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Remote Work: What it Means To Work Remotely (And How It Makes You Happier)

Interested in remote work? Learn what it really means to work remotely (and how it can make you happier).Remote work. It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot lately. And, it’s something you might be interested in. You may have even heard that it can lead to greater happiness. Spoiler alert: It’s true! 

But before we get into the happiness factor of telecommuting, let’s look at what remote work really is. 

What is Remote Work? 

Generally speaking, remote work is any work you can do — remotely! That is, you can work from a place that’s located away from everyone else. Some companies are fully distributed — all of their employees work from a remote location. Other companies are remote-friendly — some of their employees work in office and others work remotely. 

Does Remote Work Mean I Get To Work From Home? 

You bet! Some companies, like Buffer, InVision, and Automattic, even let you work from anywhere. So, you can choose to set up shop in Starbucks or Sri Lanka — wherever it is you feel most productive and comfortable.

But most remote workers tend to work from their home offices. 

How Is Remote Work Different Than A Traditional In-Office Job? 

The main difference is you don’t have a daily commute! Instead, you have a 10-second walk down your hallway. No need to hop in the car to get to the office every morning.  

With remote work, you also get to create your own workspace instead of holing up in a cubicle for 8+ hours a day. 

Plus, you won’t have daily in-person interactions with coworkers. Email, phone, and instant message will be your go-to for communicating and collaborating with colleagues. 

Other than that, there’s not a lot that changes. You still have daily work responsibilities. There will be plenty of emails and projects to work on. At the end of the day, you still have deadlines and assignments you need to complete. You’ll probably even have a boss to answer to. 

Remember, a remote job is just like an in-office job. The only difference is you’re working remotely instead of in the office.

What Does It Take To Become A Remote Worker? 

Take it from someone who’s been working remotely for the better part of a decade — it takes a lot of self-discipline to be a remote worker. 

After all, you won’t have a boss or manager hovering over your shoulder to micromanage your tme. Instead, you’re in charge of your day and need to make every minute count. 

If you choose to work from home as a remote worker, that can lead to a very tempting (and distracting) work environment. There’s Netflix. Your cat. A neighbor who drops by unannounced. Did I mention the call of your warm bed on a chilly winter’s morning? 

These can all derail the productivity of even the most dedicated remote workers. Be sure you’ve got the discipline and determination to make working from home work before you pursue remote work! 

What Skills Do I Need For Remote Work? 

That largely depends on the type of remote work you’re after. Just like office jobs, there are career-specific skills you’ll need to get hired as a remote worker. 

But, generally speaking, there are some skills and traits that are highly sought after in remote workers. These include things like written communication, self-discipline, and being tech savvy. After all, most of your work will be completed using tech and various apps and software so being able to navigate your way around the internet and programs is a must.

If you think your current skills are lacking, don’t panic. You can always learn a new remote-friendly skill that makes it easier to find a work from home job.

Can Remote Work Really Make Me Happier? 

There are a lot of perks that come with remote work. No commute. Money saved on gas. Extra time in the A.M. 

And don’t forget happiness! 

I didn’t name my blog Work From Home Happiness for any reason. Studies show that time and time again remote workers are happy workers. It’s true. 

According to a Stanford professor, working from home — works! How so: 

  • 13.5 percent of remote workers are more efficient than their office working counterparts
  • Home-based employees were 9 percent more engaged 
  • Retention rates were 50% better 
  • The majority reported higher job satisfaction

Maybe it’s the lack of commute. Perhaps it’s the added time. It might even be the extra money in the bank. Whatever ‘it’ is, remote workers = happy workers. And that’s something I can definitely get behind. 

Get Ready For Remote Work 

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