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Facebook Alternative: Connect23.com Offers Track-free and Safe Family Social Media Solution

Facebook Alternative: Connect23.com Offers Track-free and Safe Family Social Media Solution

Websites collect your intimate personal life details at an increasingly alarming rate. Corporations sell your life story for profit. What can you do?

Online PR News – 27-August-2016 – At an increasingly distressing rate, companies like Facebook profile intimate details of your life like income, net worth, whom your parents are, how many credit lines you have open, and where you shop. Are there any safe social media solutions where you can simply communicate with friends and family without giving up your intimate personal details?

Consider how tracking and profiling by Facebook and other websites is affecting your life: Your online activity, and not just your credit habits, now influences your ability to get a home loan. Companies can determine an approximate credit score without contacting one of the big three credit bureaus. Did you know corporations are documenting your political views, sexual orientation and medical conditions? How is this possible? You give these companies permission to do this when you use their free service. Companies use your online habits and posts to uniquely identify you with shocking accuracy.

Facebook is perhaps the biggest tracking and profiling offender of them all because Facebook wants to help sell every ad on the web. Did you know Facebook tracks at least 98 different details about your life? Learn more by searching for Facebook 98 personal things or click here: http://www.digitalspy.com/tech/news/a805721/these-are-the-98-personal-things-facebook-knows-about-you/. Learn about online privacy concerns by searching for Krebs on Security or visiting http://krebsonsecurity.com/.

Why is Facebook tracking me? Why is personal profiling so rampant? Facebook tracking of your life is at the core of their free service. The Facebook business model requires the collection of staggering amounts of your personal data. By micro-profiling you, Facebook leverages your memories for profit. Clearly, the need for a family social media solution grows.

Help has arrived. Imagine a new, consumer-focused, and independent company that has joined and strengthened the emerging private social media movement. Such a company requires a consumer first business model void of all tracking and profiling interests. That company is Connect23, LLC. At Connect23, you are the customer. Our existence is 100% dependent upon pleasing the individual consumer. At other sites, consumers are merely a commodity because those business models only generate revenue by selling your personal life story for profit, states Steve Twyman, founder of Connect23.

The family social media solution at Connect23 offers a secure and private facebook alternative. Steve Twyman explains, Social media is all about safe and private communication with your friends and family. Why should anyone profile your posts? Why should your memories be sold for profit? The difference between Connect23 and other free social media alternatives is the business model. The Connect23 business model is completely independent of external corporate interests and protecting the consumer is all that matters. Therefore private social media, safe social media and family-friendly social media can all happen at one secure place. At Connect23, your life story and precious memories stay between you, your family and your friends.

As entrenched corporations continue to leverage your deeply personal life story for profit, it is increasingly important to explore alternatives. If you are concerned about the depths at which giant tech companies are profiling you and what they might do next, then consider a trusted, safe and family social media solution like Connect23. It is easy to switch because Connect23 offers a package to bring your family and friends over at once.

Connect23, a facebook alternative, is your safe social media solution because you are the customer. Connect23 is safe and private because it does not track and profile you. It is easy to join and you can enroll your family at once. Take back your life by joining Connect23 right now. #UnlimitedLife #GetThere

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