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How To Protect Your WordPress Site

Don’t make the same critical mistake I made by failing to secure and backup my WordPress site. It used to be difficult to do but now anymore… 

My WordPress Site Was Gonewordpress-logo-png-file

When I first got into internet marketing I made a critical mistake that cost me a lot of time and money.

To make a long story short, I failed to backup and protect my new site and after weeks of writing content for it I accidentally deleted the entire thing. I literally had to re-create the entire site from my limited memory. It was a nightmare!

But it was also a good learning experience. I spent hours going through tutorials to learn how to secure and backup my site.

Every WP Site Is At Risk Of Total Loss

  • Every day it’s the same old story, another marketer has lost their business.
  • Insufficient or no backups, bad security configuration, lack of updates… it all ends the same…
  • Most marketers simply haven’t got the time or the knowledge to get their sites configured with backups, firewalls, security… it takes hours per site!
  • On minute your site is earning great money.. the next, it’s gone. And you’re starting over from square one.

Getting A WP Site Set Up & Configured Eats Your Time

  • Even when you know what you’re doing, setting up a new WP site is a tedious and time killing process.
  • For every new site you have to install all your plugins & themes. You have to configure backups, firewall rules, anti-spam.. the list goes on…
  • To make matters worse, if you miss one single step, your site could be vulnerable to data loss of hacker attacks.

Luckily for you, things have now gotten easier..

There’s now a way to set-up, backup, secure, and update your WordPress plugins all on autopilot…. the stuff that we all do to every site periodically to keep us protected from hackers and idiotic self-deletions like mine.wpblogo

Here’s how you can do all the tasks on any WP site on any Host (even multiple WP Sites on different hosts) with just 60 SECONDS work:

Click Here

Yes… this simple tool will do all the routine & critical tasks for you HANDS FREE

  • It installs & configures default WP security for you
  • It installs & configures automated backups to Dropbox / Amazon S3
  • It installs & configures a default firewall
  • It updates WordPress
  • It updates ALL your plugins
  • It removes default WP content & settings
  • It installs your preferred & plugins/themes

All the tasks that typically take an hour+ per site (if you know what you are doing)…these will be done for you automatically – that’s a huge time saving + peace of mind too…

…leaving you free to make profit rather than being bogged down with site security/maintenance.

It’s a must have tool… which is on offer right now for the next few days only… don’t miss it!


Disclosure: I am (of course) an affiliate for this program so when you buy it I will earn a small commission. That’s what we do around here!

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