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In-Demand Work From Home Job Ideas (What’s Really Working In 2018!)

It’s 2018. Woohoo!

A lot has changed in the world of work from home over the last year. And I’m happy to say, a lot of these changes are for the better.

But you may still not fully know what your REAL options are.

Because, even though there are plenty of legit remote jobs to choose from, there are still lots of not-so-great options out there like MLM, pyramid-type schemes, and “programs” that require an upfront investment. Nope. Nope. And nope.

You do not have to resort to these less-than-legit options in 2018. There are really too many amazing and real options that are actually working in the world of work from home this year. And, many of them are beginner-friendly or can be learned, even if you have absolutely zero experience.


There’s a lot of content out there, especially online. With more than 1 billion websites (and counting), that sure is a whole lot of fresh words that hit the Internet every single day. And that’s why writers are so in demand.

From website copy to blog posts and even emails and social media updates, writers can earn big from home with their wordsmith ways.


Everyone has a blog these days. But actually earning a living from a blog isn’t easy. However, it is totally possible! You just can’t expect to be an overnight success.

Instead, focus on starting a blog the right way. This sets you up for massive success when you do go to monetize your blog. The slow and steady pace works, you just have to stick with it.

Customer Service

Companies from big-name businesses to small startups love to use virtual customer service reps. Why? It saves the company money not having to operate a call center AND leads to happier employees. And happier employees means they stay at their jobs longer, which means less money and time is used to constantly hire and train newbies.

While non-phone jobs are super popular in the work-from-home realm, keep an open mind when it comes to customer service jobs! Yes, you may be on the phone the majority of your workday, but you get to do it from your home. In your PJs. And get paid. Work from home customer service jobs are a great option when you’re ready to create a quick cubicle escape plan!  

Virtual Assistant

Just about anything that can be done in an office can now be done remotely. Technology makes it possible for someone in Atlanta to assist someone in Tokyo as if they were in the same room. And that’s why virtual assistants are so in demand!

Everyone from bloggers (like me) to small business owners and even busy professionals hire virtual assistants. A VA will help a client with everything from travel arrangements to email inbox management (and everything in between). Really, it depends on the person you work for and your existing skills!  

Social Media Pro

There’s no denying the power of social media when it comes to generating brand awareness. On a personal level, social media is a super fun way to keep in touch with family, share with friends, and check out what other people are doing.

On a professional level, i.e., when you start using social media for business, it becomes a total time suck!

And that’s why bloggers, business owners, and big-name brands opt to outsource their social presence to social media pros, like you. This means you might create graphics to use on Pinterest, craft perfectly-worded tweets, or simply write Facebook posts that drive engagement.

As social media continues to evolve into a major part of our everyday lives, there will be a continued need for people who know how to use these powerful platforms in a professional manner.


Today’s students crave flexibility in how and where they learn. That’s why many virtual schools and programs have popped up in recent years, and they show no sign of slowing!

As such, qualified teachers, educators, and staff are needed to help students on their virtual learning paths. Positions in the remote education field range from teachers and professors to administrative assistant and admissions representatives. So, even if you don’t have professional teaching experience, there is room for you in the remote education arena.


You know how I said there is a lot of content out there? Well, in addition to someone who writes that content, publishers (website owners, authors, bloggers, marketers, etc.), need someone to proofread it. Why? Think of how unprofessional it looks when there’s a glaring typo from a business. It can make customers lower their viewpoint of that brand that hurts their bottomline.

So, to keep thing perfect and polished, proofreaders are hired to catch these errors before they go live to the public. That’s where you come in! If you’ve always thought you’ve had a knack for spotting spelling mistakes and grammar issues, you can definitely find your way as a professional proofreader!

Web Design & Development

A quick search of available jobs on remote-friendly job boards will yield quite a few open positions in the web design and development fields. Remember, there are a lot of websites out there (and more being added every day!).

Professionals are needed to help build new ones or give existing sites a fresh design. That’s why anyone with even a little bit of web design knowledge can find a steady stream of work.

This skill lends itself well to both full-time remote positions and flexible freelancing options. So, if you’ve been on the hunt for a cubicle-free career with options, web design & development fits the bill.


Do people really still use transcriptionists? The short answer: Yes! With advances in speech-to-text tech, you’d think transcription would be a dying profession. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

While speech-to-text is great for everyday use (like when you want to dictate an idea or send a text while driving), it’s not ideal for professional use. That’s why doctors, lawyers, writers, marketers, and many more pros still opt to use real people instead of software to transcribe files for them. The subtleties of speech make this a job that’s best suited for humans and not machines.


Fact: According to Entrepreneur, bookkeeping is one of the most profitable online businesses out there. Why? Because it has low startup and overhead costs and can result in a pretty substantial hourly rate.

Plus, bookkeepers, unlike accountants, don’t need special credentials to work. Instead, they need a solid understanding of bookkeeping best practices and the desire to help solopreneurs and small business owners keep on top of their everyday finances.

What’s Working In 2018 (and Beyond!)

Of course this is just a short list of popular work from home jobs for 2018 (and beyond!). This list should serve as inspiration to show you the variety of remote-friendly positions out there, and help you get motivated to create your own cubicle escape plan this year.

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