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Is Day Trading & Traveling Really Possible?

I’ve been day trading and traveling around the world now for nearly 5 years.

From the internet stricken countries of Africa.

The beautiful very beautiful beaches of Brazil.

Day trading with blackberry tethered 3g internet.

Even trading on top of freezers and ping pong tables.

I have seen it all as I have traversed over 80 countries and visited all 7 continents. If that wasn’t enough I have also lived in 12 countries spanning 5 continents.  The only places I haven’t really explored (or traded from) is the far east.

Recently, I just finished visiting every major tourist attraction and country in South America.

Marcello Arrambide WanderingTrader

Walking cheetahs in Zambia ~ Taj Mahal in India ~ My office in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil

My goal when I started was just to enjoy life day trading and traveling around the world. The beauty about the modern world is internet is only becoming and more and more reliable as time passes by.

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Day trading and traveling is actually possible as long as you have a reliable internet connection.  The truth is you don’t even need a fast internet connection  I have been able to day trade from internet connections as low as 1 meg download and .50 upload. Without getting too technical this means that I’ve been able to trade from locations where the internet is so poor it goes out when it rains.

**cough** Africa **cough**.

Roughly three years ago I was receiving requests to provide training to other people that had the same dream. They wanted to be able to not necessarily travel around the world, but have their financial freedom.

Not necessarily be millionaires but have enough money to not worry about money.

To be able to pick up anywhere around the world at a moment’s notice.  What exactly is the great thing about this? The most special thing I have been able to do is actually see others live that dream. We have people that we call Master Traders that have begun to make money almost every single day.

Some didn’t decide to just travel, they decided to travel with their families.

Day Trading in Brazil

My Day Trading Office in the neighborhood of Santa Theresa – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

 Just imagine the possibilities of that. A man quit his job and took his wife, kids, and mother to spend an entire month in Italy.  I consider many of the traders that we train at The Day Trading Academy to be family so I did what any person would do. I picked up on a moment’s notice in order to be there for “his moment”.

The moment that he reached his dream.

This is what my dream has turned into. To be honest, day trading and traveling by myself gets a little boring sometimes. Every time that I have asked friends and family to travel with me I hear the same thing over and over again

  “I have to work” or “I don’t have any time off”

At the end it is selfish.  I decided that I would create more people that are able to day trade and travel around the world.  That is where the name WanderingTrader comes from.  A day traders that wander around the world.

Day Trading in Venice

When I met with Manny in Venice when he took his entire family to Italy

Everything from young men that want to travel, professional traders that are female which I call the Day Trading Angels (no Charlie though), and even men with families.

Being able to day trade and travel around the world isn’t the hardest thing in the world. I truly believe that anyone can learn how to day trade.

What we must understand that learning how to day trade is a skill that we have to develop. The best way to describe the process is when we start a new job. We are clumsy and we make many mistakes. After repetition and practice we become better and better. The only difference with day trading is that we have to continue learning because the market keeps changing.

I wanted to explain a little bit about what is possible with day trading because I receive so many questions on the topic.

We have started to train students at one of the most prestigious universities in Medellin, Colombia called EAFIT.  Two of three interns were able to go live in just 3-4 weeks.  This doesn’t happen all the time but it definitely is possible.  Have a look below at the video of one our intern’s first live trade so you can see how easy it truly is:

For those that are new to the site you may not know that recently we gave away a free training program alongside a free trip to Jordan. The folks at the Jordan Tourism Board were gracious enough to invite us to see the entire country. I would highly recommend visiting as Jordan is the safest country in the Middle East.

Just six months later we had something incredible to celebrate.  A special insider group of traders that we have investing in penny stocks (stocks that are under one dollar in value) and we were able to make gigantic returns. This trader in particular is up over $200,000 since the beginning of the year.

He quit his job and we celebrated on a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

The great folks at Quasar Expeditions invited us to a one week cruise aboard the historic and luxurious MY Grace Yacht. If you have ever wanted to go to the Galapagos Islands I would highly recommend Quasar!

First Day in the Galapagos Islands

First Day in the Galapagos Islands with Quasar Expeditions

His girlfriend is now quitting her job and he is taking a full month trip (probably more) through all of Southern Africa. It took him just 6 months and now he doesn’t have to worry about money, a job, or even be in a city he doesn’t like. Look forward to introducing his new travel site in the future as well.

There truly are a million ways to trade. Everything from timing, to amount of money, to even levels of expertise.  I hope to share bit more in the future on exactly what we do and how we do it.

In the meantime you can sign up for the WanderingTrader newsletter below (don’t worry its free). I will also send you our day trading guide which will explain everything you need to know about day trading. As a bonus I will also send you access to list of travel contacts to be able to travel to many destinations around the world:

Until next time… stay profitable my friends.

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