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Customer Service Jobs From Home

If you want to escape your cubicle, consider customer service jobs from home. There are lots of options to choose from, and some even let you set your own schedule! Customer service jobs from home are one of the most readily available. This is because companies, large and small, realize the many benefits of remote support teams.

For starters, there’s no expensive call center to operate. And, two, companies can hire the best talent regardless of geographic location.

So, if you’ve been searching for a way to get into the work from home world, give customer service jobs a look. Chances are, you’ll find at least one position that works for you whether you want a flexible contract job or a more stable employee position.

What Kinds of Customer Services Jobs From Home Are There?

For the most part, customer service jobs from home fall into one of two categories:

  1. Full-time with employee benefits
  2. Contract with no employee benefits

Each has its own unique set of pros and cons.

Pros & Cons of Employee Customer Service Jobs From Home

As an employee, you will:

  • Receive a set schedule
  • Have a steady paycheck
  • Be benefits eligible

As an employee, you will not:

  • Set your schedule
  • Have to pay any startup costs or fees
  • Choose your projects
  • Be able to take time off whenever you want

If you have a quiet home office, eight distraction-free hours during the day (for full-time), and the desire for stability, an employee position makes a lot of sense.

Pros & Cons of Contract Customer Service Jobs From Home

As a contractor you will:

  • Be responsible for any fees or startup costs
  • Work a less structured schedule
  • Have flexibility in the projects you work on
  • Be able to work how and when you’re at your best

As a contractor you will not:

  • Be eligible for benefits
  • Receive a lot of guidance in day-to-day activities
  • Have taxes withheld from your check

If you have kids in your care, a crazy schedule, or looking to add to your income and aren’t too worried about employer-sponsored health insurance, a contractor position could very well work for you!

Where To Find Employee Customer Service Jobs From Home

If you’ve ever worked in a call center, you already know what it’s like to work from home as a customer service rep. But instead of being in a cubicle with dozens of other reps, you’ll be working out of your home office.

Taking calls, escalating issues, and resolving customer complaints will be a daily part of your workday. In some instances, you may respond to customers via chat, email or even social media.

Companies that offer employee customer service jobs from home include:


Open in many states across the U.S. as part of their At-Home Advisor program. You even get a Mac to use for work! Apple also has remote chat agent positions on occasion.

American Express

Two main virtual positions available here: Travel and Customer Service. Both offer set schedules that may include late night and evening shifts. Weekends are a must!


Often seasonal but offers the chance to remain on as a full-time employee.


Reservations, sales, and even roadside assistance are part of the U-Haul Home program.


Available in select states for hourly reservation agents. Hourly pay rate plus bonuses.


Offers customer service and support positions for wireless companies


Regularly hiring at-home reps. Often has virtual job fairs that can lead to employment offer.


Both customer service and sales positions here. Some opportunities for those with healthcare experience.

Service 800

Opportunities for residents of North America, Europe, South America, and Asia


Offers a number of different at-home agent opportunities


As its name implies, mostly at-home support positions available here


Full-time, part-time, and even seasonal positions available at Sutherland/CloudSource


Advancement opportunities for at-home agents. Must pass pre-employment screening.


The company you probably know as the ‘copy machine people’ regularly hires home-based reps. In fact, they have an entire Virtual Office Program dedicated to at-home jobs throughout the company.


Receive plenty of training and some notable perks too when you sign on as an employee at Sykes. A customer service background is preferred but not required to get hired on here.

VIPdesk Connect

VIPdesk Connect regularly contracts with high-end brands to deliver top-notch customer service. No two agent positions are the same, and your benefits package will vary accordingly.

Where to Find Customer Service Jobs From Home as a Contractor

What makes contract customer service jobs from home popular is often the perk of being able to pick your own schedule. For anyone with kids or caretaker responsibilities, contract gigs may give you a chance to bring home a little bacon while still managing a busy household.

In fact, one of the contract customer service companies on this list allows agents to schedule themselves for blocks of time as short as 30 minutes. These super short chunks of time are great ways to earn money from home without eating into precious family time.

Considering a contractor opportunity for the flexibility? Consider one of these companies:

Accolade Support

Agents at Accolade are paid per minute of talk time. You can choose when you work. But, remember, the more calls you take, the more you’ll earn.

ACD Direct

Along with the ability to schedule yourself, there are also advancement opportunities with ACD Direct.


Agent positions at Advanis are part customer service, part market research. Most of your calls will be survey-type conversations with customers. Pay is a set hourly-wage.


At Arise you get a chance to launch your own virtual call center. This means you’ll have to put in a little leg work to get yourself registered as a business before contracting with them. But, you’ll also have a lot more control over your earnings and be able to recruit agents under you to work in your ‘call center.’


VoiceLog is a large third-party verification company. Agents here make outbound calls that help combat sales fraud. You’re guaranteed a minimum hourly wage and can work shifts as short as just two hours.


As you may have guessed by their name, ContractWorld offers a variety of contract customer service jobs from home. Some of their clients are national pizza chains. This means you may answer incoming calls from customers wanting to place a pizza order.

Direct Interactions

Agents are allowed to work on multiple projects at once. Some projects are more flexible than others. Most agents earn between $10-$12.

Expert Business Development

As an agent here, you will be making outbound calls. However, this is not a telemarketing positions. There is a good bit of appointment setting and lead followup phone calls to make.

Great Virtual Works

Great Virtual Works prides themselves on offering quality positions for anyone needing a flexible schedule. In fact, they have specific programs for veterans and their spouses, college students, and stay-at-home moms.


You get to be your own boss as a LiveOps Agent. Once you go through the on boarding process, you can work on different projects that vary from insurance claims to warranty sales (and many more in between).


Like LiveOps, you’ll get to be your own boss as a NexRep agent. Agents can work on a variety of projects and have the flexibility to schedule themselves.

Where Else Can I Find Customer Service Jobs From Home?

This list is definitely a good jumping off point if you’re interested in customer service jobs from home. But they’re not the only companies that hire remote agents.

If you’re looking for even more opportunities to earn as a customer service rep without the commute, be sure to check out these 22+ free job boards, blogs, and sites. Together, they can amount to dozens of legitimate leads each and every day.

And don’t forget about startups! Companies like Buffer, Zapier, and Olark are distributed teams which means all their customer service agents work from remote locations. You can join them! Browse this list of remote-friendly companies to see the many opportunities for support positions at startups.



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