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10 Affordable Ways To Be Creative In a Small Space

Did you recently move into a small apartment and are running short on cash for your home décor? Here are my 10 favorite ways to personalize your small space on a budget!

10 affordable ways to be creative in a small space

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1. Simplicity

Keeping your design simple is easier with a theme. If you are looking to save, I recommend picking a simple theme and bring it through your place.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors will make any room seem larger and more open. This is especially true if you position your mirror to catch the most light and potentially reflect the window. Try surfing local garage sales or Craigslist ads for that perfect mirror.

3. Become a treasure hunter

Affordable and great looking furniture is not always easy to find. Check your local flea market, estate sale, craigslist free section or take rides around neighborhoods – you never know when someone’s trash will become your treasure.

4. Secret Spaces

When looking for treasure, you can also save money by using double duty furniture. Look for ottomans that turn into storage or use a twin mattress as a sofa and your guests can stay overnight.

5. Paint furniture

Paint stores have test or oopsy paints available every day and, best of all, they are priced at a fraction of the original price. Find that perfect color to give your nightstand a second life or freshen up those kitchen cabinets for a new kitchen look.

6. More color

If you look up when you are visiting with your friends, you will notice that most people have their ceilings painted white. Have the paint store let you know when ceiling paint in tones of grey-blue, lavender or buttery yellow hits the discount shelf and you would get everyone’s eyes up. Changing the ceiling’s color will definitely give a different look to the room.

7. Be the artist

Pull out some of your own artwork and put it into cheap frames on the walls. As a backup option, you can use the same frames and pull pictures from last year’s calendar and your wall art is ready.

8. More art

Removable wall decals are the perfect solution for defining your personal style and adding color to your place. They are quick and easy to put up or take down and, most importantly, you can get a great selection on a budget.

9. Add accents

Repurposing old tea towels into an accent pillow will add some flavor to that window bench.

10. Bring the outside in

Adding low maintenance plants will sprout life to your room. You can find plants, like aloe vera, at your local flea market and your small room will be ready to look alive.





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