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How to Pick a Profitable Niche as a Brand New Affiliate Marketer

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the right niche can make or break your chance of success. Here are some insider's tips for picking a profitable affiliate marketing niche for beginners. A lot of people are now aware of the various money making schemes that are available online.

Some of those schemes are legit and others are pure scam, I myself have fallen into the trap of those scam websites that promise you money for clicking on stuff.

I was on a mission to find a real way to make money online, and I was willing to put in any amount of work needed to make that goal happen.

This is when I found out about a great concept called “affiliate marketing”.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is about trying to sell products you don’t own and get rewarded with a percentage of the product price as a sale commission.

The below diagram can better explain to you the process of selling products as an affiliate marketer:

affiliate marketing for beginners

For a non tech savvy person this provides a great opportunity to start an online business without having to worry about product development and customer service.

You can pick any product you want to promote as an affiliate marketer and sell it on your own website using your affiliate link.

After this point your job as an affiliate marketer is done, and it will be up to the product owner to take care of the customer you referred.

In this guide I will show beginners and wannabe affiliate marketers how to build their first affiliate website.

How to Setup Your Affiliate Blog

Since all you need to sell any product as an affiliate marketer is your affiliate link, you don’t necessarily need a website to sell from.

You can simply launch paid ads campaigns with your affiliate link and still get paid your affiliate commission.

But the problem with this technique is that you limit your advertising opportunities to paid ads.

Depending on paid ads to sell your affiliate products is a big mistake if you are a beginner, there is so much that you need to understand about affiliate marketing first.

That’s why you need to build your affiliate website and do your selling and promotions from there.

Setting up a blog is the best kind of affiliate website you can build.

Running a blog allows you to focus on building a reputation in your market and at the same time sell your affiliate products via product reviews and banner ads.

It is rather easy to start your affiliate blog, although it will cost an average of $60 a year:

  • $10 a year for a domain name
  • $50 a year for a web hosting account (give or take)

These are the basic costs that will get you started.

You also need to install WordPress on your newly bought web hosting account, it is free and easy to install and your web hosting company will provide you with any assistance you need.

Once you setup your affiliate blog, you need to start thinking about which niche market you want to target.

Finding a Profitable Niche for Your Affiliate Blog

It is very important to turn your affiliate website into a niche blog, and don’t try to sell products in different niches all from the same blog.

Having a targeted website increases the chances of making affiliate sales.

You want everyone who visits your blog to find different solutions for different problems in the niche.

Turning your affiliate blog into an information rich source will increase the trust level with your readers, which is something you desperately need to sell your affiliate products.

Top affiliate marketers build an insanely high level of trust which makes many of their visitors buy pretty much any product they recommend.

There are many ways to find lucrative niches that bring in high affiliate commissions, but you need to pick a niche that you know a lot about.

Targeting a niche just for the sake of high commissions will limit your ability to provide in-depth solutions through your blog posts.

And it could make people perceive you as an average person and not an expert in your niche.

That’s why you first need to find which niches you are passionate about and then find out if they are profitable or not.

Use Google.com to find a list of niche ideas you can choose from.

If you want to promote software products then Google “software to a” replacing “a” with any alphabet letter:

affiliate marketing for beginners

If you want to promote ebooks or physical products you can Google “how to get rid of a” also replacing the “a” with “b,c,d…etc”

affiliate marketing beginners

All these are techniques that will give you a massive list of niches you can promote products in.

Another way to find niches is to find out what life experience you have.

So if you know how to play a guitar or how to do fishing or even how to quit smoking then you can target those niches as well.

After you choose your niche you need to find out if it is profitable or not.

Let me take a niche like “losing belly fat” as an example, I am going to use the affiliate competition as an indicator of the niche profitability.

That means that if there are many affiliate marketers promoting products in the niche then it must be a profitable one.

To do that, search Google for (NICHE “money back”):


This will return to you a list of product names in your niche.

Do another Google search and search for (PRODUCT review):


The more reviews you find for the product means there are many affiliates promoting it, and that the niche itself is profitable.

Find High-Paying Affiliate Products in Your Niche

By now you should have your affiliate website and niche ready, and all what is left to do is to find products that you can recommend and sell on your blog.

You can search the marketplace of any affiliate network and browse through the collection of products they have.

Affiliate networks are companies that allow affiliate marketers to promote products, and they will be the ones sending the commissions to the affiliate and generating the affiliate link for them.

These companies host hundreds and sometimes thousands of products because they have contracts with many product owners to run their affiliate programs.

Clickbank is one of the most successful affiliate networks out there, and you can go to their affiliate marketplace to find products in your niche.

Type in your niche keyword to find affiliate products to promote:

affiliate marketing for beginners

The prices you see are the affiliate commissions that you will earn and not the product price, so find the product that can earn you the most money.

There are other affiliate networks you can use to browse for products:

  • Amazon
  • ShareASale
  • Plimus
  • com

At the End

Becoming an affiliate marketer is one of the best paths you can take to earn money online.

But affiliate marketing is also like any other online business in so many ways, you still need to work hard and commit to your plans and goals.

Beginner affiliates could find it easier to follow a reputable affiliate marketing course (like affset.com).

Such courses provide affiliate tools and advanced affiliate marketing strategies, but most importantly they provide step by step study guides for beginners.

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