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Opinion City Review | Too Many Red Flags to Trust

opinion city reviewsLooking for a place where you can find all the high paying surveys you want?

Opinion City claims to be just such a place, but is this claim true or just another dead-end El Dorado promise? To be more specific, is this a scam?

It’d be nice if the claim is true. Because if it is, you’ll no longer have to spend hours scouring the internet for good survey sites, when you can get all you need on Opinion City.

To help you figure out if this platform is the real deal, our Opinion City review will tell you everything you need to know about what Opinion City is, how it works, and if it’s legit.

About Opinion City

Paid survey sites are typically run by market research companies that are trying to gather data on consumers and how they feel about certain products/services. The data is then used by brands to improve their products and create effective marketing strategies.

Opinion City Survey reviews agree that this platform isn’t a paid survey site, and it has nothing to do with market research. Instead, it’s a website that directs you to real paid survey websites where you can get paid surveys.

Information on Opinion Survey’s background is scarce, even on its own website. If you carry out a WHOIS domain report on OpinionCity, you’ll discover that the platform has an office in Illinois, USA and that it was registered in 2007 by A&A Marketing.

My visit to Opinion City took me to a simple landing page where I found a list of popular and unpopular market research companies. By signing up on Opinion City, you’ll be able to click on any of these market research companies, which will then direct you to that company’s paid survey site.

Basically, Opinion City is a middleman that recommends paid survey sites that you can visit to make money. Since Opinion City doesn’t itself provide any surveys, do not expect to get any rewards or any form of compensation from them directly.

Also, if you sign up on any of the websites on Opinion City, and they don’t pay you for their surveys you’ve completed, don’t bother complaining to Opinion City. The platform has no control or influence over the sites it recommends. All it does is connect you with paid survey opportunities, and maybe profits from your use through online referrals.

Based on the above information, Opinion Survey may not look promising, but before you decide the platform isn’t for you, let’s see what else our Opinion City review reveals, starting with how the website works.

How Does the Site Work?

I don’t trust sites that upsell or straight up lie about what they can do for you. Opinion City claims you can earn $500 a month using it. This sounds too good to be true, which means it probably is, but let’s explore this a bit more.

To clarify, Opinion City is not a paid survey site. It is nothing more than a middleman that connects you with market research companies and paid survey sites.

How much you can earn using the platform depends on if you can qualify to join the sites on the platform. There’s also the issue of if you’ll qualify for the surveys on those sites.

The good news is joining Opinion Survey is free, which makes experimenting with the website a fairly risk-free venture. After completing the signup process on the platform, you’ll be able to access three options for making money online.

These options are:

  • Remunerated surveys: This gives you access to surveys from paid survey sites. Note that the sites are a rich mix of legit and not-so-legit websites. If you accept survey invites from these sites, you’ll have to register on the website hosting the survey before you can proceed. Some of the websites will ask for your credit card information as part of the signup process. Avoid such sites at all costs.
  • Coupons and gifts: This option lets you earn discounts and rebates for shopping online. You’ll receive invites to join discount sites that’ll grant you cashback for shopping via them. Some of the sites, like Ebates and Ibotta, are legitimate, but I can’t vouch for the others.
  • Job offers: Of all the options available on Opinion Survey, this is the one that’ll set alarm bells ringing in your head. To partake, you have to pay. Feedback from those who attempted this activity state that they got nothing in return for their investment. Others state that the reward they got was far below what they invested.

You need to understand that you can access all the legit paid survey sites that Opinion City claims to give you access to for free on your own. What Opinion City is offering you is the convenience of being able to access such websites and their surveys from a single platform.

Is this convenience worth what Opinion City takes in return and should you trust the site? The answer to this depends on if Opinion City is legit.


Is the Site Legit?

As a platform that allows you to access various paid survey sites, Opinion City is legit, but there’s more to it. Many Opinion City reviews agree that the website is one to be wary of.


Even though the platform lets you join for free, several red flags give good reason not to trust Opinion City.

For instance, Opinion City has no clear owner or company information available. It’s all vague and suspicious. It also means there’s no one to contact if you’re having issues with the platform. The only useful background information is it is run by A&A Marketing, a company with loads of negative reviews.

If the parent company, A&A Marketing, is not trustworthy, it seems illogical to expect the apple to fall far from the tree.

Another red flag is Opinion City doesn’t exist on the BBB (Better Business Bureau). It’s one thing if a company is unaccredited on BBB, but not being registered at all on the platform is cause for concern

Opinion City also has a bad habit of pressuring its visitors to join its recommended sites, offering classic car-salesman sales tactics such as “join now—only a few slots left!” This is a blatant lie and nothing more than a gimmick to get you to join those sites so that Opinion City can get its referral bonus or commission.

It’s an off-putting and unprofessional tactic.

The king of all the red flags, though, is what happens to the information you provide when signing up on Opinion City. Your information is shared with faceless companies who will then proceed to bombard you with every flavor of spam.

In spite of all these, some people still claim to make money from the surveys they get via Opinion City. You can try it yourself to find out, but you’ll probably be better off skipping the middleman and getting your paid surveys directly from their source.


Based on our research for this Opinion City review, the only pros worth noting about the site is that it’s free to join and that it gives you access to various survey sites in one comfortable location.


In exchange for the convenience of using the platform to find paid surveys, you’ll have to put up with the following cons:

  • Anonymous owner and no contact information. Website owners usually hide their identity if they are up to something shady. Since the owner is anonymous, there’s no one to hold accountable if something goes wrong.
  • Manipulative tactics. Opinion City excels at upselling its benefits and trying to pressure you to take action by creating a sense of urgency to join its recommended survey sites. It’s a frequent gimmick on the site that quickly becomes annoying.
  • False testimonials. As part of its upselling tactic, Opinion City is filled with unbelievable testimonials.
  • Questionable sites. Opinion City recommends some legit paid survey sites, but the rest of the sites are scam sites trying to either steal your information, credit card details, or get you to deposit money.
  • Lies about earnings potential. Never trust a paid survey site ad that says, “Make $500 per day doing online surveys…” It’s the worst type of lie, and you’re better off walking away.

Final Thoughts

Some Opinion City reviews insist that you can earn substantial cash via the platform. Even if this is true, for me, all the platform’s red flags outweigh its benefits.

You don’t get surveys from Opinion City. The platform simply leads you to websites where you can get paid surveys. Most of the sites recommended by the platform can’t be trusted, but you won’t know this until you’ve filled a survey and it’s too late.

Making money via the platform is possible, but if you want to stay safe while hustling as a paid survey taker, we’ll give you the same advice regarding PaidSurveysAtHome, it’s probably best that you skip this middleman and apply directly to reputable paid survey sites.

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