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Jason Bond Picks Review: Make Money Swing Trading (2017)

Jason Bond Picks

A lot of people would love to take a shot at trading stocks and bonds.  However, there are two main problems with this.

  1. The first is finding a program that allows you to actually get on the market.  This problem is easily resolved, as there are many options out there and it really is a question of finding one that works best for you.
  2. The second problem, however, is knowing what to trade on.

Obviously, when you start trading the markets, your goal is to make as much money as possible.  This takes time, quite a bit of money and a great deal of luck.  Indeed, most people would immediately jump to companies that they know, like Google or Coca Cola.

However, it has been shown time and again that their stocks only grow very slowly, if they grow at all.  Hence, a better idea is to choose a newer company that still has potential to grow massively.  Unfortunately, this is incredibly risky, because there is a big chance the company will go bust, leaving you with nothing.

jason bond picks

The solution to this is to use trusted strategies advised by people who have took those risks and seen revenues.  This is known as following stock picks, receiving alerts, and deciding whether or not to follow those.  One person who has a stock pick program is Jason Bond, who is dedicated to helping others become a great investor.  However, what are his credentials, and what sort of things does he actually teach you?

Who is Jason Bond?

Jason BondJason Bond has worked as a school teacher for ten years.  However, he quit that job and became a Wall Street trader instead.  His strategy is to be a swing trader, which basically means that he never holds stock for more than just a few days.  His strategies have paid off massively for him, and he doesn’t have to work anymore if he chooses not to.

However, he has chosen to continue to build his empire, as well as helping others by giving them alerts on trades that they could get involved in.  He does this through his Jason Bond Picks program.

What is Jason Bond Picks?

Jason Bond Picks has been designed for those people who want to become day or swing traders themselves, as well as those who already work as independent traders.  He offers a variety of training videos that are designed for people to get to know his ways of trading.  Because he was once a school teacher, he really knows how to deliver information in a way that is understandable and entertaining.

Price and What You Get

The program currently costs $297 every quarter.  However, if you want to pay for the full year in one go, you will receive a 16% discount.  For this amount, you will be taught how it is possible to earn a living of the stock market without having to constantly monitor the markets.

The program focuses on:

  • Capturing various short-term moves on all different stock prices.  An alert will get sent out whether the stock moves up or down.  This means you know not just when to sell, but when to buy as well.
  • Helping you make sure that you can consistently make profits of between 5% and 10% on all your trades.
  • Helping you achieve this by identifying low cost stocks, with most of them trading for less than $5.

Additionally, buying into the plan means you will also be able to have full and unlimited access to the trading room, which is currently managed by Luke Murray.  Hundreds of traders use this room on a daily basis, making it the perfect place to share knowledge and experience and learn from those who have information that you may not have known yet.

Jason Bond Prices

Jason Bond Picks is also developing, and will soon include long term alerts as well.  This means that those who don’t want to make fast trades, only holding on to a stock for a few days, can benefit from this program as well.  Those who have signed up for the program will immediately receive an email once this new product starts, although you can also sign up for an email alert for this if you don’t actually sign up for the full program.

What I Liked about Jason Bond Picks

  • The educational videos are absolutely amazing and will benefit anybody.  They are also delivered in such a way that anybody is able to understand them.
  • The program also includes a chat room, which is very friendly for beginners in particular.
  • The daily picks that are delivered have been shown to be incredibly accurate.
  • The day trading is very fast paced, but not to the point that you will feel it is hard to keep up.

What I Didn’t Like about Jason Bond Picks

Unfortunately, the program is not cheap, particularly when you consider you also have to sign up for an online trading account in order to actually apply what you have learned and are still learning.  However, the money you are able to earn thanks to Bond’s picks and alerts is massive, which means you should see a very quick return on investment.

Additionally, only very limited information is available before you sign up for the program.  This means that if you don’t know much about market trading, you may feel at a bit of a loss.  Since you also need to know where to go in order to actually be able to trade, it may be a bit much.

The Final Verdict

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Jason Bond Picks is a fantastic program for traders of all levels of experience.  The training videos are fantastic, which means that you can either learn something new, or brush up on your existing knowledge.  Although it isn’t the cheapest program out there, I would dare say it is the best one and the value for money is tremendous.  The potential to see a quick return on investment is undeniable and I think you would struggle to find anyone who feels they wasted their money signing up to Jason Bond Picks.  I fully recommend this program.

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