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How To Become A Work From Home Brand Ambassador For VIPdesk Connect (and Earn Up to $18 an Hour)

Join the VIPdesk Connect work from home team as a brand ambassador. Learn where they hire, what it takes to work there, and how you can start your application today. There are a lot of work from home customer service positions. And the VIPdesk Connect work from home opportunity is one of them.

This company, known for hiring remote employees with benefits, is frequently hiring throughout the year.

But what is the job really all about and how can you actually get hired there? Check out my VIPdesk Connect work from home review for all the details.

What is VIPdesk Connect?

VIPdesk Connect provides outsourced customer service. This means they hire and train employees to address customer service needs for other companies.

Confused? Don’t be. Outsourced customer service companies are actually quite popular and a great way to get hired quickly.

Let’s say you get hired as part of the VIPdesk Connect work from home program. You won’t be providing customer service to VIPdesk Connect customers. Instead, you’ll be one of many virtual reps who provide customer support to an assigned client. The client could be a company like Chanel, BlueFly, or Home Advisor.

You are an employee of VIPdesk Connect but are helping customers of a different brand. Although you are working with customers from a different company, you are paid by, trained by, and employed by VIPdesk Connect.

What Kind Of VIPdesk Connect Work From Home Jobs Are There?

Since VIPdesk Connect is an outsourced customer service company, there are a variety of home-based customer service positions available. Like I mentioned, some of their past clients have been Chanel, BlueFly, and Home Advisor.

As a Brand Ambassador (the preferred term VIPdesk Connect uses for their reps), your main mission is to provide exceptional customer service. You may do this through different channels like:

  • Inbound phone calls
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Social Media

Whatever platform you’re using, Brand Ambassadors should always aim to offer a memorable customer service experience. That’s what sets VIPdesk Connect apart from other companies in the industry.

Where Does VIPdesk Connect Hire?

Although the VIPdesk Work From Home program was created to hire the best representatives regardless of location, there are some location restrictions.

Currently, VIPdesk Connect only hires in 14 states:

AZ, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, MD, NJ, NV, NY, OH, TX, UT, and VA.

On occasion, there are International work from home jobs available to residents of Canada. Any international openings will be clearly noted in the job listing!

So Far So Good. Tell Me More About The Job Requirements.

If you live in one of the states mentioned, that’s great! Let’s look at the requirements to join the VIPdesk Connect Work From Home Team:

Home Office

Your home office should be a separate room in your house that is secure. In other words, it should have a door you can lock. This helps keep sensitive information confidential. Your workspace should also be quiet and free of distractions — no pets or kids allowed.


Most of the VIPdesk Connect work from home jobs require a PC running Windows 7, 8, or 10. There are some opportunities for Mac users too. You’ll have to check individual listings to confirm whether or not you can use a Mac. Again, VIPdesk Connect does a really great job of clearly marking listings when Macs are not acceptable.

Netbooks, Chromebooks, tablets, and similar devices are not compatible!

USB Headset

As a Brand Ambassador, you’ll be taking a lot of inbound calls. To do this, you’ll need a headset that meets the VIPdesk Connect work from home requirements. A proper headset needs to have a noise cancelling microphone and plug in via USB. You can find an affordable USB headset on Amazon.


The good news is VIPdesk Connect does not require a landline. All calls are taken over the internet. That means your connection must be high-speed and reliable. To meet the speeds and connectivity requirements, your internet needs:

  • Minimum 2.5 Mbps download speeds
  • Minimum 1 Mbps upload speeds
  • Hardwire connection (no wireless)
  • DSL or Cable connection only (dial-up and satellite are not ok)

Not sure what your speeds are? Go ahead and test them over at speedtest.net

What If My Internet Or Computer Doesn’t Meet The Requirements?

You can always upgrade your computer or call your internet service provider to see if you can change your service. But, keep in mind, VIPdesk Connect will not reimburse you for any costs.

Great. How Can I Apply?

If you meet the residency, tech, and internet requirements, go ahead and apply! Head on over to the VIPdesk Connect Work From Home Career Page to see what listings are currently available.

The Application Process

If there’s a job opening available that interests you, go ahead and apply! Note: You can also create a profile. Creating a profile is not the same thing as submitting an application for a specific job listing! Your profile will help match you to future openings as they come available.

During the application process you’ll be asked to upload your resume. Learn how you can create a work from home resume that stands out from the crowd.

You may also be asked to complete an assessment. Be sure to use proper grammar and spell-check your answers before you submit them!

After The Application

If your resume is well received and your assessment answers accepted, the next step is a phone screening. During the phone interview, you have a chance to talk more in-depth about the position with your recruiter. They will also ask you questions to determine whether or not you’re a good fit for the job.

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At VIPdesk Connect, you are hired as an employee. One benefit you’ll receive is paid training! And don’t worry, the VIPdesk Connect work from home program includes virtual training.

Training will take place in your secure home office and is led by a trainer. You will have to attend 100% of training in order to start work!

What Will My Day Look Like As A VIPdesk Connect Work From Home Employee?

Really, it depends on which of the jobs you’re assigned to. If you’re an inbound sales rep, you’ll be setting appointments and referring customers to service providers.

If you’re a customer care agent, you’ll help troubleshoot issues, answer general questions, and investigate issues as they come up.

When you’re on the sales team, you can earn commission, which can earn you as much as $18/hour. Top 10% earners also get to set their own schedules!

What Are Others Saying?

It’s always a good idea to see what other workers have to say about a company. So, head on over to Glassdoor to read some first-hand reviews for yourself.

For the most part, reviewers have a favorable outlook of the job. This is especially true for the VIPdesk Connect work from home program.

Generally, employees report fair wages and supportive management. On the other side, benefits appear to be just okay and opportunities for advancement may not be great.

Join The VIPdesk Connect Work From Home Team

Ready to kick your cubicle to the curb? That’s the spirit! Be sure to visit the VIPdesk Connect career page to view current openings. If nothing is currently available, you can always submit a profile for future consideration.

And don’t forget to check out other legitimate work from home customer service jobs for even more ways to put your customer service skills to work without having to set foot in a call center.



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