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PaidClub.org Review: Is It Worth Your Time? 

paid club reviewSince many survey sites claim to be viable and reliable sources of income, it can be challenging to choose one that it is worth your time.

The survey site PaidClub.org claims that participants on their website can earn up to $100 by completing surveys. Although this claim is simultaneously red-flag-triggering and mouth-watering, a lot of online users (and reviewers) have interesting opinions and perspectives about this website.

They claim that it is a shady site and rarely delivers on the promises it makes to potential participants.

To get to the bottom of this accusation, in this PaidClub.org review, we’ll look closely at the evidence that suggests that Paid Club isn’t trustworthy. But first, let’s examine a few things about the site, such as its history, offerings, credibility, and lastly, modus operandi.

About PaidClub.org

PaidClub.org is a company that conducts market research for companies looking to get valuable information about consumer purchasing trends, product response, and more.

They claim to be an online survey aggregator that matches members with the best paying surveys. They also claim that they’ll pay you $100 for completing surveys. We’ll examine the facts to see whether they indeed pay up to that.

Paid Club reviews reveal that the site was created anonymously on February 13, 2017, through the domain name company, Namecheap.com. Beyond this, there isn’t much online about the company.

When you sign up for membership, though, you will redirect to poll.surveyvoiceresearch.com, which is a survey site (Survey Voice) overseen by Reward Zone USA LLC. Their affiliation with Survey Voice research is confirmed by similar design elements such as the website templates and footer disclaimer.

This point alone is a bit of a red flag. Why does a reputable site need to redirect users to another domain associated with a different survey site to register for their service?

How the Site Works

Paid Club works as a membership site. They require prospective members to sign-up to get surveys sent to their inboxes. They also require that participants be 18 years of age or older. Although they operate as a membership site, they don’t charge a fee to join, but they do require a valid email address as well as general demographic info.

When you first land on the website, a colorful infographic clearly outlines the sign-up process. This is good as it makes for a positive user experience. However, you’ll spot another red flag in the sparseness of the website.

The website feels empty as there is almost no information present apart from the ‘subscribe’ and ‘sign-up’ buttons, and the colorful infographic. Even the privacy policy hyperlink isn’t clickable. The site sends a sign-up-or-leave vibe— definitely not a feeling of legitimacy.

So, Is the Site Legit?

No. The evidence suggests this site is unlikely to be legit.

While the site is well designed, it is also spammy. They don’t give you information on their homepage or website; instead, they will redirect you to other websites which may or may not be trustworthy. Unlike many other sites that have ‘About’ sections, ‘FAQs’ sections, and so on, this website has none of that, and that’s pretty suspicious to us.

It has also been mentioned that they only end up collecting people’s information and then selling them to third parties.

Another issue is that there isn’t any reference to an overseeing body. This means that they operate with complete anonymity — anonymity is synonymous with irresponsibility. If an organization refuses to disclose the identities of those who run it, their credibility is questionable.

Why they chose to remain anonymous remains a mystery, but it doesn’t improve the negative image caused by their anonymity.

They also don’t disclose any information regarding the vetted survey companies they redirect their users to. They use social media advertising and influencer marketing to lure users to sign-up only to acquire their data and then sell them to third parties.

All this on top of all this, there’s the claim that you can make as much as $100 by completing surveys, but as anyone who knows anything about online surveys knows, the probability of earning so much for a single survey is exceptionally low.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Reward Zone USA has an average customer rating of two stars, and it is not recommended to trust a business with less than four stars. Their BBB rating is a B-.

Even worse, they have over 299 customer complaints, several of which remain unresolved. A company that ignores customer feedback and interactions subtly shows that they don’t care about their users, and this reduces their credibility.


An Honest Look


In this Paid Club review, we’ll examine some of the pros and cons of the site, highlighting the things they did right and other things that they didn’t. While there seem to be no positive aspects of this survey site, there are actually some things that they do well. For instance:

  • Although it is sparse and somewhat empty, the home page is well designed. This makes for engaged users who easily understand the site’s offerings and proposition.
  • They reach a large audience through social media advertising and influencer marketing. This is why they’re so popular.


There are a lot of disadvantages. The main one being their anonymity. They are not upfront about their compensation, but there are some other issues as well:

  • Exaggerated statements about earnings, such as “earn up to $100 completing surveys.” They don’t guarantee that one will make up to that, but they also don’t suggest that one may make less than the proposed amount. This is misleading.
  • Redirection of users to spammy websites, especially the one they seem to be affiliated with.
  • Less-than-reputable mode of advertising. They partner with influencers to promote their sites. This is why they are popular, despite their dubiousness.
  • They also use social media to promote their site even though they aren’t trustworthy

Final Thoughts

No evidence in this and other Paid Club reviews suggest that this website is worthwhile as there doesn’t seem to be a positive review anywhere in sight. Thus, unfortunately, we must confirm the initial assertion that this site is a scam, just like Part Survey. They might not necessarily steal your money or identity, but they surely will waste your time.

This conclusion isn’t uncommon with middlemen survey aggregators, as often, the only person actually earning is the middleman in the form of referral compensation. You’re much better off finding trustworthy survey sites and signing up to those platforms directly.

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