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Bigspot Review: Is it Safe for Making Money?

If you have experience making money taking online surveys, you’ll know that the best way to maximize your earnings is to join multiple paid survey sites. That said, it can be difficult keeping track of all your memberships and looking out for which sites have available surveys that you are qualified to take.

What if there was a way to access high paying surveys from multiple survey sites in one convenient location?

This is what the Bigspot survey website offers, but is the website legit and does it deliver on its promises? In this Bigspot review, we’ll be answering these questions by looking into what Bigspot is, how it works, and more.

About Bigspot

Bigspot claims to be run by Varsityplaza, LLC. Whether this is true is hard to verify due to the lack of information available on the internet. It’s also hard to find information about the number of Bigspot’s members or its history.

The lack of solid background information regarding the company doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, but there are other things I was able to find by visiting and using the website.

When you visit the Bigspot website, you’ll see various content that advertises the website as a paid survey site. If you read Bigspot reviews and spend enough time on the website, though, you’ll discover that it isn’t.

Paid survey sites engage in market and consumer research on behalf of their clients. They accomplish this by carrying out surveys that collect data on how consumers feel about certain products/services. The data from the survey is then used by companies to improve their products/services and develop more effective marketing strategies.

Bigspot is involved in none of this.

Instead, what the website offers is a list of popular survey sites that you can sign up on to take paid surveys. In short, Bigspot itself offers no surveys and doesn’t pay you to take surveys. It is merely a middleman that connects you with paid survey sites where you can take surveys and get paid.

The paid survey sites that Bigspot recommends to its members vary. The list I was provided after signing up contained most of the popular survey sites – Toluna, Ipsos i-Say, and MySurvey.

I’m already a member of Ipsos i-Say and MySurvey, but not a member of Toluna for good reasons, so this list was pretty much useless to me.

If a list of survey sites you’ve probably already joined is all you get after joining Bigspot, is it worth it? Let’s find out by digging deeper into how the website works.

How Does the Site Work?

To clarify, Bigspot is not a paid survey site nor a Get-Paid-to (GPT) site. Don’t let other Bigspot reviews or the misleading information on the Bigspot website tell you otherwise.

Because Bigspot doesn’t give surveys and only connects you to the websites that do, Bigspot won’t be responsible for paying you for the surveys that you get. This means that if you complete a survey on one of the websites recommended by Bigspot, and that website doesn’t pay, you can’t complain to Bigspot.

So, if Bigspot doesn’t give you surveys and it doesn’t pay you, or even make sure you get paid, then what is it good for?

The main benefit of joining Bigspot is it connects you to legit paid survey sites. Of course, this is only useful if you’re a newbie to online survey sites.


Because all the websites recommended by Bigspot are websites that you can find yourself and join without help from anyone. Using Bigspot to join these websites only adds extra and unnecessary steps to becoming a member on these sites.

To become a Bigspot member, you need to provide some personal information, such as your name, email, date of birth, gender, and more.

This information is used to determine what demographic you fall under and what surveys you are qualified to take, but since Bigspot itself doesn’t provide you with any surveys and you’ll need to register all over again on the sites it refers you to, what’s the point?

If I were to guess, Bigspot earns passive income by referring you to these paid survey websites or at the very least gets a commission from the websites for bringing in new members. Meaning, you make money for Bigspot by joining real survey websites via the platform.

Is the Site Legit?

It’s not a survey site, but a platform that compiles paid surveys from actual survey sites. Most Bigspot survey reviews agree that said platform is legit, but they also agree that joining the platform isn’t worth it. BigSpot isn’t listed on BBB (Better Business Bureau), but the company that supposedly owns it, VarsityPlaza, LLC, is.

Varsity Plaza has an A+ rating on BBB, and even though it has been in existence for over a decade, it isn’t accredited on the BBB platform.

While all the above points to Bigspot being legit, using the platform isn’t advisable due to a large body of negative online feedback about the platform.

Most of the complaints from Bigspot’s members have the same theme, and that’s they filled surveys on the websites they were linked to and didn’t get paid. Others say they got paid, but the pay isn’t worth the amount of hassle they were put through.

Another common complaint is that members were unable to qualify for surveys on most of the paid survey websites recommended by Bigspot.

All of these are problems that survey takers typically face. If using Bigspot doesn’t minimize the likelihood of facing such problems, then it’s not useful. This makes joining it pointless, even if its services are legit.

Getting Real with the Good and the Bad

A Bigspot review wouldn’t be complete without providing you with the pros and cons of the platform to help you decide if it’s right for you.


  • It costs nothing to join
  • The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Most of the survey companies recommended by the platform are reputable


  • There’s no guarantee that you’ll qualify for surveys on the websites recommended by Bigspot
  • Constant spam in your inbox becomes a big issue after joining the website
  • There’s no guarantee that the personal information you provide on Bigspot is protected
  • Joining Bigspot is by no means a way to earn substantial money taking surveys

Final Thoughts

Can you rely on Bigspot for paid surveys?

Yes. The platform will put you in touch with various paid survey sites where you can get jobs and receive payment for them.

Can you make loads of money using Bigspot?

No. Bigspot doesn’t offer anything special that guarantees you access to high paying surveys. In fact, you’ll be lucky to qualify for low paying surveys on the websites the platform leads you to.

Is joining Bigspot worth it? It’s worth it to Bigspot, but it’s not going to be worth it to you. Bigspot makes money by directing you to paid survey sites. You are better of skipping Bigspot and signing up directly with reputable paid survey sites, like Pinecone. It also takes the personal information you provide during the signup process and probably sells it. This would explain the sudden spam bombardment that hits your inbox after signing up.

In summary, we don’t recommend joining Bigspot. It offers little reward for joining and has a low-income potential.

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