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BzzAgent Review — Is This Review Panel and Product Testing Platform Legit?

bzzagent reviewIt’s true. You can make money taking surveys online and reviewing products. The question is, how much?

While you may not be able to substitute your full-time income by taking surveys or reviewing products, you may be able to earn some extra money to pay bills or boost your income. Nowadays, numerous sites offer options through which you can get rewarded for your time and participation through cash, free products, and gift cards.

BzzAgent is one such site. It is a market research and product testing panel that invites you to join an online community of “BzzAgents.” As a member, you will share your opinion on and review various products and services online, and through active participation on social media.

So, is it worth your time? Let’s find out by taking a closer look in this in-depth BzzAgent review.

About the BzzAgent Review Panel

BzzAgent is a review panel and media network that launched onto the online survey site scene in 2002. It was founded by Dave Bolter in 2001 and is operated by Dunnhumby, a global leader in consumer market research and data science headquartered in London, UK.

This platform recruits “BzzAgents,” who are independent panel members that evaluate products and services online and then share their opinions with their contacts on social media and friends in person.

BzzAgent has over one million members located in Latin America, the continental US, and Europe. They have disrupted the idea that “word of mouth” sells by capitalizing on the power of conversation and sharing on social media. Marketers of products generate measurable results for minimal effort on their various products and services.

The products provided for testing are of a high caliber and feature well-known household brands such as Nestle, L’Oréal, Purina, and Proctor & Gamble. Once you test these products and review them with the platform, you get to keep them while building your “BzzScore” or status on the platform.

Only participants living in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Brazil, are eligible to participate.

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How Does BzzAgent Work?

BzzAgent leverages the power of sharing and customers’ word of mouth to market products and services on behalf of brands. Joining the platform is free—any decent survey panel should never charge you to join or participate.

On joining you will be required to fill in your details, focusing on your name, address, income level, interests, other demographics, and email address. This exercise will match the best products to you, your interests, and your lifestyle.

Members perform various activities that boost their status of BzzScore on the site. These include linking their BzzAgent account to social media and promoting the product on their chosen campaign. BzzAgent will then send a kit to your home. It will include full-size samples of products that match your profile, coupons, smaller product samples, and literature on the item.

What’s cool about this platform is that you get to keep the products! The more active you are on the platform and social media, the more high-quality products you will receive to review and keep.

As your BzzScore climbs, so does your status on the platform. Tier 1 or Solitary Bee is the starting point, which progressively increases to Tier 6 or the Sweet Bee status depending on your level of activity. You get to increase your “BzzScore” by actively writing product reviews, and then uploading photos and videos of your product to your social media platforms.

BzzAgent doesn’t just want you to post the product you are reviewing on these online platforms. The quality of the post also matters. The platform would like to generate a meaningful conversation around a product or service on behalf of their clients. In this respect, they encourage members to share their opinions, thoughts, and criticisms on the product they are reviewing.

In addition to online reviews, BzzAgent requires its members to create “BzzReports,” which elaborate on how you shared your product story with friends and contacts. They want you to “Bzz” about the product, whether in person or online.

Let’s not forget that this review panel is also a survey site, and they periodically will invite their members to participate in short online surveys that help to accumulate “Bzz points.” These points can be exchanged on the website MyPoints.com for PayPal cash or other gift card rewards.


Is BzzAgent Legit?

There is some concern online nowadays that survey and review panels use participants’ time and effort unethically. Some panels do not reward members in a timely fashion or per the efforts they put in on the platform.

So, is this a problem on the BzzAgent platform? We gathered from various customers’ BzzAgent reviews online that the platform is legit. They have sent out real products to customers for consideration and do collaborate well with MyPoints.com to exchange points to cash or gift card rewards.

As with all review and survey platforms, there will always be customer complaints. No site is perfect. For instance, on BzzAgent if you joined expecting to make a lot of money, you would be disappointed as the platform is focused on rewards in kind. Such a customer could give a bad BzzAgent review, but this may not necessarily be the platform’s fault.

With a community of over 1 million members who actively promote products and services on social media, the platform does have substantial credibility.

On the Better Business Bureau website, they list an impressive A+ rating and have been in business for 17 years. Looking at their reviews on TrustPilot, another trusted online review site, they do not fare as well, with a below-average positive trust level of 40% from 18 customer reviews.

Another feature that differentiates BzzAgent from other survey panels is their prominent presence on social media. They run active Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram pages, where they require their members to be engaged in sharing their reviews. Most scam sites try to shy away from social media activity as they could easily be caught out by hawk-eyed consumers.

Here are some recent comments from users online about the platform.

“Great company. I have gotten a few products from them and have only been signed up like a year. I'm guessing they don't get many products to review themselves hence the disappointed customers on this site, or they don't fit into very good demographics…”– Stephen Dodd on TrustPilot. October 18, 2018.  “You get to try great products and get coupons for the products as well. I love this site.” – Tamika (US) on Survey Police.” – August 5, 2019.  “This site used to be a contender for one of the best product review sites. However, since the change, nothing is what it was. It's impersonal, and those who have been BzzAgents for a long time are getting brushed aside. All you have to do is read the comments and posts on the Bzzagent Facebook page...”- Jennifer A. on Sitejabber. June 17, 2019.

BzzAgent – The Good and the Bad


  • This review panel is free to join. Get active on an online review panel and social media community that will pay you in kind to review products and services.
  • The platform is exciting and engaging with an easy to use website. The panel also uses social media activities to keep all the members informed of any updates or developments.
  • Along with the campaign products, you will also earn points to a partner website known as com. This website can allow you to exchange points for PayPal cash deposits or rewards given as gift cards.
  • Their customer support team is proactive and responsive. They actively respond to members’ queries or issues in a timely fashion.
  • BzzAgent values honest reviews. If you don’t like a product or service and offer a bad review, BzzAgent won’t lower your BzzScore. What they value is the conversation and debate that your social media post and BzzAgent reviews will generate about the particular product or service on your campaign.
  • BzzAgent does not make it compulsory to participate in every product campaign review they send you. You can opt-out of product or service reviews that don’t fit your profile and opt-in for those that better fit your lifestyle and demographic.
  • BzzAgent tries its best to make the platform interesting for users. The “Achievement” feature has extra rewards which you can unlock as you use the platform. These milestones include your “First Exceptional Photo,” “1st BzzReport,” or “10th Tweet.” These activities give panel members incentives to aim for and keep them suitably engaged on the platform.


  • You must leverage social media to benefit from BzzAgent. Without this activity of promotion and sharing, you are likely to reap minimal rewards from the site.
  • Some of the products on offer are of deficient quality. For the amount of promotion required, it may not be worth your while.
  • You will not earn money on the site. So, if you are looking for an opportunity to make an income, this model is not a good fit. You are “paid” by being allowed to keep the product you are sent to review, in addition to MyPoints. If you prefer to earn cash rewards then you might be better off with something else, like maybe LifePoints.
  • It takes quite a while to match with suitable products on the platform. Some users reported the process taking months, and for some, the match never happened for the lifetime of their membership.
  • The company makes no guarantee that you will be able to test out products once you join the platform.

Our Verdict

What we’ve gathered from this BzzAgent review is that this review panel is real and legitimate. They offer free products to their participants in exchange for their honest opinion and social media promotion.

You won’t make money directly on the site. Instead, you’ll benefit from myriads of free products. You may, however, earn MyPoints.com credits that can be converted to cash via PayPal if preferred.

BzzAgent reviews online highlight just how fun this site is to use. There’s a real online community on this platform that leverages social media to get out honest reviews on various products to the world. It is an active website with a vibrant community that enjoys their time online, excited at getting their hands on some free merchandise.

So, are you ready to get “bzz-ing?” Let us know your thoughts.

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