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InstaGC Review: A GPT Website to Trust or Avoid?

instagc reviewNeed a safe and comfortable way to make extra cash? InstaGC might just be what the doctor ordered.

Most InstaGC reviews describe this platform as a GPT (Get Paid To) website that pays you for completing a variety of small tasks. Is this true?

Our InstaGC review answers this question by telling you everything you need to know about InstaGC, including how it works, how much you can earn, if it’s a scam, and more.

About InstaGC

InstaGC has been on the scene since 2011. Compared to other survey sites, that’s not a long time. It’s not a paid survey site, but a get-paid-to or GPT site. Nonetheless, the company has managed to build a reputation as a reliable GPT website that pays its members for participating in surveys and completing a myriad of other tasks.

The amount that InstaGC pays per task is small, but because there are so many task types available, you can combine them to make a decent amount by the end of the month.

The company is privately owned and has an impressive track record when it comes to paying its members. At the moment, the company has hundreds of thousands of members in various continents and is still growing.

People in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and other parts of the world can sign up. InstaGC plans on extending its membership to people from more countries in the future. To join InstaGC, you need to be at least 18 years old. Younger people can sign up only if they have a parent’s permission.

The platform can’t be accessed via an app, but it is accessible via browsers on mobile devices and computers. This means you can enjoy making extra money with InstaGC whether you are relaxing at home or while on the move.

In return for completing tasks, you’ll be paid with gift cards in your email or cash. Cash payments are receivable via direct deposit, eCheck, and PayPal.

How Does the Site Work?

No InstaGC review wouldn’t be complete without telling you how to use the platform to your benefit.

Before you can begin participating in surveys and other tasks on the platform, you need to sign up. You can sign up with your email or a social media profile.

I prefer email because the social media option requires sharing sensitive information, such as your friend list, and more. I wasn’t comfortable with this. If you are paranoid like me, use your email.

screenshot from the InstaGC website

Screenshot from the InstaGC website

Unlike other GPT platforms that demand payment before you can join, signing up on InstaGC is a quick and free process. Just remember that if you provide inaccurate or false information during the signup process, InstaGC will deactivate your account once you’re caught.

After signing up, a confirmation link will be sent to your email. This may take a while, but it’ll eventually arrive as long as you possess the requirements to join the platform, such as location and age.

Once you are a member, you can begin partaking in any of the following tasks to earn some easy cash:

Complete Offers

Most InstaGC reviews describe this as the best way to earn on the platform. I believe it’s because earnings come in fast with this activity.

The offer might be to visit specific websites, buy products, or download games and apps. It’s a simple way to earn rewards on the platform but watch out for the tasks that require your credit card information to proceed.

Use the InstaGC Search Engine

InstaGC is willing to pay you to use its search engine. The reward for the activity is low, but the activity itself is straightforward and hassle-free, which makes it attractive.

Participating in this task will benefit those who typically spend their days using search engines. All you need to do is switch from using Google to the InstaGC Search Engine instead.

Note that you won’t get rewards for every search you run on instaGC’s Search Engine. Ten unique searches might get you about 1 cent.

Take Surveys

Here’s another way to earn points fast. The reward varies from survey to survey, and you may not qualify for all the surveys. A 30-minute survey can earn you about a dollar, but note that most of the surveys are not InstaGC’s but from other sites that pay for surveys.

Watch Videos

Watch a few videos and get paid. It sounds easy, but it’s a slow way to earn since you get just a penny for every three to 10 videos you watch.


InstaGC rewards you 10 points (10 cents) for each new member you bring to the platform. You also get 10 percent of whatever that member earns on the platform. The more referrals you bring in, the more passive income you can earn on the platform.


InstaGC offers various coupons that help you save money on a variety of products, including electronics and groceries.

Clearly, InstaGC doesn’t pay a lot for its activities.

For each activity, you are rewarded with points. Each point is worth $0.01, which means you’re going to need a whole lot of points just to make a dollar. This becomes annoying when you realize you need at least 100 points to redeem a gift card, and 5,000 points to cash out via PayPal.

That said, earning a substantial amount on the platform isn’t impossible as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Some members claim they’ve made hundreds of dollars on the platform. Maybe you can too.

Is the Site Legit?

On to the likely reason you find yourself reading this InstaGC review—the big question: Is it a scam?

Based on other InstaGC reviews and my experience, it’s safe to say it is not. The company pays its members what they’ve earned, and the activities deliver on rewards.

However, there are issues with some of the survey links on InstaGC. They may lead you to other sites that refuse to pay for the surveys you’ve submitted.

Aside from that, InstaGC seems to be generally reputable, especially in light of its A+ rating on the BBB (Better Business Bureau). This puts InstaGC above other GPT sites, and definitely better than Mindspay.

Pros and Cons

To sum our InstaGC review up, let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons.


  • It’s free to join and open to members above the age of 13.
  • People in most countries that have access to PayPal can join InstaGC.
  • There are a variety of tasks you can partake in to earn money.
  • You’ll get access to coupons to help you save money on a variety of products.


  • Stingy point-based system.
  • The customer service can be a bit unprofessional.
  • The payout on some activities is just not worth the effort.

Final Thoughts

InstaGC is legit, and you can definitely make some money on the side using the platform. Just don’t expect to be able to afford haute couture and limo rides from what you earn from it.

If your goal is just to earn some extra spending cash and you are a patient person, though, InstaGC is a good way to make some easy money in your free time.

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