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PointClub Review 2019 — Paid Survey Site Update

point club reviewLooking to make some extra money with an online side hustle? Paid surveys are a great way to make some money online with minimal effort.

The problem is that the popularity of these sites has led to widespread scams, and it’s hard to sort out the good sites from the bad. You really must consider factors like earnings potential, user-friendliness, payment processing, and availability of surveys, before settling on a particular paid survey site.

We came across PointClub, and in this unbiased and honest PointClub review, decided to check it out, and determine if it’s worth your time and effort. We’ll examine the earnings potential, how it works, if it’s legit, and also break down all the good (and the bad) about the site.

PointClub Review — About This Paid Survey Site

PointClub is a paid survey website that compensates its members for completing online surveys and various micro get-paid-to tasks.

They are owned and operated by Innovate Market Research and have been on the scene since 2015. This parent company also operates iPoll. The company is headquartered in Encino, California, with offices all over the US and India.

According to their website, they aim to provide the “the best online surveys for getting paid,” and to make them “fun and easy” to complete. Surveys can pay up to $5, and they run a daily $10 giveaway.

Participants must be 18 or older to participate in the platform. PointClub is suitable for residents of the US, UK, Canada, most countries in Europe, Brazil, and Mexico, among others. However, it is open to residents of all nations.

Payment cash out is via PayPal, prepaid debit/credit cards, movie vouchers, and gift cards.

How Does PointClub Work?

PointClub has a simple operating model – complete online surveys and get paid. As their motto goes, “you give your opinion, we give you money.” They also have micro-tasks and giveaways, which can boost your income on the site, but the main cash cow is taking surveys. Each $1 equals 1,000 points.

You’ll need to sign up on the PointClub website. At this juncture, you will automatically get a $5 sign up bonus, an excellent point that generates many positive PointClub reviews. You’ll also need to fill in your Survey profile, which must be honest and accurate.

Surveys typically take between 5-30 minutes, and you can earn, on average, 500-5,000 points per study.

The site also offers daily streak bonus points for logging into your PointClub account every day.  New members are encouraged to log in daily to increase the percentage of their streak bonuses by improving their status on the site. Earning a streak bonus does not require taking a survey—just logging in.

You can also “like” their Facebook page to participate in their daily sweepstakes. There are daily 10,000 points ($10) on offer. Only residents of the US, Canada, UK, Japan, and some European countries are eligible.

You may also earn extra points by playing games, taking contests, participating in polls, and watching videos on the site.

Payment is via PayPal, prepaid Visa cards, or gift cards for well-known brands such as Walmart, Uber, Target, TGI Friday’s, and many more.

Be aware that there are pending points and approved points on your account. You can only cash out approved points, and at a minimum of 25,000 points equivalent to $25. This has been a primary source of negative PointClub reviews online.

PointClub Surveys Reviews — Is This Site Legit?

PointClub is legit. They are a pretty young company in the realm of survey panels as they’ve only been around for four years.

They are listed on the Better Business Bureau website with a poor NR rating, and on TrustPilot with a 46% approval rating from 16 users. As the company is young and growing, there are bound to be complaints from members, but they need to keep an eye on these complaints to improve their online reputation.

PointClub also has done a great job of engaging their members through posts on their social media accounts, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Typically, scam outfits avoid such exposure and interaction with members.

Here are some recent comments about PointClub from verified members on trusted review sites:

 “It takes way too long to get paid on this site! The points that you acquire from each survey must be manually approved by someone who works there. The process is extremely slow! I had surveys points pending for months before I got credit. It also takes way to long to reach the $25.00 minimum…” – Cinny Libra on TrustPilot. September 2, 2019.

“…In general, I’m able to complete surveys. The problem is, it takes a long time to get credited for taking them. As of this writing, I have 60,000 some points ‘pending.’ I’ve also yet to get the $50 in PayPal cash I redeemed…” – Brian (USA) on Survey Police. September 15, 2019.

PointClub Reviews — The Good and the Bad


  • PointClub surveys are abundant, available, and of higher quality. You can earn up to $5 per survey, and spend a maximum of 30 minutes filling in one study. This time investment is not a bad considering some sites may pay only $0.50 per survey.
  • They pay a high sign-up bonus. New members get $5 upon successful sign-up. You also get bonus points for connecting your PointClub account to Google and Facebook.
  • The site is well designed and easy to use. Members have a simple and effective interface with which to work. All available surveys appear on the dashboard, making it easy to fill in.
  • This survey panel is free to join.
  • PointClub will give you 12 points should you try a survey and get disqualified, and we give them bonus points for this consideration in this PointClub review.
  • They have a fast and efficient payment processing period. Receive cash and rewards via email within 72 hours (3 days) of cashing out.
  • The 10,000-point daily giveaway and various get-paid-to tasks are all opportunities to boost your income on the site besides taking surveys.
  • PointClub put a lot of thought into generating honest answers from participants. They have put in measures to spot anyone who tries to “game the system” by speeding through surveys with vague answers. This action protects the integrity of the site and its members.
  • The PointClub website is optimized for mobile devices.
  • The customer service department is responsive and attentive to the needs of members.


  • The payout threshold of $25 is too high. You will have to accumulate 25,000 points to reach this threshold.
  • Qualifying for the surveys is not easy. It will take you longer to earn money on this site.
  • Cashing out is not as easy as it seems. Users have reported that it gets harder to qualify for surveys and earn points as you approach the cash out threshold of $25. This occurrence has left users feeling demoralized.
  • The site can deactivate your PointClub account at any time and without any reasons given.
  • PointClub does not have a mobile app.

Final Thoughts

Based on our PointClub review, we feel that although there is potential to earn some cash on the site— don’t expect to receive more than $25-$40 per month.

You may not qualify for every survey, but as you progress with your membership, the likelihood of being matched with a suitable study increases.  You may also earn money by partaking in get-paid-to activities such as playing games or watching videos.

Just don’t give up your day job or other income-generating activities online! It takes quite a while to reach the cash out threshold of $25 worth of points, so you’ll have to take a lot of surveys to get real value.

Also, customer service needs to up their game a little bit. The company is only four years old and needs to be mindful of their reputation if they wish to attract quality and seasoned survey takers. We feel that PointClub is a legit site with lots of potential and suitable for earning a little extra money.

Do you have any PointClub reviews to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below.

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