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How Can Kids Make Money? By Trying One of These 16 Ideas!

how can kids make moneyIf you were to ask the parents, they’d all agree that kids need a lot of things in order to function: Love, food, shelter, education, etc.  But if you were to ask kids what they’d need, most of them would rattle off just about everything they could think of.  And unfortunately for them, they don’t have professional jobs with bi-weekly paychecks to turn to when they want things.  They have to save and have patience until they can afford the things they want.

Fortunately there are many ways how can kids make money these days if they are willing to put the energy into it.  I personally think it’s great to see small children and teenagers earning money.  Not only does it teach them the value of a dollar, but it gives them real life lessons about independence and really testing the limits of their own abilities.

Below is my list of a couple of the ways kids can make money.  As a parent, I must remind you that even if your child does engage in any of these money making ideas to please use your guidance and supervise their safety along the way.


How Can Kids Make Money – Things to Try:

  1. Allowance / chores.  Especially when kids are young, helping out around their own house is always the first place they should look.
  2. Part-time job.  Once they finally get old enough, having a part-time job in retail or the food industry can serve as a great introduction to making money in the real-world.  They learn the basics like working with coworkers, respecting a boss, and showing up on time.
  3. Help out the neighbors.  At any age your neighbors will always need some kind of help with the housekeeping, yard, etc.
  4. Babysitting.  I can remember my sisters babysitting all kinds of kids starting at age 13.  Not only was it easy since they liked children, but it paid well too.
  5. Walking the dog.  The other day when a group of young girls came to our house to ask if we needed our dog walked, I thought it was a pretty enterprising business.  Not only was this a money making venture for them, but I’m sure they also all loved dogs and were going to enjoy them every step of the way.
  6. Pet sitting.  The elderly woman who lived across the street used to pay my sister to watch her cat every time she went away.  For simply filling up her food bowl and petting her for a minutes each day, that was probably the easiest money she ever earned.
  7. Wash cars / bikes.  No automated car wash beats the integrity of a hand-washed car wash.  If you’ve got a hose and a dirty car, there’s money to be made.
  8. Garage sale.  Not only is this one way how kids can make money in the traditional sense, but also the entrepreneurial ones can too by selling lemonade, cookies, treats, etc.  Every time I go to a garage sale and I see young kids doing this, I’m always sure to spend a dollar or two to encourage their spirit.
  9. how can kids make moneyYard care.  From the time I became old enough to push a lawnmower there was money to be made.  No one likes to cut their own lawn.  And for the right price they will gladly outsource it to a young teenager.
  10. Shovel driveway.  When it snows and the lawn business goes cold, trade in the lawnmower for a snow blower.  I remember buying my first CD player after a whole winter of clearing out drive-ways.
  11. Online Surveys.  As the kids get older and you can trust them more online, online surveys are another good way how for kids to earn some easy money.  With just a few clicks they can earn several dollars at a time.
  12. Stock photography.  Say your child has a semester of photography in high school and takes some really good shots.  They might also enjoy being able to license those photographs (under your supervision of course) to people online that are looking for shots like those.
  13. Etsy.  If your teenager is crafty and good at making unique decorations, then you could help them setup an account on Etsy to sell those creations for real money.  Here’s how to get started.
  14. Writing.  Not only is this a great passive income opportunity for adults, it can also be used by young adults too.  Did you know that most of the content published on the Internet and popular media is written to a sixth grade level?  Keeping that in mind, if your teenager can research and write about a topic, then they could probably complete a number of job postings that can be found on eLance or oDesk.
  15. Lessons.  Even at an early age young people can teach younger kids about sports or music.
  16. Tutoring.  When you think of how can kids make money, tutoring is always there.  Why?  Because all kids have to go to school.  And at some point they need help with their academics.


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