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10 Rules For A Balanced Life Every Mom Should Follow


10 rules for a balanced life

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The life of a mom is always hectic. You’re usually the first one to get out of bed and the one to turn off the lights at night. Living life at such a pace will soon catch up with you and has a physical and mental impact. This affects your effectiveness as a mom. These 10 rules will help you ensure you look after your body and mind.

  1. Get enough Sleep – enough sleep allows your body to re-energize. You’ll have more energy and patience to deal with daily challenges if your body is well-rested.
  2. Set a budget – keep a reign on your finances by setting a monthly budget. You will experience fewer surprises and when you overspend, you’ll know exactly what unplanned spending occurred. This is not to say budgeting makes all your financial problems go away but you’re better equipped to deal with them when you know where your money is going.
  3. Exercise & keep fit – when you’re physically active and fit, your mind is too. Make better decisions, handle stress better and feel overall positive about your life.
  4. Eat healthily – a healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy body and mind. If you make sure your kids eat as healthily as possible, why not yourself.
  5. Go outdoors – there’s something liberating and energizing about spending time outdoors. Clean, fresh air and some sunshine will do wonders for you and your kids.
  6. Talk to someone – adult conversation is vital for a mom’s well being. Host coffee mornings or make it a point to give a close friend a call regularly.
  7. Get support – call in favors from friends and family or your partner and get relief from childcare. Rediscover WHO you are.
  8. Keep a list – there’s so much stuff you can keep in your head. Make head space and avoid stress by writing things down.
  9. Compartmentalize time – avoid multitasking and achieve more by blocking time off for a task and do just the one thing.
  10. Switch off – easier said than done but vital for your mental and physical wellbeing. Watch a film, read a book or take a relaxing bath.




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