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Enerlites Introduces an Innovative Humidity Sensor Switch DWHS

Enerlites expands its humidity sensor switch product line with an innovative standalone wall unit DWHS.

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Meals and Entertainment Deduction Rules for 2018 and Beyond

The meals and entertainment deduction rules for 2018 differ from those used in the past. If you’re a business owner or real estate investor, you want to know how the new 2018 rules work. You’ll sidestep hassle and maximize your savings with just a wee bit of buffing up. Old Meals and Entertainment Deduction Rules […]

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Metafrax, A Company Controlled By Seyfeddin Roustamov, Begins An Ambitious Construction Project

The ceremony of laying the first cube of concrete to the plant base took place in Gubakha, Perm Territory (Russia).

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Enerlites Adds Round Floor Box Kits to its Inventory

Enerlites introduces the 975517 round floor box kit, which is designed to meet the required functionality of the raised access floor market.

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Chicago 4th Congressional District Candidate, Richard Gonzalez And Robert Renteria Announce Alliance

Collaborative uses teaching tools to address Chicago's bloody gangs, bullying, and violence

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Siamond Withdrawal Rate Not a Pretty Picture

A couple of weeks ago, a respected and rather mathematical member of the popular Bogleheads online investing forum, Siamond, posted a thoughtful article, CAPE and Safe Withdrawal Rates, at the Bogleheads blog. In the post, and updating analysis done by retirement researcher Michael Kitces a decade earlier, Siamond looks at whether stock market valuations impact […]

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Quality Resolution Systems, LLC Says Supplier Connectivity a Key to Automobile Industry Success

Detroit-based consultancy delivers solutions to Ford, FCA, and GM designed to enhance the cultural-shaping, process

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Save Our Community, Inc and WAWELA Cancer Support, Announce Partnership

Dallas, Texas-based organizations aim to eradicate cancer, offer workshops and seminars which focus on prevention, nutrition, fitness, and emotional wellness

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HealthWay to Launch the World’s Most Efficient Whole House Air Cleaner the Super V

The Global Leading manufacturer of air cleaning systems will launch their new patented whole house air cleaner at the WQA Conference March 27-28th in Denver, CO

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Austin Moving Company American Relocation & Storage Systems Acquired

Boston-based Olympia Moving & Storage adds its first Texas location by purchasing the 57-year-old Austin moving company on March 1st.

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