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Hey Travelers: This Is How Easy Day Trading Is

Day Trading & Traveling? Yes it is very possible.

As I continue to get more questions about exactly what it is I trade for a living I decided to do a video to show all of my travelers exactly what I do to make a living day trading.

Many people that are outside of the finance world have no idea what even a stock is. To put it simply, a stock (traded on a stock market where it is bought and sold) is a piece of paper that says you own a piece of a public company. There are a lot of restrictions when buying and selling stocks because of  ownership.

The federal government also forbids anyone to day trade stocks unless they have a minimum of $25,000 in their account. This is called be pattern day trading rule.

When I first started day trading I did not have $25,000. Working for almost minimum wage and living paycheck to paycheck I decided to take out student loans worth $25,000 so I could get started.

What we trade is the futures markets. To give you a quick background futures are contracts that farmers created years ago to rely on a steady income. Due to the fluctuation in price of things like pot bellies and corn, farmers decided to sell a contract that would expire in the future.

Merchants would then purchase this “futures contract” and agree to by the product at a fixed price in the future.

Day Trading Tradestation

What our day trading charts look like

To make matters even more complicated the beauty of American capitalism created E-mini futures. Emini futures are 1/5 the size of normal futures contracts and are traded electronically.

When a contract of an Emini Futures is purchased there isn’t an exchange of ownership similar to the stock market.

To try to explain what Emini futures are I will refer to the popular game of Monopoly. Everyone around the world should know what Monopoly is.

The only reason why a property on a Monopoly board is valuable is because the players of the game say it is valuable. This same concept can be applied to the Emini futures market.

Emini futures are essentially an imaginary market that only have value because day traders like myself say they do. The only difference between Emini futures and Monopoly is that we risk real money when we trade. A lot of money in fact.

We teach traders at an online Day Trading Academy via live market analysis classes, daily market recap classes, and review classes as well. We have had so much success with the students in the program that many are teaching the classes with us.

Just last week we had a trader that made $8000 his first day live.

Pretty amazing stuff.  You can even find Brice, the Trading Voyageur that has a very similar lifestyle to mine, day trading & traveling.

Times are tough right now and many people are looking for the opportunity to work for themselves.

The view of our penthouse that we rented in Brazil (Trading Voyageur & WanderingTrader)

The view of our penthouse that we rented in Brazil (Trading Voyageur & WanderingTrader)

Everyone is looking for the viability of having a profession where they can work from themselves, anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

This is the essence what success means to me, total utter less freedom.

Even if that means working for myself at 90 hours a week. I would rather work hundred 50 hours a week and create something for myself rather than be a slave in a cubicle for a corporation that will fire me at a moment’s notice.

In actuality we only trade for an hour or two a day.  Due to my teaching & travel schedule I only trade between 5-10 days a month.

We teach all of our traders that it isn’t necessarily about making thousands of dollars every day, it is about just being consistent.

Once someone can start making just $100 every single day the possibilities are endless.

The futures market is much higher leveraged than the stock market. This means that for every dollar that a futures contract goes up we can make upwards of $50 or even $1000. $1000 refers to the highest profit of all futures markets which is oil.

It isn’t that hard to get started and while it does take an investment the most important thing is to have discipline and focus.

I have been day trading and traveling around the world now for nearly 4 years and I don’t plan to ever stop. We are working with the same traders mentioned earlier that have been through our training program and are trading live to open day trading centers around the world.

I mentioned in the floundering trader post how I planned on setting up a base in Colombia towards the middle of the year to focus on opening our very first trading center.

So now you know, owning your own business day trading isn’t really that hard. To view an example of exactly how it works watch the video below. This is a live class that we hosted with our students that are part of the training program at the Day Trading Academy.  We even had a travel blogger sign up for the course!

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