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How to Make Money with ClickBank Selling Other People’s Products

how to make money with clickbankIf you’ve been scouring the Internet or local bookstore trying to brainstorm different ways to make money, then you’ve probably heard about the billion dollar industry of selling products online.

These are often things like instructional DVD’s, eBooks, or software programs that will provide a value to someone who needs them.  Online products are an outstanding passive income idea because they can be sold anytime and anyplace without you actually having to be there to make the sale.

But there’s a problem – You don’t have a product to sell!  You don’t have any DVD’s, eBooks, or software programs, and you certainly don’t have the time or technology to develop any.

That’s NOT going to stand in your way!  You can just do what everyone else does by selling OTHER people’s products for them.  That’s how to make money with ClickBank, an online affiliate service that offers to do just that – let you earn a cut of other people’s products for promoting them online.

Though that may seem strange or foreign, it’s actually a win-win for both people involved and is used very frequently all the time.


How to Make Money with ClickBank Offers:

ClickBank makes making money online simple.  The way it works is pretty intuitive:

  • Other people (merchants) need help selling their items online.  They realize that if they work cooperatively with other bloggers and webmasters, they will be able to reach a much wider audience than they would have ever reached before.  So they register their products online for others to promote.
  • You (the publisher) register your website and then look for products you’d like to promote.  These are usually things that will be a great value to your audience as well as provide a handsome commission for yourself.
  • Each time someone completes a transaction and a sale is made, both you and the merchant get a cut.  That’s how you make money!


How to Promote ClickBank Offers:

Just like any affiliate marketing program, there are a number of ways how to make money with ClickBank.  Once you find a good product to promote, try using any combination of these different strategies to start making sales.

  • Banner/widget: Place an ad for the product on the sidebar or top of your website.  Visitors will visually see the ad and click on it if they are interested in learning more.
  • In-content: While describing a particular problem or solution you may have, you could mention the ClickBank link within your post and link to it.  If someone is interested, they will follow the link to the sales page where they can learn more about it.
  • Email list: The best emails from websites always come in the form of a “how to help you with a problem you’re having” format.   And if you’ve got a ClickBank item that can fulfill that problem, then your readers might be more inclined to check it out and see if it would work for them.
  • Devoted page or website: If you truly love the product/service and happen to know a lot about it, you could always write a whole page or even start a niche website that promotes the product.   It is well documented that the more benefits you can share with people about how good an item is, the more likely you are to make a sale.


Promote with Integrity:

how to make money with clickbankAlways remember that with anything you sell online, whether it’s yours or not, is to use some online integrity.  That means to never promote anything from any affiliate that you wouldn’t use yourself or recommend to a close friend.

Even though some products may have lucrative payouts or commission rates, it is still unethical to push something onto others that you can’t personally get behind.  Not only is that not the way how to make money with ClickBank, but it is also a good way to lose the trust of your readers and lose your following.

Sometimes if you reach out the merchants on ClickBank and ask for a free trial or demo of the service, they will allow it so that you can better promote the item in its entirety.


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