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MobileXpression Review — Is It Legit or Will It Just Slow Down Your Mobile Device?

mobilexpression reviewWe can’t imagine life without our mobile phone in this day and age! They have become extensions of us, and help us perform everyday tasks effortlessly. It’s no surprise then that it has never been easier to make extra money using your mobile device.

There are various ways one can do this. You can complete surveys, promote items through affiliate marketing, or in the case of MobileXpression, earn just by browsing the internet while using your mobile device.

We take a look at this passive income opportunity in this MobileXpression review and break it down to see if it’s worth your while.

MobileXpression Review – About This Survey Site

MobileXpression is a market research panel that monitors consumer browsing habits and behavior while they surf the internet on their mobile devices. According to their website, they are “helping to shape the future of the internet.” The panel belongs to VoiceFive, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Comscore, Inc., and launched in 2016.

This survey panel comes as an app that can be downloaded and installed on some Android and iOS devices, but not all. The data garnered gives the company an understanding of how consumers behave on the internet.

It requires at least 100KB of memory to store the research software and 128KB to store the collected data. All information is encrypted before being sent to MobileXpression servers, and should not affect your phone’s speed. Some users, however, have complained that it does.

Members are given credits for running the app, which can be redeemed for various rewards including Amazon and Walmart gift cards. There’s also the chance to win a variety of weekly prizes on the platform.

The app is available all over the world but will depend on your location’s regulations concerning online survey panels. Participants must be over the age of 18.

How Does MobileXpression Work?

This company gives you credits for installing a survey app on your phone and letting it run in the background. As the app runs, you earn credits, which can be redeemed for various rewards. In this sense, it’s pretty much like Savvy Connect.

US residents can earn a $5 gift card within one week of registering on the panel.

Members are also notified on the app or via email when surveys become available for them to take.

How to Sign Up

  • Navigate to the MobileXpression website and click the “Join Now” button to enter your details.
  • You will also have to download the app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store depending on your mobile device.
  • Fill in your details, including your email address.
  • Install the app on your mobile device and let it run in the background to earn credits.

How to Earn

Passive App Installation

As the panel collects data from your phone, you will earn credits for having the app installed on your mobile device. The information gathered from your internet usage will earn you credits that can be converted to rewards such as retail vouchers or gift cards.

Mobile Surveys

The app will also inform you when surveys are available. Earnings vary according to how many studies you qualify to take. Most people don’t get invites, though so this could be a reason for some negative MobileXpression reviews online.

MobileXpression will inform you how much a survey is worth in points before you attempt it. This feature is a positive one for us, and we have given them points for it in this MobileXpression review. It helps you to decide beforehand whether a survey is worth taking.

Weekly Sweepstakes

Each week, MobileXpression offers members a sweepstake entry, where they stand to win various prizes. These prizes are noteworthy and include household items, electronics, and computers. The app must be properly installed and running for you to be eligible for entry, though.

To earn money from taking surveys, browse through our roundup of recommended survey sites here.

Is MobileXpression Legit?

MobileXpression has been around for three years, and all indications show that the company is legit. The parent company Comscore, Inc. has been in the market research industry for 19 years and sports a positive A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

On TrustPilot, another trusted online review website, reactions to MobileXpression are mixed. The panel shows a 42% trust rating from 84 customer reviews. This survey panel has attracted lots of complaints around non-payment of earnings.

Another unpleasant experience that seemed to feature prominently was being locked out of an account after attempting to redeem rewards. Users were given no clear explanations as to why this happened. All they received was a non-specific message that informed them of suspected fraud on their account, hence the sudden shutdown.

Taking a look at some comments on TrustPilot and Survey Police, members were not too impressed.

“Didn't get my rewards and obviously they didn't respond to my email. BAD.” – Arleta on TrustPilot. September 5, 2019. “I tried to cash out and my account is locked! No one answered my emails! It is beginning to look like they don't care about their reputation!” – Judi (USA) on Survey Police. November 16, 2018. 
mobilexpression screenshot

Screenshot from mobilexpressions.com


Mobile Expression Reviews – What Works and What Doesn’t


  • This app is a quick and easy way to make passive income online. All you need do is download the app, install it on your mobile device, and run it in the background. You will automatically earn credits, which can be redeemed for rewards.
  • The app prompts you when surveys are available for to take, and details how much each study is worth in credits.
  • MobileXpression holds regular sweepstakes that reward in cash and prizes. These are extra opportunities to earn more on the platform.
  • The company partners with the charity Trees for the Future, and participating in the platform means you are also contributing to this worthy environmental charity. Many users have given positive MobileXpression reviews about the company for this charitable support.
  • Any US-resident member who joins immediately gets a sign-up bonus of $5. This bonus the form of a gift card after one week of membership on the platform.


  • The app can’t run on all mobile devices. Check first to see if your particular device is compatible.
  • The app has also been known to slow down some users’ devices. This hiccup could affect how many credits you earn as these all depend on the internet connection.
  • The fact that this app tracks everything you do online, from internet banking to inputting credit card information is slightly disconcerting. Those with privacy concerns may not be comfortable using this app, despite the website’s privacy policy, encryption, and assurances that the app does not track or monitor phone calls.
  • Uninstalling the app is quite a process. You will also need to disconnect it from your VPN, and this requires someone who understands the settings.
  • Some accounts have been unceremoniously shut down as users tried to cash out their rewards. This occurrence left them feeling frustrated and confused.
  • You’ll need a Wi-Fi connection to run this app on your phone efficiently. Using a mobile data plan is not as practical as the app will eat into your data.

Our Verdict

Given the research gathered by our team in this MobileXpression review, we have mixed feelings about this research app. Yes, you can make a little extra money, but is it worth worrying about it killing your phone?

And for those who are not comfortable with their browsing history being tracked 24/7, then it certainly isn’t a good fit. However, the company has no legitimacy issues save some withdrawal of earnings disputes from some members.

But, what stands out for us in most MobileXpression reviews, is you don’t have to do any work to earn from this app. Just install it, run it, and earn credits! If you’re OK with this, then give it a try.

So, what has your experience been with MobileXpression? Have you tried it yet? Let us know in the comments.

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