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Numina Group Announces the Release of a Full Featured Warehouse Management System, WMS

Numina Group Announces the Release of a Full Featured Warehouse Management System, WMS

We expand the functionality of our Real-time Distribution RDS WES-WCS order fulfillment automation software by integrating the Ehrhardt + Partner, E+P LFS.wms.

Online PR News – 05-October-2016 – Provider of warehouse and distribution order fulfillment automation, design and engineering services, Numina Group, announces the release of a highly advanced and tightly integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS).

RDS+ LFS.wms provides a proven solution backed by a worldwide leader in Warehouse Management Systems. The solution provides a highly scalable warehouse management system with a full family of advanced logistic automation modules including a transportation management system (LFS.tms). The software is proven in over 2,000 worldwide installations.

RDS+ LFS.wms integrates Real-time Distribution Software Warehouse Execution and Control System (WES-WCS) order fulfillment software suite with a tightly coupled and robust combined WMS-WES. RDS+LFS.wms provide a single source high performance, high transaction WMS that bundles all the best practice warehouse automation tools in a pre-configured WMS core application. RDS+ LFS.wms scales from mid-range to large volume DCs and also supports multi-site DC requirements and can also be Cloud deployment," said Dan Hanrahan, President of the Numina Group (http://www.numinagroup.com).

Key to RDS+LFS.wms is the large percentage of the WMS application that is provided in a pre-configured starter package. The WMS is shipped ready to be configured to the DCs requirements, based on 30 years of application know-how and WMS implementation experience. Included in the RDS + LFS.wms is in-bound goods receiving, inspection, inventory management including A, B, C velocity put-away/slotting, and order pick, pack, and ship with both RF and voice picking automation.

The following summarizes RDS+ LFS.wms core functionality with the ability to bolt-on the full family of additional Ehrhardt + Partner logistic automation and supply chain modules:

Receiving: Capture, record and post incoming goods from suppliers and/or manufacturing production transfer areas.

Quality Control: Creation by SKU of inspection rules and order shipment instructions.

Inventory Control and Management: Maintain and define storage locations and bin locations with a configurable inventory management strategy that includes put-away, retrieval, replenishment, and stocktaking/cycle counting.

ABC-Analysis: ABC SKU analysis and range analysis by SKU velocity movement for directing storage location type and storage location groupings.

Paper, RF Terminal and/or Voice Picking: voice picking, pick to light, and RF terminal picking automation.

Intelligent Transport Shipping Manager: History, definition, display and use and recording of shipping and transport/tasks to optimize pick, pack, and ship work tasks.

Report and label print management: Lists and labels with a layout designer that can be performed by in-house personnel.

Interface to ERP: Import and export of item master, purchase order, delivery advice, goods receiving, customer or order data.

Statistics: Key performance indicators, KPIs, displays and printouts, statistic records for put away, retrieval and relocation.

Additional information on E+Ps full family of Logistic Focused Solutions and RDS+LFS.wms can be obtained by visiting or contacting the Numina Group at http://www.numinagroup.com/. Or at E+P http://www.ehrhardt-partner.com/en/warehouse-management/warehouse-management-system-

About Numina Group: Founded in 1986, Numina Group is a leading supplier of warehouse execution and control system, WES-WCS, material handling automation and systems integrator for manufacturing, warehousing, and automated distribution order fulfillment applications. The firm provides voice picking, pick to light, conveyor and sorting controls seamlessly integrated to an advanced warehouse management system. Numina Group offers a full range of engineering services and software including consulting/design and engineering to accelerate the performance of pick, pack, and ship process at existing and new distribution order fulfillment operations. To learn more about Numina Group please visit them at http://www.numinagroup.com.

About Ehrhardt + Partner Group: A Leading Worldwide Expert in Logistics, Warehouse Management and Supply Chain Optimization Services
Founded in 1987, Ehrhardt + Partner are an international group of companies with more than 450 employees in fifteen worldwide software development and support locations. The combination of our 30 years of expertise in logistics, software engineering, and on-going R&D commitment provides the latest in supply chain software functionality and technologies to assure customers a committed and financially strong partner to meet todays and future logistic and transportation challenges.

Ehrhardt + Partner offer a modular, scalable multi-OS and database independent Warehouse Logistics and Warehouse Management System. Customers can rely on us to provide highly reliable software and solutions that optimize warehouse and their entire supply chain. Logistic Focused Solution, LFS our flag ship Warehouse Management System, LFS.wms is installed at over 700 customers distribution and warehouse operations managing over 1,200 worldwide distribution centers; picking and shipping over 40 million orders a day! To learn more about Ehrhardt + Partner please visit them at http://www.ehrhardt-partner.com/en/warehouse-management/warehouse-management-system-lfs/


“RDS+ LFS.wms scales from mid-range to large volume DCs and also supports multi-site DC requirements and can also be Cloud deployment.”

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