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Email Marketing: Free Live Training Webinar Today

Today Thursday Oct. 13th will be your chance to win $5,000 on this live webinar call that will teach you how to make money each and every month with a simple email list… 

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If you’re here on this site reading this post then it’s likely your goal is to become a successful internet marketer. While some of you are interesting in making a little extra passive income working part-time others want to get wealthy working online as a full-time occupation.

I can tell you from personal experience – both of these goals are achievable without having any prior marketing experience.

But in order to achieve either one or both of these goals you’re going to have to learn and use email marketing. The good news is that email marketing is one of the easiest skills to learn. It’s both the easiest skill and one that brings with it the highest profit return. The fact is the most successful internet marketers make more income from their email list than any other single source. And that includes me.

Thursday Oct. 13, is your chance to win $5,000 while learning how to earn passive income by building your own email list. Just click on the green button in the box below to get to the free sign up page:

live today

Even if you’re new to working online it’s better to get started with email marketing early even before you think you’re ready. In fact I’ve had many people tell me that their biggest regret with internet marketing was not building their email list from the very start. Please don’t make the same mistake.

Still not convinced? How about a statistical fact: email marketing delivers a return of 4,300% and is more cost-effective than any other form of marketing. Period.

Enter Anthony Morrison:

Anthony is one of those bright young guys that started his first online business from his college dorm room. He had absolutely no experience or desire to start an online business. But like many other overachievers, that’s the way it went down.

Anthony went on to build more than 10 successful business online, author 3 books on internet
marketing, and speak to over 250,000 people worldwide about how to make a high income building online email marketing businesses.

Anthony currently generates over $200,000 per month sending simple emails and he’s made it
his mission going forward to teach others exactly how he’s doing it and give them access to the
same tools and advantages top marketers around the world have access to in their businesses.
I’ve spent countless hours coming up with the absolute best way to show you the secret
technique I am using to build my email marketing business today.

Email Marketing Strategy:

Have you been struggling to find a way to build your very own business on the Internet? If you’re like me (and countless other people around the world) you’ve likely tried your hand at just about everything to crack this whole “getting money online” code only to be dealt a harsh reality time
and time again.

It’s not as simple as most people make it seem, in fact, most of the stuff you read online is simply
outdated by the time you get your eyes on it. However, the system I am going to share with you
in this book (and the amazing way I have refined it) is time tested and has worked for literally
decades for people just like me and just like you.

All that really matters right now is you have the desire and drive to take action and make your
dreams become your reality. As you’ll discover in this short book my path to success was filled
with roadblocks and catastrophes, and what I share with you here is going to help you avoid all
of those things to have a clearer and more profound path to success.

Building your own Email Marketing Business is simple IF you know the one key to massive
success that MOST people leave out or never even think of when they teach you to become an
email marketer.

Looking at this diagram here what point do you think the most successful email marketers on
the planet focus on?


Best Email Marketing Practices


  • First and foremost, know the rules. Read up and understand the CAN-SPAM laws because the very last thing you want to do is get on the wrong side of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). There are many spammers out there but the majority of people who violate CAN-SPAM are simple marketers who never bothered to learn the rules. Please don’t do that! The rules are pretty straight-forward and even common-sense so go read them before you start emailing your list.
  • Make it easy for your audience to subscribe to your list. That means giving them several different opportunities to join your list on your site. Place a signup form on your website in several places, any social media pages you have, and anywhere else your fans, customers, and readers expect to find you. 
  • Give away something for free (ethical bribe) to entice people to join your list. People love free stuff and this is the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise on your topic. It can be as simple as a free report, ebook, or whitepaper on a topic. Summarize a few bullet points on your signup form so they know exactly what they’re getting and how it can help them. 
  • Give your new subscribers a reason to stay on your list. Tell them that the free content is only the beginning and that you will periodically share much more if they stick around. Provide a way for them to reach out to you personally if they have questions or need help.
  • Keep your content on point and develop a reputation as a generous giver before you start asking for anything (feedback, referrals, and sales) in return. If you do this your subscribers will love you. If your topic is broad make sure to use segmentation to divide your list into smaller groups to make sure they’re getting the specific info they’re looking for. For example: mental health -> depression -> anxiety -> panic attacks -> panic attacks in children. Relevancy will increase engagement which is key to your list building success.
  • Send information out in regular intervals. You can accomplish this by keeping a simple publishing calendar. Whether it’s emails or a newsletter condition your readers to depend on your regular and periodic communications with them. If you go weeks or months without sending anything to them they will forget about and likely bail on you the moment you come back.
  • Pay attention to the quality of your communication. Use spellcheck, proper grammar, and punctuation to keep your messages professional. Sloppy or zero editing dilutes your credibility and is a quick way to lose many of your subscribers.
  • Test. Test. Test. Your message may look good on desktop but horrible on mobile devices. Send test emails to generic email addresses that you set up to make sure they look good. Test them on both desktop, pad, and phone devices to make sure they’re formatted correctly and are not being directed to SPAM boxes. Also make sure the links work from each device option.

Thursday Oct. 13, is your chance to win $5,000 while learning how to earn passive income by building your own email list. Just click on the green button in the box below to get to the free sign up page:

live today

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