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InboxPays Review: Get Paid or Get Scammed?

inboxpays reviewLooking for a reliable get-paid-to (GPT) website where you can make extra cash? InboxPays claims that you can make easy cash on its platform by participating in a variety of activities. Some of these activities include paid surveys, referrals, reading emails, and more.

Is any of this true, or is InboxPays trying to suck you into a scam?

Our InboxPays review answers this question by looking into the legitimacy of the website, how you can join, what you can earn, and more. Let’s start by understanding exactly what InboxPays is.

About InboxPays

InboxPays is a get-paid-to website, which means the website pays you to perform various activities on it. How much you can earn per activity varies from activity to activity, but unlike other GPT sites that reward members with points, InboxPays rewards its members with cash.

InboxPays is located in Houston, Texas, but its parent company, A & A Marketing, is based in Chicago, Illinois. A&A Marketing Inc. is also the parent company of Panda Research and MindsPay, both of which are also GPT sites.

Beyond this information, finding anything else online about InboxPays is difficult.

Some of the activities that you can participate in on InboxPays to make money include taking surveys, participating in trial offers, spinning the wheel, reading emails, and more. Note, however, that you can’t actually take paid surveys on InboxPays.

This is because InboxPays isn’t a market research site. As such, it doesn’t have any surveys to offer you. Instead, it has a list of available paid surveys from other sites. It will direct you to those sites when you click on a survey on its list.

The sites that own the surveys probably pay InboxPays a commission for this or reward them in some other way for referrals, but I have no way to prove this.

Now that you have an idea of what InboxPays is, our InboxPays review will show you how to join the site and if you can make money by becoming a member.

How Does the Site Work?

inboxpays screenshot

You can join InboxPays as long as you are over the age of 18 and live in the US. If you’re outside the US, you’re out of luck.

The signup process is easy, but it requires that you provide some personal information, such as your name, email address, home address, phone number, and more. Every bit of information you provide must be accurate.

If any of your information is discovered to be false, InboxPays will shut down your account.

After you’re done filling the registration form, a verification link will be sent to your address. Once you hit that link, you officially become an InboxPays member and will receive $5 for joining the party.

Immediately after signing up, I knew I’d made a mistake by not using an alternative email to sign up. This is because InboxPays sends a ton of spam to its members. While this isn’t unusual for a lot of paid survey sites, it’s best to avoid the annoyance by signing up with an email address set up just for survey sites.

Also, note that during the signup process, you’ll be made offers, which you can accept or reject. The more of these offers you accept, the more spam email you can expect in your inbox—be careful.

As soon as you become a member and see your $5 welcome bonus in your account, you can begin earning more by participating in any of the following GPT activities:

  • Paid Surveys: There are a variety of surveys that you can access from InboxPays’ website. Most are simple, and each pays differently depending on the length and complexity of the survey.
  • Paid Offers: InboxPays has various partners that advertise offers on its website. Most of these offers require that you make a purchase, sign up for a service, or free trial. In exchange for signing up, you get rewards. You could earn up to $75 on an offer but be wary of the offers that request for your credit card information.
  • Read Emails: InboxPays will send emails to your inbox that contain links to the websites of its partners. You get paid for opening these emails and clicking on the links. While the pay for each email isn’t much, $0.25, know that you’ll receive several of these emails in a day.
  • Referrals: This is probably my favorite. For every member you bring to the platform, you get 10% of their earnings for life. You get this 10% each time your referral redeems cash from their InboxPays account.
  • Clip Coupons: InboxPays has a coupon database where you can retrieve coupons and get paid each time you use one–sounds like a win-win.
  • Spinning the Wheel: If you’re a gambler at heart, InboxPays lets you spend some time with Lady Luck spinning the wheel. Each spin will win you something. It could be as low as $0.50, or you could hit the jackpot. You get more opportunities to spin the wheel with each paid offer you accept.

Other GPT sites may offer more ways to earn money than InboxPays, but InboxPays’ lineup isn’t that shabby, especially when you consider it doesn’t use a point-based system. That is, for every activity you participate in, your reward is in actual dollars, not points that you can later convert to dollars.

The highest payoffs on the platform come from taking offers and referrals. So, if you want to earn more money on the platform, those are the activities you need to focus on.

When you’ve accumulated up to $50 in your account, you can cash out via PayPal. It’s actually the only cash-out option that’s available, which isn’t so bad since payment requests are quickly processed.

Of course, InboxPays ruins it all with some cash-out rules. Such as, you can only cash out in $50 increments. That is, if you have $60 in your account and withdraw $50, you can’t withdraw again until you have up to $50.

That’s just unfair!

Then there’s the rule that you can’t cash out unless at least $25 of your earnings come from paid offers or spinning the wheel. This one isn’t so bad since paid offers are plentiful and pay fairly well, but it’s still an unnecessary hassle.

These are the most important things to know about how InboxPays works. The next question our is if the platform is legit.


Is the Site Legit?

Looking through InboxPays reviews and feedback from members, you’ll see a lot of complaints about the platform not paying its members. If you visit InboxPays’ Facebook page, for example, you’ll also see a torrent of negative comments from members and lots of people asking for their money. This is the same issue that we warn against in our Jobs2Shop review.

Many say their rewards for completing paid offers never made it into their accounts. Others simply have issues cashing out via PayPal even though they’ve fulfilled all the requirements.

This is worrisome and makes it difficult for me to declare the website as legit confidently, but there are others who’ve received their rewards and cashed out without incident.

Then there’s the issue with spam. You’re going to get a lot of spam emails if you join InboxPays and it’s because the company shares your personal information with its partners. For InboxPays, this is profitable, but for you, it’s going to be an annoyance.

There are also complaints of InboxPays’ customer support being unresponsive when members have an issue. When you consider all this and the fact that the platform has an F rating on BBB, you start to think maybe it’s best I steer clear.

If that’s your decision, that’s a prudent move, but as I said, some members have used the platform to make extra cash without incident, which means it’s not outrightly a scam. Since signing up is free, you can try your luck by giving the platform a whirl to see whether or not your adventure ends with extra cash in your pocket.

The Good and the Bad in a Nutshell


Based on InboxPays reviews, here are some noteworthy pros about the platform.

  • There are various easy ways to earn money on the platform.
  • InboxPays rewards you with cash for completing tasks, not points. Depending on the task, you can earn between $.50 and $1.00.
  • You get a $5 reward just for joining.
  • There are lots of paid surveys available.
  • You can cash out quickly via PayPal.
  • There’s a referral program.


The following cons are based on member complaints and InboxPays reviews:

  • Bad track record when it comes to paying its members what they’ve earned.
  • Lots of spam emails.
  • Only one member of your household can have an InboxPays account.
  • It can take weeks for your reward from cash offers to come through.
  • You can only cash out $50 at a time
  • You can’t earn money opening emails on your mobile device. It must be on a computer.
  • Unresponsive customer support.
  • Paid offers are the fastest way to earn money on the platform, but most of the paid offers require that you provide your credit card information.

thumbs down

Final Thoughts

There are way too many things wrong with InboxPays for me to call it legit. It’s not an outright scam since several members have gotten paid, but many others are yet to receive their earnings.

So we don’t recommend that you sign up for this one. There are legit survey sites and apps that you can get into with confidence and trust.

If you like, you can give the platform a try since signing up is free. Just be wary of the paid offers that ask for your credit card information. On the other hand, if you’re paranoid about strangers having access to your personal information and email address, which you should be, then this platform is not for you.

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