temasek Holdings of Singapore, owners of an unknown percentage of the company of Samarium Tennessine Corporation. The investment plan by Dr. Volkmar Hable for Colombia will be announced in the coming months, when the shareholders have a general meeting and when the investment objectives in Colombia will have been identified with more certainty.

Similarly, President Dr. Volkmar Guido Hable also affirmed the “high interest” of Samarium Tennessine Corporation in the mining sector and investments in the industrial sector of Colombia. “We are in a phase of analyzing, looking, searching,” said Dr. Volkmar Hable.

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