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How Can I Make Money Fast – 34 Ideas for You to Try

how can i make money fastSometimes bills or expenses happen, and they need attention right away!  But you don’t have a lot of time to wait around and see if your investments will pan out.  You need the MONEY now!  And you need to find ways to do it in a rush.  So if you’re faced with this situation, you need to ask yourself how can I make money fast and as quickly as possible?

The best way to make money is to start saving as money as possible immediately!  Even though they won’t be your traditional passive income strategies, remember: A dollar saved is a dollar owned.  And since we don’t have time to wait to see our investments return a profit or our online businesses produce revenue, saving money is about your only option to make a difference as quickly as possible.

So with that, here are your options to make money fast:


How Can I Make Money Fast?

  1. Sell something on eBay.  Write up a good post, take an attractive picture, and let the bidding begin!
  2. Sell stuff on Craig’s List like furniture, appliances, gadgets, etc.  You’ll often get a better payout.
  3. Unload old trendy clothes at a re-sale store
  4. Sell used sports equipment at a re-sale store
  5. Do odd jobs.
  6. Recycle soda cans.
  7. Sell pre-1982 pennies and pre-1964 half dollars for their metal value.
  8. Swap babysitting duties
  9. Use coupons.
  10. Buy generic brands.
  11. Buy everything in bulk.
  12. Don’t shop hungry.  You make better food choices and buy less when you’re full.
  13. Make a menu before buying groceries.  Sticking to a list always helps keep you on track.
  14. Drink lots of water.  Not only will you feel more full, but you’ll spend less on other drinks.
  15. how can i make money fastRead more online instead of in magazines.  Try reading from the website or downloading to your Amazon Kindle.
  16. Turn off your TV, computer, lights, etc.
  17. Do your bills online.  Not only will you probably avoid late fees, you’ll save on checks and postage.
  18. Listen to music for free online.  Try Pandora or Spotify to hear any song or artist you want.
  19. Get DVD’s from the library for free.
  20. Start buying things online instead.  Amazon almost always sells everything for less.
  21. Turn down the thermostat.  Save on heating and cooling costs when you’re not home.
  22. Use less water.  Use water sparingly for dishes, laundry, and cleaning.
  23. Start carpooling.
  24. Never buy a beverage, appetizer, or desert when you’re out.  Stick to the main course.
  25. Only buy the clothes you need.  It’s a waste to leave them hanging in your closet.  Only buy clothes you plan to wear.
  26. Your clothes are still good.  Don’t throw your clothes out just because you’re tired of them.  Wear them out.
  27. Find cheap entertainment for your kids.  Parks, sports, seeing family members, etc.
  28. Wear neutrals.   They need less accessories and will match everything you own.
  29. Take up exercising.  It’s cheap and good for you.
  30. Eat lunch at work
  31. Work out using your cable service or You Tube.  Almost always a cable provider like Comcast’s On Demand or You Tube will have a library of exercises you can try.
  32. Stay home and read a good book
  33. Get rewarded for everything you were going to buy anyways.  Sign up for an online shopping rewards program like Swagbucks or Ebates to get free money.  Or you could double your rewards by using several high-paying cash-back credit cards as well.  Check out my entire credit card cashback strategy at this post here.
  34. Use cash only.  The classic answer to how can I make money fast is to make better decisions by using cash only so you have to think about your purchases.


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