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Earn a Living from Home: 19 Remote-Friendly Companies You Can Actually Build a Career With

Want to earn a living from home? Check out these 19 remote-friendly companies you can build a real work-from-home career with.There are some virtual companies who have literally built their culture around distributed workforces. That is all (or most) of their employees earn a living from home.

Buffer, Edgar, GitHub, and Automattic, come to mind — but that’s just a small fraction of the existing (and growing) number of businesses who fully embrace remote workforces.

But these 100% distributed companies aren’t the only ones that offer remote jobs. In fact, quite a few businesses have both in office workers and work-from-home employees.

And, if you’ve been looking for a way to earn a living from home, I’m talking full-time income you can actually live off of, you should definitely check them all out!

Between the fully remote companies and those with remote-friendly attitudes, you have plenty of chances to build a career — no cubicle required.


At Buffer, you get to work where you’re happiest. Whether that means your home office, coworking spaces or a coffee shop, there’s no limit or geographic boundaries when you join the Buffer team.


Invision is an app that makes it easy for people to build real, working prototypes in a snap. While you can find tons of programming and developer jobs at Invision, there are also plenty of opportunities to earn a living from home in departments like sales, marketing, and human resources.


You probably visit at least one website a day that’s online thanks to Automattic! They’re the company behind popular content management system (CMS) WordPress and popular plugins like Akismet and Jetpack. When you work for Automattic you get to join a team of Automatticians who work in both office locations and remote locales all around the world!


Plenty of bloggers, businesses, and website owners use Edgar to help them maintain their social media presence. And when you join the Edgar team, you’ll have your hand in making social media easier and more consistent for others.

American Express

With a global presence, American Express has employees working in offices all around the world. But they also have virtual teams who work from their home offices, too! There are a variety of work from home jobs at AmEx across departments like Customer Service, Travel & Lifestyle, Sales, and Human Resources.


Zapier has written the guide to remote work — literally. Go check it out, it’s a valuable source of information! As a fully distributed workforce, you can find just about all kinds of jobs at Zapier ranging from Customer Champion to Tax Accountant, and so much more in between!


Chances are, you own or have owned an Apple device at some point in time! And while there are plenty of employees who work in-office and in retail stores around the world for Apple, there are also opportunities to work from home as part of Apple’s At-Home Advisor program!


Sitel has an entire team of remote workers through their Work@Home Agent Solutions program. With a distraction-free, home office setup you too can join the team as you earn a living from home supporting a number of different companies.


Help spread news that matters when you join the Upworthy team! While there are a number of freelance editorial positions available here, you can also find marketing, support, and other full-time staff positions perfect for the out-of-the-cube job seeker.  


When brands need developers, they turn to X-Team to find the best and brightest programmers around. Of course this means you can build your remote-friendly career as a developer at X-Team, but there are also openings for Ambassadors — the people who track down the super-talented programmers!


GitHub is the place to go when you want to share code. They have their very own job board where a variety of companies can post openings for programmers and developers. But you can also find plenty of jobs at GitHub directly ranging from technical to administrative, and everything in between!


There are two main types of jobs at RecruitLoop: Independent Recruiter and direct employee positions! Either one you choose, you can earn a living from home as you help to transform the way companies hire.


10up is in the business of building websites and online tools. But that doesn’t mean you’ve got to be a developer to work at 10up! There are a number of cubicle-less careers to be found here!

Help Scout

More than 7,000 businesses worldwide trust Help Scout to help them deliver email support to their customers. And as they continue to grow, you can expect to find even more remote jobs at Help Scout!


Remote teams around the world use Hubstaff to help manage their payroll. And, as you may have guessed, since Hubstaff is in the business of helping remote workers, they too are a remote-friendly company. Jobs at Hubstaff include PR positions, Customer Support, Developer, and so much more.  


Like Hubstaff, Sococo makes it easier for remote teams to work together from locations from around the world. Join the Sococo team and earn a living from home helping to create virtual workplaces for others.


Online shop owners and ecommerce retailers use Conversio to help them make the most of their marketing efforts. You too can join their mission of ecommerce domination as Success Fairy Godmother, Admin Genie, or any other number of work-from-home jobs at Conversio.


Online website visitors demand instant help when they need it. That’s where Olark comes into play with their number of on-demand chat solutions for website owners. Join the Olark team and enjoy many unique benefits like self-scheduling and a bonus before you go on vacation.


When you work at Crossover, you’ll be joining the top 1% of the world’s talent. Impressive, right? It is! And the best part is, there are a number of open positions available at any given time, so you’re bound to find at least one way you can earn a living from home at Crossover.  

Earn a Living from Home & Kick Your Cubicle to the Curb

With these 19 companies, there are dozens of way you can earn a living from home and create a real out-of-the cubicle career — one that offers predictability, growth opportunity, and actually pays your bills each month.

But these are just a small fraction of the many real remote jobs out there. To learn how to find even more at-home employment positions check out my ebook The 10-Second Commute for a scam-free guide to remote work.

Increase Your Chances of Getting an Interview

Before you apply to any of the companies listed or start your remote job search, make sure you set yourself up for success. And the best way to do that is to spruce up your resume.

I’ve created a super easy-to-follow guide that will help you hack your resume so you get more interviews and increase your chances of getting hired. Snag your free copy below. There’s no signing up for anything. No email address to hand over. Simply click the image below to get to the good stuff. Enjoy!

Want to earn a living from home? Check out these 19 remote-friendly companies you can build a real work-from-home career with.

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