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Be Your Own Boss as a LiveOps Work At Home Agent

Want a flexible work from home job that lets you set your own schedule? Learn how in this LiveOps review! I don’t know about you, but when I first started thinking about working from home, I pictured myself leisurely working when I wanted. Being able to set my own schedule was high on my priority list in a remote job. But then the reality set in that just because you land a work from home job doesn’t mean you’ll get to work when you want.

A lot of remote-friendly companies that hire employees, will require you to keep a set schedule. But that doesn’t mean all legitimate work from home jobs are regimented. In fact, one company allows their agents to set their own schedules AND work on projects that interest them. Enter LiveOps Work At Home program.

LiveOps Work At Home Opportunities

There are a lot of home-based customer service positions.  Some are more flexible than others. LiveOps is definitely on the more flexible side of the spectrum.  They offer many different opportunities for independent agents to work from home. Opportunities are constantly changing as new projects are added to their list.

Depending on your interests and background, you might be better suited for one LiveOps work at home opportunity over the others.

No matter which opportunity you choose, LiveOps work at home agents get to be their own bosses and choose the calls and clients they serve. How’s that for flexibility?

But before we jump into LiveOps work at home opportunities, let’s talk about the company and what it takes to get in here.

What is LiveOps?

LiveOps has been in business for over 14 years. So they are definitely a well-established, legitimate company. They offer virtual call center solutions. That is, companies contract with LiveOps to get access to thousands of agents, day or night, to handle their customer service or sales needs.

That means LiveOps work at home opportunities are always available for the right candidates. But as with any work from home opportunity, there are pros and cons. It’s best to evaluate each individually to decide which is the best fit for you.

LiveOps Work At Home Independent Agents

LiveOps contracts with individuals as Independent Agents. As an Independent Agent, you get to be your own boss. This includes greater flexibility and an ability to set your own schedule.

But remember, as an independent contractor, you are in charge of your taxes and expenses. This means all the costs associated with being a LiveOps work at home agent (internet, phone, computer, etc.) are your responsibility. You will also need to keep track of your expenses and taxes (LiveOPs will not withhold taxes for you!). But don’t worry. Programs like QuickBooks Self-Employed make it super easy to track expenses and stay on top of taxes.

Be your own boss as a LiveOps Independent Agent. Find out what opportunities are available and how you can get in with this set-your-own-schedule remote job!

LiveOps Background Check

In order to contract with LiveOps as a work at home agent, you will need to pass a credit and background check. You will be responsible for the costs of them.

Typically, I advise individuals never to pay anything in order to work from home, but when you are interested in contracting with a company like LiveOps as an independent agent, it is common practice to pay for expenses associated with any pre-contract requirements.

The LiveOps background check and credit check are legitimate expenses if you want to work as an Independent Agent (in fact, NexRep requires their agents to pass and pay for background checks, too!).

The background check is not part of the application itself. The background check comes after you have been invited to contract with LiveOps. The cost of the LiveOps background check is $65.00 and is paid to a third party (First Advantage).

LiveOPs Work At Home Requirements

In addition to passing the credit and background check, LiveOps work at home agents must also meet other requirements. You must be a United States resident over the age of 18 and own a PC (Macs are not compatible with the LiveOps platform).

Speaking of technical requirements…

To be a LiveOPs work at home independent agent, you must meet their technical requirements:

  • Dedicated landline phone (your phone must be corded, no portable phones)
  • Corded headset (no bluetooth)
  • Local or digital phone service (no Skype or other VOIP)
  • High-speed internet (hardwired, no wireless)

You must also have a personal computer running Windows Vista, 7 or 8 along with virus protection software and sound cards to hear audio.

What LiveOps Work At Home Opportunities Are Available?

If you are okay with the background and credit check, meet the technical requirements, and think working as an independent contractor is right for you, you’re probably wondering what LiveOps work at home opportunities are actually available.

Remember, this changes throughout the year. Sometimes, there are seasonal opportunities, like providing technical support for TurboTax. Other times, there may be an increase in demand for roadside assistance reps.

The best way to keep up on the LiveOps work at home opportunities is to bookmark and visit their Career Page often! If you don’t find an opening that’s right for you. Don’t worry. LiveOps is constantly updating and adding to their independent agent opportunities!

Check out the image below to see the traits and characteristics that make for successful LiveOps Independent Agents:

Be your own boss as a LiveOps Independent Agent. Find out what opportunities are available and how you can get in with this set-your-own-schedule remote job!


What about hours and money?

As an Independent Agent at LiveOps you get to choose when you work. LiveOps has a platform that allows agents to schedule themselves in blocks based on their availability. You can schedule yourself for blocks as short as 30 minutes.

Keep in mind, the more you work, the more money you will make. So, it would be wise to schedule yourself during peak hours to maximize your earning potential.

For example, most of the insurance calls come in Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST. It would be to your advantage to optimize your schedule to coincide with the busy times.

So, how much can I make as a LiveOps work at home agent?

You are in charge of your earnings. The more you work and better you perform, the more you can earn! You’ll find the companies that contract with LiveOps offer different pay structures for Independent Agents.

Some clients will pay .25 per minute spent talking on the phone ($15.00 for every full hour spent talking). Others might offer a per-minute pay rate plus bonuses for sales. And some may only have commission opportunities available.

Be your own boss as a LiveOps Independent Agent. Find out what opportunities are available and how you can get in with this set-your-own-schedule remote job!

How do I get paid as a LiveOps work at home agent?

You are providing your services as an Independent Agent. This means you will have to submit a bill or invoice to LiveOps as a service provider. LiveOps will pay you twice a month by check or direct deposit (your choice!).

This is a common way for independent contractors to be paid. Typically payments are made on the 1st and 15th or the 15th and the 30th or 31st (whichever is the last day of the month).

Ready to apply?

If all this sounds good, you are probably eager to get started with the application process. There are nine steps from start to finish:

  1. Select one of the five opportunities discussed
  2. Begin the online application for that position
  3. Complete the questionnaire and assessment tests
  4. Perform a voice audition
  5. Receive an invitation to contract with LiveOps
  6. Complete paperwork and sign your contract
  7. Pay for and pass the background and credit check
  8. Complete the certification process
  9. Start taking calls and earn money as a LiveOps work at home Independent Agent

If you’re ready to start the application process, you can begin here.

What else should I know about LiveOps?

LiveOps is a reputable company currently contracting with over 20,000 Independent Agents. For the most part, reviews from Independent Agents are favorable. You can even ‘meet’ current agents here. Most agents enjoy the flexibility that comes with being their own boss. Some agents report difficulties with getting support once they complete certification and go live with calls.

Renewing Your Contract

Agents are extended contracts for a six-month period. After that time, your contract may or may not be renewed. If you don’t take a lot of calls or close many sales (for the sales positions), LiveOps may choose to part ways after six months.

Completing Certification

All agents must complete certification prior to taking calls. The certification process is entirely free. However, you will not be paid for any time spent completing certification. Agents can become certified in multiple opportunities. This means you could work for more than one of the LiveOps work at home opportunities available.

The Application Process

From start to finish, the application process can take several weeks to complete depending on how long your background check and certification takes to complete.

All in all, if you like the idea of being an independent contractor, LiveOps is a great way for you to take charge of your earnings and be your own boss. Your success is entirely dependent on how much you put into it–so if you are dedicated and work hard, you can make a good living as a LiveOps work at home Independent Agent.

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